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Λϯσɳeɱeɳϯs σf a βleeɗiɳg Ϣrisϯ
Maybe I want the attention. Maybe I just love to spite. Or maybe I really just want to die…
My Fursona: God, please anyone draw.
      Name: Jisatsu
      Species: Canine
      XXSiberian Husky; White - Snowy Husky
      Gender: Male
      Sexuality: Homosexual
      Eye color: Violet
      Height: 5'6"
      Weight: 115 lbs.
      Body type: Thin/Slim
      Tail length: About an arm's length, sickle in shape, resting at the ankles, but is often seen curved upward in a rather Malamute fashion when feeling coy, flirty, or playful.
      XXColor: From the rump and downward, fur is a snowy white upon the top layer, but shades downward to a black on the underside and very tip.
      Ears: Erect triangular
      XXColor: Snowy white
      Nose: Black in summer and spring, but shades to a lighter fleshy color in autumn and winter. "Winter nose".
      Hairstyle: Mid-neck length and rather wispy and light, often gets in the way of the eyes unless tied back in a ponytail.
      XXColor: Snowy white
      Fur pattern:
        Main layers: White, gray, and isolated blackened areas.
        Skull: Upon the skull, the fur is still a very light shade of white, but as the fur descends upon the eye sockets it begins to tinge into a very dingy gray and actually tapers off on either side of the muzzle toward the flukes (cheeks) in a horizontal dash - gray is very deep by then. All fur descending from the gray dash and downward upon the muzzle toward the nose is back to its original white layer. General grayish "mask" upon the face and cheeks.
        Base of skull - Withers - Rump: Spreading from the base of the skull and across the withers (shoulder blades), gray fur is very prominently visible as it expands on either side of the saddle area and ends at the rump. Whiter fur is visible beneath the gray top layer in variant shades on either sides but is more increasingly visible beneath.
        Forearms - Thighs - Paws/hands: Each leg is a snowy white, from thigh and ending at the hock. Each paw, however, is a very dingy shade of gray aside from the hind left paw, which is a solid black.
        Chest - Under chest: Soft, snowy white fur.

        One: Single silver dumbbell piercing near the tip of tongue; often switches between violet, vivid blues, and rainbow balls - has also swallowed some on occasion by mistake.
        Two: Often can be seen wearing a pair of black rimmed lenses; thin rim, semi-oval shape.
        Three: Sleek black leather collar adorned with a silver circular tag; engraved in the fine material is the name "Jisa" in fancy script.
        Four: Will off and on wear a pair of silver stud earrings; two in the left, one in the right.
        Five: Is not against wearing random assortments of bracelets, wrist/arm warmers, gloves, etc.

      Clothing: Often prefers to be nude - clothes aren't a fancy. However, when feeling up to getting dressed (or forced), will usually wear some of the following:
        Upper body: Lighter toned undershirts, short-sleeved accompanied with a long-sleeved, zip-up, hooded sweatshirt (variant in color, often darker; blue, green, black). Often times will also wear rather intimate attire; tummy shirts, cut-off shirts/sleeves, etc.
            Exceptions: Often takes part in cross-dressing or adorning articles of clothing meant for the opposite sex

        Lower body: Loose, casual faded blue jeans or will more than often be wearing his favorite pair of black leather pants. Stockings are a bit of a fetish/incredible liking.
            Exceptions: Often takes part in cross-dressing or adorning articles of clothing meant for the opposite sex

        Shoes: Heavily worn black Converse, thick black boots, but mostly prefers to be barefoot.
            Exceptions: Often takes part in cross-dressing or adorning articles of clothing meant for the opposite sex

        Accessories: Belts are a must due to his rather petite size. Doesn't really look to see what kind is currently worn. Shouldered shawls (darker colors) and scarves.

      Personality: Rather rambunctious and positively the most animated individual one might have the pleasure of meeting, Jisatsu seems to be always attuned to that 'gotta go gotta go' setting - often seen running out the door or tearing it down the sidewalk on his board. He can be quite blunt and often mistaken for being a rude p***k, but it is only his nature to speak his mind and be brutally honest, which lands him in hot water with most people he knows (or even a majority of people he doesn't he know the name to). It could be blamed on his more childish nature - and antics that go hand in hand with this.

      Despite his fun-loving and carefree disposition, Jisatsu's temperament is swift to change and often descends from an often euphoric manner and plummets into pointless aggression. He doesn't often take this out on people in a violent, but more seeks a sexual outlet. These temperaments are where his lusty and flirty side stemmed from originally. It is often a game to him (in order to feel better or simply relieve some tension) to flaunt about and tug at a few fella's heartstrings - or somewhere a little farther south.

      Jisatsu, in a nutshell, is quite the handful, but loyal and trustworthy. ...If you can handle the thought of possibly being molested in your sleep, that is.
      Biography: | Will be filling in slowly at a time. |
      Ideal pose references/emotions/etc.: Lusty Broken Playful Fury Indifferent Coy more will be added at a later time.
      XXNote: These are merely references to help give ideas on how to portray the character. Do not be afraid to step out of some boundaries and be as expressive as you want. Also, not every reference will be a furry example.


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