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How Love affected me
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A passage Qur'an
I have brooded over this Book (Sura) 7 verse 80 for a while,
I have a strong conviction that demonizing homosexuality, (homosexual people) is not the point of the story. This article sheds some clear understanding:

The next line says, 'His people made no answer, and only said: 'Drive them out of the city. They profess to be pure.' The story makes a large shift here: the heart of the matter, it turns out, is not the sexual proclivities of the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, but the fact that 'two angels' had shown up at Lut's house and that the inhabitants wanted Lut to drive his guests out. The reasons for this are not clear: perhaps they wanted to sexually abuse the angels, an idea that gains credence when one reads other accounts of this story in which Lut offers his two daughters to the crowds for their sexual enjoyment. Whatever the reason, what the crowd was demanding was that Lut be inhospitable to his guests. And this could have been - indeed, very probably was - the 'sin' of the people of Sodom.

In 'What the Bible really says about homosexuality', Daniel A Helminiak, Ph.D., explains, 'In desert country, where Sodom lay, to stay outside exposed to the cold of the night could be fatal. So a cardinal rule of Lot's society was to offer hospitality to travelers. The same rule is a traditional part of Semitic and Arabic cultures. This rule was so strict that no one might harm even an enemy who had been offered shelter for the night.' Helminiak goes on to say that 'sodomy' used to mean inhospitality, and that while the men of Sodom may have wanted to force Lut's guests into a**l intercourse, this had more to do with humiliating the strange men. 'During war, for example, besides raping the women and slaughtering the children, the victors would often also 'sodomize' the defeated soldiers. The idea was to insult the men by treating them like women.' When viewed in this light, the story takes on a different meaning entirely. It begins to seem as though the discussion of homosexuality was more or less an after thought, and certainly not the main issue at hand. The whole point of the story involves the arrival of the two angels who have been sent by Allah to save Lut and his family before the cities were destroyed."


Shaykh Abdullah Adhami

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