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Life's Obstacles
Just some things that are happening in my life...
Wander and the Colossus Plot — Folktale style
Long ago, in a Forbidden Land, there dwelled an entity who could bring back the souls of the dead. One young man, a poor wanderer, wished dearly to revive his beloved, who had been sacrificed. The Wanderer set out on a journey to destroy sixteen giant beings. He hiked over mountains. He swam through lakes. He rode his black steed over the green plains. And in the end, he did defeat every colossus. But he was not alone. He had been pursued by the Shaman of his tribe, who ordered his men to kill him before he casted the Forbidden Spell. Black Blood sprayed from the Wanderer's wounds and his body began to take the shape of a colossal beast. The entity took possession of the boy's body and chased the humans away, but was sucked into a sacred well as the Shaman and his men left. The girl whom the Wanderer loved so much woke up as if only from a deep sleep. She looked for the young man, but instead found a little baby with horns protruding from its head. She took the baby and took care of it within a secret garden where they lived happily ever after. And as the years went by, there grew a line of horned boys, all descendants of the foolish Wanderer. Some say that the horns were a punishment to the Wanderer for casting the Forbidden Spell. Others believe that the ones with horns house an evil power within them. But no matter the reason, the tale of the Wanderer and the Colossi will never leave this world as long as the human race lives.

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