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Still thinking of a good title...
Check often for new arts and ramblings!
Guess whos drawing ponies!
My gawd the art style is just so much fun! Ive been drawing ALOT of ponies in the MLP:FiM style, and after much trial and error and much erasing, Ive got a good grasp on the art style! Ive been improving lately and am learning new tricks to help these ponies look cleaner and sleek and pop out!
I know there are alot of bronies out there that would LOOOVE their OC's drawn, which I am willing to do!
SugarBomb commission
Wind Drifter commission
Headshot commission
Twilight Sparkle
Yes, I am willing to draw your OC with the mane 6. <3

60k full body per pony of any breed in color of your choosing. (Please specify, or I will pick the colors)
30k for a headshot pony in color.
If you do not want color, then take off 10k for either full body or headshot. (But in my opinion, ponies look oh so much better in color <3)
If you would like accessories drawn (like glasses, jewelry etc etc), please limit it to 5 accessories only. Any additional accessories to be drawn will be charged 500g each.
If you have mulitple OC's to be drawn, the price for either full body and headshot are multiplied by the number of ponies drawn. 3 ponies is the limit, after that I will need to be bribed.
Feel free to tip and/or tell your friends!

Please provide detailed examples of your character and their physical traits (mane length, body spots etc etc). If your character has any particular quirks, feel free to let me know. I'd love to draw their personality. <3
I will also draw your avi as a pony. But be aware that I will not draw your avi if it's one big cluster of items or I will severely limit the amount of items seen on the pony. Please simplify your avi's outfit. Its greatly appreciated. Same pricing applies for your pony avi and please provide a screenshot of the avi you want drawn.

Once you give me a pony to draw, I almost always start on it right away! I tend to work quickly, but though it is time consuming (and my eyes will need a break) I will take no more than 3 separate orders at a time. I also try my best to make sure all orders are done in well under a week. I strive to get a new pony done in under a day, usually within 5 hours depending on the order. Should life suddenly get in the way, expect a pm from me explaining whats going on.

Current Orders: None yet. crying

Have any questions or want a pony? Shoot me a pm!

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Community Member

Wed Feb 01, 2012 @ 09:10pm

I like your style. Reminds me of that Dr. Katz cartoon.

"Live your life so you're not always embarrassed." - A Perpetually Embarrassed Individual
Community Member

Tue Feb 14, 2012 @ 09:22pm

oooo I would like to be an Pegasus pony! biggrin Or well, Alicorn, but I can donate some moonies. <3

User Comments: [2]
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