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Kano's Journal Bishh!!
Chapter 8.
Chapter 8. …Ishizu! uhm...thanks but I didn't sneeze... That’s... her name

(the next day)
Ishizu laid on her couch, tired from her overnight, and might I add, successful, mission. She was already knocked out when someone knocked on her door. Lord knows she wasn’t gonna wake up.

The person got tired of knocking and used their mad ninja skills to get in through a window upstairs. Seeing Ishizu on the couch asleep the person smiled a big grin.

Ishizu woke up to a loud banging sound that made her think she was in danger.

“WHAA!!??“ She yelled/slurred, quickly jumped behind the couch. Peeking from behind, wide eyed only to see Kuuske with a pan and a big plastic spoon laughing at her.
“eh? She what!?” Kuuske huffed. Obviously upset about something.
Zonen sighed, But decided to say it again.

“Ishizu, the most skilled person on your team, has been chosen to help escort the Kazakage safely to the Land of Clouds.” This only made poor Kuuske more sullen.

“I neeeevvveeerr get picked for super special missions!!” He wined. Sulking a bit.

“Yeah yeah” Zonen had stopped paying attention by now. “just go and tell her already okay.”

Kuuske nodded and went off to tell his special teammate.
“woooowwww…. Really?” Ishizu asked half out of it, the top part of her body hanging over the couches arm, she wasn’t even facing Kuuske.

“Yeah its not fair and- hey.. Hey! Wake up!” she shouted prodding her with his foot. She made sleepy noises, so he kicked her.

“wha! Wha? …?” She sat up and looked at Kuuske. More like glared. And they glared at each other for well over a minute.

“Kuuske… what are you doing in my house? Why are you in my house? When did you get here?” This made Kuuske slap his forehead and sigh loudly. He explained what he had been told again.

“You Must go to the Kazekage tower immediately!!” He quoted Zonen Sempai.

“NOOOOO~~~” She wined sliding down into the couch more. Kuuske thought it looked like the couch was eating her.

“What wrong with you? Why are you so tired… an stuff?” He asked looking at a clock on the wall.

“I just got back from a training mission.” She said miserably. “Kuuske….” He turned towards her.

“Carry me?” She asked/wined. “I’m not gonna make it if you don’t!”

After some arguing, alittle fighting and Kuuske losing the two showed up at the Kazekage’s building/Tower/Office …whatever. Kuuske trudged up many stair cases and when they finally made it up to the office door Zonen was there waiting. Ishizu was gladly dropped on the floor by a tired out Kuuske.

“Here” pant “Here she” pant “is” pant pant.

“well, took you two long enough.” Zonen said irritated. She got up rubbing her sore bottom. Then looked at her former sensei curiously.

“Sempai, you going on this mission too??”

“Nah, I was just waiting for Kuuske, I’m gonna show him to my new students an make an example of how far he’s gotten, an blah blah blah.” He kept talking but Ishizu stopped paying attention, she started to doze off a bit.

“Ishi-chaan” A hand snapped its finger’s in front of her face. They belonged to Kuuske.

“Time for us to go an you to get ready for this mission.” Said Zonen as he knocked on the office door.

“Yujiden Ishizu has arrived.” He sad. Some rustling an a muffled ‘enter’ could be heard. Then Kuuske and Zonen were on their way.

Ishizu went close to the door and missed the handle a few times in her sleepy trance-ness. It was quit irritating to her, and a few passing people who worked there wondered what she was doing, and if she was dangerous.

“Gotcha!” She kinda slurred out when her hand fell upon the knob, she quickly turned it and flung the heavy door open. Good for her that it didn’t hit the wall, or at all make it close to hitting the wall.

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

The person that he was told was going to accompany him and the others to the village had just slid into his office and shut the door with alittle difficulty. What is this? A joke? He thought as she came closer to the desk and bowed.

Ishizu had taken one look at the Kazakage and She was suddenly more awake. Maybe its this eerie feeling she was getting. This was the first time she’d gotten to see the new Kazekage, ya know, after his dad died. Yes, that was how often the special anbu were used, maybe they’d be used more now. Anyway, he had some nice colored red hair that stuck out in all directions. The kanji for love on his forehead and to boot he was quit handsome. She awkwardly bowed.

“Lord Kazekage sama.” She said then lifted form her bow. An expectant expression on her face. He stared for a couple of uneasy seconds. Ishizu had heard story’s from older people, who really didn’t like the Kazekage, that he was extremely dangerous. He didn’t look very dangerous, that is until you looked at his cold turquoise eye’s. It was like they burned right through your soul.

“Yujiden Ishizu.” He said, pulling her from her thoughts. He picked up a piece of paper and looked at it, Resting his face on one of his hands, looking kind of bored.

“You have been chosen to escort myself to the land of clouds, along with Tejura, Ecci and my brother Kankuro.” He said this all in a monotone voice that made him sound like a robot to Ishizu.

“You cannot decline this mission, We will be leaving in two days Blah Blah Front Gate Blah Blah Ninja Gear Blah Blah Three and a half weeks Bla-” wait what? Three and a half weeks!? Oh great! I gotta be around people I don’t know for that long? Wtf man? This sucks big time! When I get home and get done sleeping I gotta sulk about this to someone, oh god, this is gonna be a hella’ a month, I mean really what gives!? This cra- Her thoughts were cute off by a bone chilling glare. Oh god! Did I miss something!? Wha!? What happened!??!?

He could tell that she wasn’t listening, she looked like she was half asleep anyway. The nerve! He thought as he glared. But she soon snapped out of it and had a nervous look on her face.

“U-uh… pardon Lord Kazekage sama?” She asked apologetically. He rubbed his temples before grumbling.

“Your dismissed.” Ishizu quickly scurried the hell outta there after bowing goodbye.
Earlier with Gaara and Kankuro ……………………………….................................................................

“Almost vacation time!” Gaara’s older brother said excitedly after he walked into the office.

“I’ve told you, this isn’t a vacation.” Gaara said sighing. This was the umpteenth time he’d said it, but his brother still referred to it as ’vacation’. Kankuro didn’t look like he heard his brother, and had a big grin on his face.

“I heard we got two chicks going with us!” He started looking for the paper on the desk that had the information about the girls on it.

“Man I hope there hot, can‘t have any ugly chicks ruining the mood, ya know what I mean.” He asked his brother, who just ‘hn’d’. His search of the paper was unsuccessful, but before he could complain, Gaara had pulled the paper from one of his drawers and was looking at it.

“Wow, you really couldn’t have told me it was there?” Kankuro muttered sarcastically. ”So, who are they?” He asked, but kinda wined.

“We have Tejura, Ecci. A jounin, age eighteen.” Gaara read to his brother who was now like an over exited child. “And Yujiden, Ishizu-” He was cut off by his brother.


“….no…uhm...thanks, but I didn't sneeze... That’s... her name.” Gaara eyed his brother with a raised non-existing eyebrow.

“No way…. Wow, that was ..uhm.” Kankuro shrugged and chuckled alittle.

“Anyway.” Gaara said looking back to the paper. “Yujiden, Ishizu, A special Anbu, age sixteen.” He finished.

“That’s young for a special anbu.” Kankuro commented. “I guess we do have the most skilled shinobi after all.” He said knowing that she must be very skilled.

“hn” his brother ‘hn’d’ Getting back to some paperwork.
Next Day

Ishizu nearly tripped over her shoe trying to get the door. Someone was ringing the doorbell like they were being followed by a stalker that thought they were the most beautiful thing in the world and wanted to be with them always because they thought that they couldn’t live without them…. Well, back on topic now.

“HOLD ON HOLD ON, I’M COMING!!” Ishizu said running to the door and unlocking it.

When She flung the door open a girl stood there with a very wide grin on her face. The girl was alittle taller than Ishizu and had light sandy colored hair. She wore it really short on one side, and as you went around her head it got longer until it reached her shoulder. Her purple eye’s shined misjeviously. She wore a black net t-shirt with a tan bra under and black saggy pants. Ishizu blinked a couple times at her before the wide grin was also on her face.

“IIIIISHHIIII-CHAN!” The girl squealed, then hugged Ishizu.

“Yukue!! Your finally visiting?” Ishizu said in a fake astonished voice, which earned her a light blow to the arm.

“I’ve been busy! You know that!” She said coming in and taking her shoes off.

“blah blah, blah! Excuses, excuses!! You’ve just been stalking unsuspecting victims haven’t you!?” Ishizu said in a sarcastic tone, leading her into the kitchen.

“yeah yeah sure, but I heard you have a special mission with-” She breathed in and clasped her hands together, closing her eye’s “Lord Kazekage sama!” She breathed his title out all dreamily and dramatic like.

“The number one on your ‘to stalk’ list!” Ishizu said laughing, earning a glare from Yukue. “Anyway, yeah” She sniffed, and tried (key word ‘tried‘) to show off her muscles by flexing her arms. “I got picked because I’m super awesome and who can deny me with these guns!”

“More like twigs.” Yukue snickered.

“Hey!” Ishizu shot back. “that was mean!!”

“aww, I sowwy.” Yukue said putting a finger to the edge of her eye and dragging it down her cheek. “tear.”

Ishizu only giggled at the gesture, Telling her friend to sit at the table.
“Antywho, you always know everything before I tell you, ya stalker.” Ishizu said pointing at her.

“Well that’s because I’m actually one of Temari sama’s close friends! An let me tell you! That girl loves to gossip!”

“That explains it!” Ishizu exclaimed pounding a balled up fist into her hand.

“BUT ITS NOT FAIR!!” Yukue wailed, making her friend jump back a bit. “you get to go be around the Kazekage for three and a half weeks-” She sniffled looking all sorrowful “and I get no~thing! The world is so cruel!!!”

And here we go. Ishizu thought as she sighed looking at her friend who was now up out of her seat from the table and had both her hands on Ishizu’s shoulder’s, kind of dry sobbing.

“At least do me just one favor!” She said shaking Ishizu a little, making Ishizu think of the old movies when someone was about to die and then they ask the person that’s with them to do them one last thing. “Mention me while your with him, see if he even knows I’m alive!!”

Wow, this is really dramatic, even for her. Darn, this would be so funny if I taped it. Then I could send it somewhere and win some money or something. Ishizu thought, staring at her friend skeptically.

“Sure…. I’ll do that then..”

Bloopers! Or whatever….

-Take 1-

“I neeeevvveeerr get picked for super special missions!!” He wined. Sulking a bit.

“You can go on a special mission with me later" Zonen said winking at Kuuske.

Kuuske's eye's went wide as he backed away slowly then turned and hightailed it outta that building.

-Take 2-

“wha! Wha? …?” She sat up and looked at Kuuske. More like glared. And they glared at each other for well over a minute.

“Kuuske… what are you doing in my house? Why are you in my house? When did you get here?” She asked, but before he could respond she whipped out a machine gun and pointed it at him."TIME TO DIE RAPIST STALKERR!!!!!"

Narrator: OH GOWD!! SHE HAS A WEAPON!! RUUUNNNN!!! -everyone panicks out because they hear the machin gun going off-

That was the last we saw of the origonal Kuuske cast member.... R.I.P.

-Take 3-

.... Anyway, he had some nice colored red hair that stuck out in all directions. The kanji for love on his forehead and to boot he was quit handsome.

"DAMN, YOU SEXY BOY!!" Ishizu shouted hopping onto his desk."You got a suga mama?" She asked winking at him. Then the door slammed open revealing many strippers/hoes/sluts.

"Hell yes he has a suga mama!!" Said the one in the front of the group, the leader. "And thats me b***h! So back off!!" She yelled throwing Ishizu to the other skanky wemon.

Narrator: o.O ... Wow!! since this has happened i must intervene! -searches the room until she finds a bright purple pimp suit with jewelry and stuff with it-
I knew it! THE ULTIMATE PIMP SUIT!!!!! -puts it on-

Gaaras eyes widened.
"NUUU!! MY PIMP SUIT!! I'VE LOST MY POWWEEEEERRR!!!" He then shriveled and melted like the witch of the wicked west saying something along the lines of it being a cruel world.

Narrator: YES!! I FEELS THE POWER!!! -stands on desk for ultimate dramatic power hungry pose-
HOES!! LINE UP!! -they line up loyaly not being able to deny the power of the ultimate pimp-



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