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Alexis' thoughts ^.^
hey guys, Im writing a book right now so ideas are gr8!
shake shake shake shake shake it
yaya! friday may 15 is he school dance! that will be fun but ya i boughtan adorable shirt from fox the other day and im wearing my hot sandals! it will be so much fun for me at leat but i luve to dance and anyone at the last school dance at my friends quincera will know that... haha i get crazy. And i hope raquel can make it, i want to see her cuz it might be one of the last times.... anyway! today was a terrible day. absolutely suckish! and now im listening to a song by 3Oh!3 called HORNZ, they uck but i like this song. im so bored right now!!!!! i hope alanna goes n gaia again soon so she can see what i bought her! Maybe ill tell raquel to tell her to go on.... but shes mad at her. o well ill ask amy or someone else i guess. This is so wierd im like writing what im thinking on this page. I never do that. its like an online diary everyone can see but then its not private like a diary... (wow i love this song! but they just mntioned something bout a carpenter... oo new song ok boys like girls greta escape! not the best but ya no, my fav band is tokio hotel but they postponed their new album due to toms incident and im really sick of the old stuff. i need new songs! that makes me sad but its so true. same with cinema bizarre thei new cd isnt in itunes in america! it sux!?) this is my mood right now....... evil stressed redface crying gonk ......... ooooooooohhhhh bad day. grrr i need to take a shower..... oo one song i love to sing when im fricken angry is unbreakable by fireflight. such a greta scream song o ya and scream by tokio hotel, no not HSM's zac efron! TOKIO HOTEL the bbfmy (BEST BAND FOR MY LIFE) idk i just made that up. my fav number is 72. hah and you caught me off gaurd and now im runnin and screammmin.... i feel like a hero and you are my heroine(drug, teehee) do you know that your love is the sweetest? wow i just noticed i write a lot! what yo uknow bout me waht ya what ya know bout me, my lipgoss is cool my lipgloss is poppin! i luv lipgloss.. especially from sephora. mmmm is tastes and smells good i like the peach 1 exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim kk im done byby gracias for reading if you did and check out the beginnings of my books! haah i would say *kisses*, *hugs*, or *luv ya* but i dont luv ya so ummmm..... ya i guess this is it. by!

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