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What's Inside My Head
Gaia's 9th Annual Ball
The young man chuckles gently and leads her away in out towards the garden, the grass crunching softly beneath their feet. The crunches turn to soft thuds and gentle taps as they walk along the stone of the walk. He kisses her hand softly, holding his eyes in her kindly before standing straight. He begins to pluck their personal stars and adorn them about the gazebo. He sings softly to himself with a small smile as he mashes a few of the sparkles together, creating small fading green lights
"Oh I'm going to suck you blood. I just wanna suck your blood..."
He knows the words aren't exact to the song, but her doesn't care either way. He cleans the star dut off of his hands but running his snow white hands through his

Well you walk up a stair case to a room naked, save for a beautiful bronze gold grandfather clock. As you stand there you're sucked into an oldtimey world with a sorta sepia look too it. Clocks, little and smal, litter the world as if naturally there. The world itself seems to be shaped as one itself: 12 towers cast about the town like the numbers on the face of a grand clock and in the middle is a single castle over a whirlpool flowing along clockwise slowly, but steadily. The tower is beautiful; definately old but looks shiny and brand new. Inside is split in two Lady Sloth to the Left and Sir Zeal to the right...shal...shall I go on? *grins* guess whom I embody?
10:39pmThe FiveCardTrick:
If you wish; it sounds most interesting. *smirks* Lady Sloth, is it?
*squees intensely* well, well. sloth's half is all drab and cover in not so white sheet *gestures* as her per her sin, but Zeal's is decorated brightly! He's a master inventor and always busy as sloth lays about all day *grins broadly* guess again...yes, but...erz...not right now *laughs*
http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/9th-annual-ball/sloth-and-zeal-in-the-city-of-time/t.73884417/ if you wanted to see it
10:43pmThe FiveCardTrick:
It sound interesting; I'll be sure to check it out. *laughs* No?
I'm loving this Hana...did you wann post soon?
10:45pmThe FiveCardTrick:
Sure; Sloth and Zeal's place first, I take it?
*gonks and squeezes hand* Gotta figure out an entry though no?...Heh, working on it atm
10:48pmThe FiveCardTrick:
*laughs, squeezing back* That would come in handy..
*cracks fingers* You wanna just crash in or be experts and put in a wordy entry? I can DEFINATEly do wordy myself...wait *pets her head* you tired?
10:54pmThe FiveCardTrick:
*laughs* I want to see what you come up with. *shakes her head once* No, you?
Not enough to leave honestly *plops Euasia down in front of her without realizing what he's done as he leaps onto his com and types away*
10:57pmThe FiveCardTrick:
*shrugs* Same here, really. *she laughs, kneeling down and playing with Euasia and watching Oriver bound his way over*
*Euasia bats her finger play fully before 'swimming' over to Oriver and circling above him, dropping penny sized water drops over his head*
11:04pmThe FiveCardTrick:
*Oriver, not quite aware that Euasia had come over, looks around madly, wondering where the droplets were coming from. From afar, he must've looked like he was chasing his own tail. Finally, falling over on his stomach, his eyes glance up and catch Euasia's playful glance. He 'hmph's' in exhaustion.*
*she swishes her tail and gurgles playfully as she tickles his chubby belly with her fin*
11:09pmThe FiveCardTrick:
*his heavy ears twitch in annoyance, yet his trunk gently plays along with her tail, careful not to knock her over*
*he eyes follow his trunk, tiny jaw agape in amazement. She leans down, catching it and begins blowing into softly, like a trumpet. Adam's head peeks out from it hiding place, aready missing his Hana and beckons her to him with a wave*
11:17pmThe FiveCardTrick:
*Oriver's eyes widen in surprise. Not once has anyone come this close to his mouth; not even the flies that buzz around his head. He snorts, not sure what to do with the blue creature. Hana skips over to him, taking his hand and kissing it.*
*she blows again, watching his eye bulge and coos in delight, not noticing the girl prancing over to her owner* hey...sorry for the delay. I've kinda decided to craft the beginning from when I asked you here *shrugs* it'll take a while to finish, psh~ not even tonight *smiles* but I'm having fun tinkering here *he smiles at her kiss as well and trails his up along her arm* let's just go dance for now, maybe mingle *grins* what have you been up to yourself? *bubbles begin to waft into the room the two human stand and he rubberneck around the girl to see what's going on*
11:28pmThe FiveCardTrick:
*Oriver's eyes flicker as a figure skims across his peripheral vision, almost closing his mouth in consistency. He catches himself before he crushes the young girl's mouth, bring his trunk 'round to blow softly on her tail.* Ah, no problem. *runs a hand through his head* Any place you wish to mingle first?
*the brat wiggles in his grip playfully, not trying to escape, simply playing; bubbles billow to and fro as she sings to herself*...umm, not quite sure *grins sheepishly* I noticed you looking into Lust's place *raises brow* you like it?
11:35pmThe FiveCardTrick:
*his ears open up in delight; no voice had ever sung around him, this bringing complete joy into his ears. His eyes follow the bubbles into oblivion* Were you now? *snickers playfully* Eavesdropper... Yep~ it's okay. *shrugs* Not.. too much going on here.
*a laugh bellows out loudly, popping all the bubbles everywhere. She sheer Irony of a room named LUST having 'not much' going on hitting him just right* Oh...oh-ho-ho, so sorry *he pecks her cheek* I know it wasn't a joke, but *he chuckles lighty. Soon a tiny mermaid enters the room, ares spinning like waterwheels as she drag a small chubby elephant by her tail effortless. She Immediately erupt and high pitch and honestly cute sounding burbles as he finly arms flail every which way; she had caught the sight of his lips on Hana's cheek*
*shrugs and clicks toungue* let's crash the party!
*looks sidely at the kids then back as if to ask if they should attend*
11:45pmThe FiveCardTrick:
*laughs with him* Naw, I'm glad I made you laugh; the irony is quite amusing. *the elephant widens his eyes as the tiny creature continues to drag him. He makes no attempt at escaping. Hana's eyes, seeing Eurasia's outburst, snickers gently* Let's! *stares curiously at the animals* ...?
*he takes her hand and whisks her away with him* You want me to post first don't you? *whisper* think you can handle my Brat's advance *he smirks as he sees her lifting the elephant into her arm, bobing up and down, her tailfin flipping vigorously as they float after them very slowly* or him
11:51pmThe FiveCardTrick:
*grins lopsidedly* You know me well. *whispers back* I'm not too sure about that.. *laughs as the elephant stares dreamily off into space whilst being whisked away himself*
*he squeezes her hand momentarily* One moment then *pulls her into a hug* sorry for my hindrance Hana...sigh, there's a good reason I don't read; I get lost *nuzzles her neck* you get my full attention now *her grins to the kids and whispers* Asa~ dadar char? *flicks his wrist* ageteh! *Euasia complains at first, but turns away, draging Oriver by his paw as she bobs away with him to join The Fluffs and Candies* one moment while I find it again
12:01amThe FiveCardTrick:
*smiles gently, nuzzling into his hug and wrapping her arms around him* No worries; and by all means, don't feel like you aren't able to do anything, much less read. Get lost; explore the Ball. *tilts her head into the crook of his neck, murmuring softly against his skin* Don't worries about it, *kisses* really. *she watches the animals float into what seemed to her as oblivion, Oriver looking slightly confused*
http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/9th-annual-ball/ust-astity-s-en-o-arkness/t.74052449_1531/#1540 *pecks*
12:16amThe FiveCardTrick:
xD Manson?
Checking out the others as well?
Yeah, it was SERIOUSLY playing as I was trying to think of a love song xP and okay *nudges* we can let the kids play here if you want to
12:22amThe FiveCardTrick:
*snickers* Nice. Faintly reminds me of that 'I'm gonna suck your blood' song. xD *nudges back* I don't mind either way. *glances over* It looks like they're having fun
*chuckles* yeah and that's Blah blah blah by Say Hi (HI) To Your Mother *nudges again* I leave that much up to you if you get bored waiting on me
12:27amThe FiveCardTrick:
Shall I meet up with you? Or go inside...? *snickers* Do we know each other for that matter?
*laughs* I thought you were my date Hana?
12:31amThe FiveCardTrick:
*laughs* Was I? *shakes head* I guess my head is elsewhere, it seems
Oh *realization suddenly hitting her* hence the last hours... >.< Sorry. My head is elsewhere!
*slips his hand over it and pats gently* Tired? tis late
12:33amThe FiveCardTrick:
Nu~ *shakes head* I wanna stay up with you.
*beckons her closer with a finger*
12:35amThe FiveCardTrick:
*squeezes an eye shut, leaning her head foreword. She was expecting the worst*
*he places a hand to her cheek and closes his eyes, pressing a soft kiss into her lips* okay, but don't let me distract now, kay?
12:39amThe FiveCardTrick:
*presses her lips softly back, holding loosely to the back of his jaw* Psh~ you're worth the distraction
*he chuckles gently, back up* Go ahead and post before I get picked up by another *hoves her shoulder gently, playfully. The moment his leave her shirt, they grip it tightly and pulls her back into his kissing soft, but deeply*
12:45amThe FiveCardTrick:
*laughs* Okay, I'll work on it. *eyes cast downward, watching his hands, she grins. She continues to press into his lips, kissing back just as passionately*
<< sorry for the...illiteracy there *pecks kindly* and outburts
12:47amThe FiveCardTrick:
Psh~ I see no wrong with that post.
12:52amThe FiveCardTrick:
I love it~ though, have you been working on it this whole time?
Yush!...no, only just now really x3
12:53amThe FiveCardTrick:
xD Looks great
*pokes* don't let me distract you please *nuzzles* please...I had another Idea...but forgot completely waht it was
12:54amThe FiveCardTrick:
*laughs* It's no problem~ *nudges* you have any hopes of remembering it soon?
Sorry, didn't notice your post and aye, I did, but lost interest
1:09amThe FiveCardTrick:
*shakes head* RPing isn't easy at night *laughs*
Oh...didn't notice you were done *nudges* how long has that been up? *takes her hand* wanna do just us for the moment and leave RPing for another day?
1:12amThe FiveCardTrick:
*nudges back* Just put it up; no worries. *laughs* Nawh, I'm good~
Kay, I'll work on mine as well *off in the distance of her toy trunk Euasia's ear perk up at a sound* play with her if you want *she ignores the sound and squeaks at Oriver for him come*
1:16amThe FiveCardTrick:
*giggles and joins the kids, poking the lump of an Oriver and twirling a finger among Erasia*
*the brat gurgles and bat's her finny fingers at Hana, then stops and pokes the elephant cooing. She takes both of her fins and bats both sides of his belly*
1:28amThe FiveCardTrick:
*the elephant rolls over, spinning the truck around. He lazily smiles at the two as he snorts out a stream of water*
*the brat giggles tossing baseball sized bubbles at the elephant and uses Hana as a shield*
1:37amThe FiveCardTrick:
*laughs and tickles the little fiend's tummy, whilst prodding the elephant with her finger*
*he finny fingers make slapping sounds against her playfully as she blows a stream of tiny bubbles before scapping in the confusion*
1:46amThe FiveCardTrick:
*she gets distracted by the bubbles, popping them with her mouth*
*the brat blows an extra big one in her mouth, smelling like cheeries*
1:49amThe FiveCardTrick:
*laughs and nuzzles it with her nose, trying to smell it*
*she fires the bubble as it bobbs slowly intp Hana's open mouth. Adam peaks in, opening his mouth to announce his post, but stops...watchin gthe girls get along*
1:54amThe FiveCardTrick:
*makes a face as the horrible taste hits her mouth. Glancing over, she sees Adam, grinning madly. Eurasia takes advantage of this distraction and starts to blow more bubbles at Hana*
*Adam chuckles and blows the girls a kiss. Oriver, seeing Adam, wobbles over like a Chao and snuggles his leg, taking his hand and leading him over to the girl. Adam follows, going by the little guy's pace*
2:01amThe FiveCardTrick:
*Hana laughs, catching his and blowing one herself. She grins as she sees her two boys walking over, poking Eurasia lightly on her tail and letting her know they were coming*
*upon seeing Adam, his kiss, the brat tries to catch it thinking it to be her's. Disappointed, she open's Hana's mouth wide and looks for it. Adam chcukles and catches Hana's kiss and the Elephant waves his trunk at the girl. A moment later the Brat glides over, taking his other hand; assisting with leading then hides in his new dew, firing rainbow bubbles at the other tow*
2:13amThe FiveCardTrick:
*laughs, slightly affronted at the girl's moves, yet taking it lightly nonetheless. Crossing her eyes, she looks down curiously at the creature, wondering what she was looking for. Oriver waves his thoughts, yet still clinging to Adam. Hana sits back, amusedly watching the three of them make their way over*
A work in progress *he hands her a slip: http://www.tektek.org/avatar/45846661 . before sitting with them. The Brat billows more rainbow bubbles, letting them distract the 3 as she sneaks away* So what've y'all been up to...if I may? *he ask, pretending to watch the bubbles, but sneaking glances at Hana every now and again*
2:24amThe FiveCardTrick:
*grins and pokes through* I like it~ 'tis colourful. ^^ *gets distracted by the bubbles* Past few minutes I've been looking at Gaian Profiles. Checked up on a few updates from Jeeves. All and all, it took less than ten minutes. Been staring at the screen and reading through Lust/Chastity since. *nudges* What about yourself? *sneaks a curious glance at Adam, catching his eye and flickering back to the bubbles embarrassedly*
*snickers* Your turn now~
Done version *http://www.tektek.org/avatar/45846661* I see. Anything interesting there? I polished off more tek teks *fake cringes into ball and uses Golem voice* they are a addicting *he smiles more, catching her eyes once and continue to watch her. Euasia return moments later with the Fluffs and Sour Patch kids. At this moment Adam realizes her has too many kids and chuckles. The Fluffs, all 4, surround Oriver, but not in a threatening way. They breathe heavily as all fluffs do and just watch him curiously. The Sours find Hana play with her kimono gently*
2:38amThe FiveCardTrick:
Touched it up a bit, hadn't you? xD Like it still.(: So what other avatars have you polished? *laughs* Golem is to The Ring as Adam is to TekTeks. *Oriver's ears perk up, due to his animal instincts. He relaxes once they mean no harm, snorting in delight. Hana giggles and their scratchy skin tickles her, resisting the urge to lick them. She glances up at Adam, smiling*
Erz...that's it actually *he grins sheepishly* sorry. But I'll catch another one soon enough *he winks at her. Upon seeing this the Brat, boils internally and glides to the Sours, whispering words in both of their 'ears'. The two look at each other, her words doing their damage as they pull at the skirt alternativelly; fighting among each other of who 'gets to have her'. Euasia giggles internally and glides over in between the two humans, obscuring the view and burbling a cute story at him. All the while the fluffs continue to huff and watch the elephant...unblinking...like creep babies that don't know when to look away (Adam has a mini-fake-freakout as the images never leave his head come back once more)*
2:58amThe FiveCardTrick:
*grins* Heh, no worries. *laughs and blushes, avoiding his gaze. She pauses as she realizes the fiends were fighting over her skirt, Hana trying to gain it back. They successfully gain her time and attention as Oriver continues to roll around the fuzzies, trying to get them to move. (Hana giggles, wondering what caused this freak out)*
Docka~! *he exclaims, unable to ignore the clamor and notifies Hana of his post once he separates the Children, straightening Hana skirt with her and glad they didn't cause it damage. He apologizes for their actions. The twos stand agape at him, eyes wide as candy eyes can be. The sparkles, the kimono mesmerizing them and they waddle to him, playing with his hanging sleeves. moment later they realize the matching clothing and giggles without sound, waving their arms and teasing. Soon the fluffs join in at the 'girlfriend' taunts, singing tone high and cute due to their lack of human speech capabilities*
your sign is quite good in zodical...Hana ever want one? *takes hands* we could try to save up together for both of us?
3:15amThe FiveCardTrick:
*she giggles, notifying him that she's already on it. Blood rushes up to her cheeks as he touches the hem of her skirt, yet she continues to watch him curiously. Her eyes flicker back to the little ones, finally calculating the teasing. Her blush deepens, yet she tries to ignore them by ushering Oriver over. He comes within a heartbeat, yet mistakenly goes for Adam's leg than Hana. She giggles as the grey lump snuggles up against him*
I've never looked. *squeezes hands* Together; sure~ we both get one, right?
Cha~ naturlich xD
3:20amThe FiveCardTrick:
Cha~ ^^
*he chuckles patting the little guy over to Hana, he successfully get's inbetween them and look between them , truck swishing at a lug with his head turning; finding it difficult to decide* Go on *he ushers him once more and finds success. Adam leans up agains Hana as well, snuggling in as he joins in with the children and laughing. He kisses her cheek softly...this hits the Brats last nerve as she bobs before them, blowing bubbles that pop instantly into steam and giving him a deathglare*
3:30amThe FiveCardTrick:
*Hana giggles as the tiny elephant trudges over, giving a cry of delight as Adam makes his way over as well. With an arm around her leg, he wraps his trunk around his. She laughs awkwardly as he fixes their legs together. She nuzzles into his kiss, jumping back as she hears Eurasia's outburst. Not knowing quite what to do with herself, she busies with Oriver once again*
*he mocks the brat's anger with the Dino Face he uses to entertain his not even year old nephew* RaWR~ rAwr~ raWr~ *he gently takes her finny fingers and continues and offers her to join in the Hana pile. He contiues till the brat erupt into giggles and swims into the free space of long sleeves. She apologises to Hana with tiny belly kisses in a peek-a-booing manner.(he laughs realizing he never gave Hana an answer and inform her that babies stare at him...like a magnet)*
Guess whom I chose to go with this *http://www.tektek.org/avatar/45847158*
3:41amThe FiveCardTrick:
*she laughs gently as she watches him make faces at the creature, enlightening even her. She shies away from the fiend as he places kisses along her belly, squirming gently in her place. (She thinks that's funny, not blaming the babies at all. ^^)*
>.< Who?
*the creature senses this and decides to swim up her clothes and pop a head out the collar making gurgles sweet noises and patting her collarbone* guess~ *pokes nose. the 5 new kids soon leave, the sours tugging the fluffs along by their hairs...=-~-= their eyes...my god THEIR EYES never leaving the elephant...never...blinking*
3:50amThe FiveCardTrick:
*she stares back cautiously, bunny ears down. Her eye flits to Oriver, still in pure bliss.* A hint..? *giggles and pokes Adam, looking curiously into his eyes. Suddenly has a bright idea and goes searching for a baby xD*
*her tails flops about gently in Hana's nekkidness before being plucked gently by her ears. He instructs her to go to bed for the night, but the bitterness in his voice telling everyone that can hear that he does not enjoy being strict with his little princess, but knowing he can't let her do as she pleases after causing so much trouble. He looks to Hana with the blankest of expressions*....green....sunset *the brat moves on to bed, after her fake waterworks don't phaze him. She rubs her tiny eyes after he pcks her tiny cheek and bobbles away. She returns a moment later to blow Orriver's nose gently one last time and pops away* So what's Hana up to?
4:07amThe FiveCardTrick:
*she looks apologetically at Adam for causing so much trouble. She didn't mean to come in between any of his kids. A sudden spark greets her mind* TheUnsentMail! *she glances down at Oriver with a grin, his eyes closed with a pleased smile across his face* You and looking at the Chinese Zodiac. xD What about you?
*he waves it off and pecks her lips, knowing it doesn't bother the elephant in the least though he does cover his buttonlike eyes with his ears and giggles in his own elephantine way. He informs her that it wasn't ANYONE's fault, not even his brat's...in a way, though being fully aware that it doesn't make sense. He laughs and nods* aye, so what do you think...though she's kinda hacked together really *Adam wonders how Eukikio will take this new develpment with a 'hussy mackn' on he rman' and laughs gently* Interesting, why is that? Same here and trying to figure out where we're going in the RP on Gaia
4:21amThe FiveCardTrick:
*pecks lips* I like it, I do, but *snickers* to tell you the truth, I like the guy version a better. >.< Nothing against her n' all, but I just like that guy's avi. xD I dunno, don't mind me. What do you think? *widens her eyes as she hears him talk about Eukkio* xD Well, I wanted to find out more about yours, really. xP So what RP are you planning on doing? *laughs* We have tons lined up
xD Good to hear. I honestly think it's awesme pasta myself: cheap chic~ *rewards her with 3 soft kisses* S I N D E E R! Ha! I remembered it finally x0 *laughs* I see, so what brought that up? Oh...the thing we're doing in the ball here *shrugs and wraps an around around her shoulders, not doing as he usually would seeing as a baby was still on board* Ithink we're pretty fine here no?
4:35amThe FiveCardTrick:
*clicks tongue* I do too~ *savors those kisses, as well as adding one more; grins* What'cha planning on doing with her? Ah, I remembered we were talking about Zodiacs xP And I realized I haven't checked yours out in a while. Hehee~ I see. Yeah, so where are you looking? Barton Town? *snickers and wraps arms around him, glancing at the content Oriver* I think we are too~
*kisses again, pressing hand to her cheek softly* More? wanna watch again? *knocks his head* all up here, all up here *nuzzles her and gently detaches sleeping phant, resting him between them. He pets his little ear, watching him before finding her eyes and kisses once more, whispering against them* I love you Hana...
he FiveCardTrick:
*strokes the back of his hand, murmuring* Sure, I'm up for anything. *places a hand among his cheek, and presses a lingering kiss against his lips. She jumps as the little animal gives a snort of a snort, laughing and stroking his nose. She looks up again, nuzzling his ear and whispering in her response* I love you Adam...
https://join.me/780-166-606 *the brat lingers in, always seeming like he and her hold a twin telepathy, and scoops up her new friend. She bobbs away with him in her arms slowly, plops his ears gently and cooing to herself. She looks back a moment later and waves her finny fingers goodnight. Adam blows her a kiss and squees happily, almost waking Oriver, but gently coo him back as snorgles silently. Once Adam's back is turned she purrs like Adam and wiggles her brow at Hana before poofing*

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