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Kano's Journal Bishh!!
.By: YonderB on fanfiction.net.

.Me: Love this! so read it and comment!!.

L is playing with his foam Pacman toy, and Raito is finding it annoying. Bad summery. Pure crack. Will induce brain damage. You are warned.

Raito sat at his computer, typing feverishly, his eyes zooming from left, to right, to left again.

"Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka..."

Raito felt a twitch above his right eye, but continued typing all the same.

"Wakka wakka wakka wakka..."

Pale hands paused above the white keyboard, and there was yet another muscle-spasm above Raito's right eye.

"Wakka wakka wakka..."

Raito couldn't take it anymore, swiveling his chair around, Raito stared to his left with a murderous glare.

L sat on the couch, his thin, baggy-jean-clad legs against his chest, a hand out in front of him, holding a yellow spherical-ish foam thing.

"Wakka wakka wakka...!"

Raito glared angrily at Mr. Pacman while L made said foam Pacman bob about in mid-air.

"Wakka wakka wakka..."

There was a creak from the door and Watari walked in gracefully, placing large jelly castles in front of L before sweeping from the scene once more without saying a word.

"Wakka wakka wakka wakka." L continued, bouncing Mr. Pacman against the arm of the couch.

Raito groaned, standing up, stalking over to L and snatching squishy Mr Pacman away from the young genius.

"That's enough damn wakka-ing for today!" Raito snapped down at L.

L stared up at Raito, before his large and unblinking eyes slowly floated down to Mr Pacman, who was squished in Raito's tight fist.

"You'll hurt him if you keep doing that." L said simply.

Raito's eye twitched a few times more.

"How the hell can you hurt a piece of foam!" Raito screamed, shaking said piece of foam in front of L's nose to emphasize his point.

"That's a rather sociopathic sentence, isn't it, Yagami-kun?" L questioned. "Thinking you're better than Mr. Pacman is not a good way to try and convince me you're not the sociopathic killer, Kira."

Raito stared at L with one of those 'you're ******** with me, right?' looks before staring at the foam Pacman who was squished in his fist. Raito looked from the foam ball, to L, then back again.

L placed a thumb to his mouth and tilted his head to the side, watching Raito with a innocently curious look.


"ARGH!" Raito screamed in exasperation, throwing his arms up in the air, thus, throwing Mr Pacman in the air, before he stalked over to his computer chair and slumped back into it.

L watched the yellow piece of foam zoom up into the air, then fall, catching it expertly with one hand.

"Wakka wakka wakka wakka!"


L blinked, looking over at Raito, who had his face flat against the desk.

"What's his problem?" L wondered aloud.

"How should i know?" asked Mr Pacman.

L's wide eyes slowly turned to the foam spherical thing, looking absolutely petrified.

"What... did you say...?" L asked the foam thing slowly.

"Wakka." Mr Pacman said simply.

Raito decided whacking his forehead against the desk a few more times would be good.


Raito blinked, raising his bruised nose and forehead from the desk and turning to face his left again.

Mr Pacman lay on the couch silently, L nowhere to be seen.

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