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Still thinking of a good title...
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WTH makes you think you can get back in my pants again?!
Its like Im talking to a ******** brick wall. This guy Ive known for a few years, had an intimate relationship in the past, screws me over and I end it, Im in a new relationship and this ******** b*****d still thinks he can get in my pants! I am not ******** stupid!!!
Once upon a time, I meet a nice guy(oh so I thought) and we started becoming good friends. I wasnt ready to get into a relationship (though some nookie is always nice) and he says he's fine with just us being friends with benefits. So we hook up from time to time. He used to get into trouble with the law in the past, but I decided to look past that since he claimed he was doing better for himself now. Old habits die hard. On a few occassions, Ive noticed little trinkets of mine suddenly "disappear". Not valueable, but they were still mine. Ive also noticed that a few bucks from my wallet would also "disappear". I had enough of him when I discovered my new cell phone missing. I noticed it a day after I decided that I only wanted a "just friends" relationship with him and nothing more. He KNEW that I didnt want anything more with this relationship after telling him time and time again. I made it clear. I was livid when I realized he had taken my phone. Im just glad I took the sim card out of that one and into my old phone to check something or I wouldnt have had a ******** phone to use! So I call him and confront him about it and of course he lies and says that he doesnt know, but Im not ******** stupid. I dont misplace s**t as important as that. I hang up on him right then and there and said that I dont want to see him again.
Its not so much that he stole my phone. I saw him as someone very dear to me. He was a friend and I love all my friends dearly. But when I welcome you into my life, and despite whatever s**t you've gone through but it doesnt my perception of you, and then you turn around and treat me like ******** s**t, well then Im just dropping you from my life completely. Ive been hurt too many times in my life, and I will not allow someone else to hurt me again.
So, we stop talking. We stop seeing each other. The ******** do I care what he's up to. Im gladly going on the rest of my life forgetting this dickhead exists. Then one day. He has the audacity to call me after say a year or more later. Im in a steady relationship and happy and this d**k wants to see me again. I dont. I told him I did not want to talk to him. I did not want to see him. He doesnt seem to ******** get that. I chew him out to hell and back and tell him again, not to talk to me. He doesnt try again for a year later. Does he seriously think that I'll get over my anger at him and be all hunky dory happy to hear from him? Hes a ******** idiot that doesnt get the point even if he was stabbed in the head with it. He tells me again that he's sorry for what hes done, he wants to see me again, he knows that I think hes a piece of s**t, hes doing better for himself and he's even willing to pay back for the phone he stole. Yeah, he admitted it to me that he stole from me. He's ******** trying to get back on my good side again, and he even has the ******** nerve to ask if there was ever a chance we could get back together. HELL ******** NO. Im in a relationship with a guy that doesnt treat me like Im garbage. And DESPITE that, he even asks me if we could ******** again. Did I mention Im in a happy relationship with someone that doesnt treat me like garbage. I have no desire what so ever to screw his ugly a**, no desire to ever be friends with him, I hate his ******** guts but YET he wants to get some oral sex from me??? ******** YOU YOU ******** d**k ******** YOU. After I hung up on him, I realized something that he doesnt respect me, he never respected me, and probably never will respect me. I dont know what the hell it will take for him to get the point that I hate him, but I swear to god if he ever shows his ugly a** face around me, Im going to neuter him with my bare hands. /rant

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Mon Jul 08, 2013 @ 07:25am

Sorry about your misfortune with that jerk. A lot of guys out there care about nothing but themselves. They likely won't say it to your face and Its a good thing you eventually saw past the lies. My aunt had a boyfriend like that once he even stole her car everyone was so furious when they found out and ultimately he went to jail for it so yea, definately a lot of messed up guys out there. I hope everything works out with your current boyfriend

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