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Kano's Journal Bishh!!
Chapter 11.
Chapter 11. Unexpected Visitor [Dangerouse Allies]

It was about four days since the group had set out on their Mission. Ishizu had sobered up After the first few hours of the trip and was now extremely bored. After observing Her companions for alittle while she could see that Gaara wasn't one to talk much. Kankuro talked alittle too much, about himself of course. And Ecci was the kind of person who liked to be independant, and got annoyed by Kankuro's babbling.

They where now in a forest somewhere, Ishizu had no idea where, she was horrible with directions and the like. Slinking along, she sighed for the twenty third time since the begining of the trip, yeah, she was counting.

She didn't really care to hide her bored exspression from Kankuro, unlike Ecci, who was holding an at least, intrested face. Ishizu figured it was to stay on good terms.

After a while the group stopped at a stream to rest for a bit.

This sucks this suck this sucks. Ishizu repeated in her head as she slumped on a nearby log and watched Kankuro try to flirt with Ecci. Gaara sat at the edge of the stream as he filled his cantine back up.

EH!? Ishizu nearly fell off the log as she cought the Kazekage staring at her. Man, i wonder how distressed i look right now, to have him staring. She thought sighing.

Ishizu ducked immediately as she sensed something heading towards her at an immense speed. Just as her head moved out the way a sharp object went whizzing by her head. It landed on a tree across the stream, splitting it some, but not all the way.

"The ********!?" Ishi yelled as she quickly jumped into a tree above, seeing that the sharp object was a kunai. Everyone soon took their stances as a larger group of people appeared. There where four girls and seven guys.

"Heh, lets take these guys out fast and get back alright!" Said one of the girls to the rest of them. They all nodded in agreement, a few launching themselves towords us, with kunai ready.

"I'll take care of this." Ishizu said, mostly to herself as she moved with amazing speed and knocked out the first few that came by hitting the backs of their necks. They fell to the ground limp, to there comrads dismay.

"w-what~??" One of the girls shreiked as Ishizu made her way to them. Kankuro watched with a wide mouth at her speed. Ecci sneered, and Gaara just watched.

Ishizu ducked as another punch came her way, it wasn't ordinary though. The punches that she was dodging would litteraly knock her head off if she were hit by them.

So powerful.. Whats with these guys? Ishizu thought as she roundhouse kicked three of them in the face and jumped out of the way to avoid Kunai that came her way.

The ones that received her kick all went flying and skidded on the ground or crashed into tree's.

"s**t!!" Shouted one of the guys, as his Kunai was dodged. "She's really strong! Lets get outta here!!" With that, the other six of the group jumped into the trees.

"We'll be back!" Said one of the three girls left. "Yeah, with our Boss!!" Shouted a guy. "Then you'll be sorry." Said another, before they dissapeared as quickly as they came.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
[Alittle bit Later]
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

All the members of the group that attacked and where knocked out by Ishizu where now tied up in a circle and where being interrogated by Ecci and KanKuro.

"Who's your boss??" Ecci calmly asked one of the guys who had woken up already, she clearly was very seriouse about finding out who would dare attack someone who was as important as the Kazekage.

The guy smirked. " You can meet him yourself, so, you'll find out soon enough." She scowled at the guy and narrowed her eye's before moving on. Ishizu watched with amusement.

Ecci wasn't getting much out of these people but that she would 'meet him soon', and a few smart mouthed comments too.

"ah, this is getting us nowhere." Kankuro growled, agrivated.

Ishizu wasn't listening to him though, instead she paid attention to the hostiges little chats.

"The boss'll get these guys for us."

"yeah, no need to worry."

"But, won't he be mad about us being captured??'

"meh, he might, but he'll get over it, i mean, she was strong."

"yeah your right."

The rest of them agreed with nods and whatnot. There talking went on but Ishizu lost interest and started picking at her nails.

After suceeding in pulling the tip of her pinky finger nail off Ishizu noticed a change in the atmosphere. It suddenly got alot quieter, and the rest seemed to notice too. Everyone stopped talking and started looking around.

Before very long, a very large group of people had appeared and surrounded Ishizu and her group. Many of them wore haunting grins on their faces, And some where on the backs of really big lizards. (as long as a grown man standing on another grown man's head and as thick as a good aged tree)

"Hey look. The Little guys did get captured." Someone said, with menice to their voice.

"What'd ya think? we where lieing??" Another person said, one from the earlier attack.

It got quiet as three men approached Ishizu's group from the crowd of Shinobi. They stopped a few yards infront of them.

"Are you the their 'Boss'?" Questioned Gaara, with such ice in his voice that it made Ishizu cringe alittle, it was directed to the one in the middle.

"Tisk tisk, speaking like that will get you nowhere." Said the one on the left side. He had yellow skin and curly dark hair that was long and in a ponytail, it fitted him nicely. The man on the right nodded in agreement, he had light skin and short messy dark hair.

There was a silence.

"I'll ask once more." Gaara said, his voice even colder than before.

This cought the man in the middles attention. It seem's he was daydreaming, like his mind was elsewere.

"I'm the boss." He said in a deep careless voice. He seemed like the passive type.

The voice of this man immediately had Ishizu's full attention. She could tell that Gaara was gettign ready to attack, it was like the quiet before a storm.

Moving as fast as she did in the first fight, if not faster, Ishizu appeared infront of the 'Boss'. She looked him over, His hair was white, he had red eye's, and his skin was darker than the yellow skinned man.

As Ishizu inspected him, Everything fell silent. Her group couldn't, for the life of them, figure out what was going on. He seemed to be looking her over as well.

After a few breathless momments, Ishizu smiled. And hugged/glomped the man.

"eheh,ONII-SAN~!!" She squealed.


'WHAT!?!?!?'s and 'NO WAY~!!'s uproared from the people around them. what a shocking discovery.

When things calmed down alittle, well, kinda not at all, the two men that where with Ishizu's brother where stairing at her hard.

"ehm, which one is this then?" the short haired one wondered rubbing his chin. "They all looked alike to me."

At this the other one shook his head. "They where all different ages though, lets see.. this must be..umm.." He said with a look of concentration on his face.

"I can't remember, Hey Atohi, what was her name again??." He aimed his question towards his boss.

"Ishizu." He answered simply, finally hugging his sister back.

"ah! thats right!! Ishi-chan!" Said the man with curly hair, like he discovered something very important.

Ishizu let her brother go as she turned to his friends. He still wore a passive face as he waved his arm to dissmiss all the ninja he had brung with him, and looked over his sisters group.

"How can you guys not remember me~!!" Ishizu wined in a mock hurt voice. "Tororurin, Yuisho~! thats so mean!!"

"But it has been awhile Ishi-chan!" Wined Tororurin, the curly haired one.

"yeah, a very long while Ishizu." Agreed Yuisho.

"I know i know, don't go and lecture me Sho-kun, please." She said with a grin and hugged her old friends.

By this time Gaara and the others where but few feet away, Looking cautiouse and unsure.

"Why where we attacked by your men!??" Demanded Kankuro, looking alittle angry.Atohi blinked before turning to his sister and friends, then looking at the sky.

"You.. where to close, thats all." He said answering the question, but creating more.

"To close to what?" Asked Kankuro before looking around. What the heck, i don't see anything.

"To our hideout. Its getting late, Ishizu," Atohi said to his grinning sister. "Your group can spend the night there if you'd like."

"Alr-" Ishizu started but was cut off by Gaara.

"How do you know were not enemies?" He said with a cold stare that went unnoticed. "And your offering to show us your hideout."

"Because Ishizu's with you, and she wouldn't let you hurt me, or anyone with me, but, its not like you could anyway." He said with his back faceing Gaara.

OH s**t! Ishizu thought looking wide eye'd at Gaara. His eye's had narrowed and he had a small scowl on his face.

"H-h-hey, hey, he's just kidding around Gaara-sama, don't mind what he says." Ishizu said hopefully calming him down. "But, Onii-san, we'll take your offer."

"Sama?" She heared her brother whisper. "Alright, Follow me." He said before jumping into a tree, everyone following, including a hot-headed Gaara, and his nervouse brother.

Paying no attention to the merderouse intent in the air, Yuisho jumped inbetween Ishizu and Tororurin.

"Hey Ishi-chan, how 'bout you ride on my back like we used to do back when you where little." He said grinning.

"HEY~!! no fair Sho~!!" (Tororurin's to long to type sometimes so i'll type his nickname alot now) Taro-taro wined to his friend as Ishizu hopped on his back and laughed.

"hey! this does remind me of the old days!" She said as Taro-taro pouted and wined more.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

When the group arrived at the hideout, not long later, a few of them gaped at the sight. Infront of them stood a small town, in the tree's. It was camoflodged so that you couldn't see it unless you where right infront of it.

People walked inbetween the tree houses and buildings on all sizes of bridges. There where hundreds of people, and from what the group could tell, they where all ninja.

"whoa! Its like.. the tree-houses we used to make Atohi! Just alot bigger and better!!" Exclaimed an excited Ishizu, who got a nod from her brother.

"Yeah, our tree-houses is where i got the idea from, for hideouts like this." Atohi said before jumping on one of the handmade walkways, everyone following suit.

"You mean there are more of these?!?" Asked an astounded Ecci as she spoke for the first time in awhile.

"Yeah, of course!! We need them for our ninja." Said Taro-taro, who'd finally stopped wining at Yuisho.

"Your ninja??" Asked Kankuro. "you mean this isn't all of them?"

"eh! come now! Questions later, right now is dinner time!" Said Yuisho, as they all followed Atohi. They came to a rather big house that only had one way in and out, unlike the other houses. The smell of stew came wafting out of the house, like many others.

"Good, im starving." Said Ishizu as she was dragged along by Sho, and followed by a defeated looking Taro-taro.

When they walked in they where greeted by a table with enough places and bowls of food for all of them and two more people.

"Tsabi, I'm back." Atohi said, looking around, then spotting the women. Everyone turned and looked at her aswell.

"Good." She said smiling, happiness aparent in her voice, as she came over and kissed Atohi. This made Ishizu's mouth shoot open a she lost her footing and fell into Yuisho's back. She quickly recovered with a blush on her face.

"Oh~! That must be your sister!" She said moving over to Ishizu and looking her over. "Tsuchuke told me that you found her out there. And wow! he was right, she looks just like you."

"Yeah." He said taking off his ninja sandals and taking a seat at the table.

"Yeah, yeah." She said. Ishizu noticed a slyness about her voice. And that she was pretty. She had sandy, shoulder length hair, tan eye's, and a slim figure. Perfect for Atohi.. i guess. She thought, looking her over.

"Please, take a seat and have some dinner." She said to the whole group, excluding Sho and Taro-taro, who where already at the table, wolfing down there food with their boss. They where soon joined by the others as Tsabi went to the door.

"TSUCHUKE~~!! COME AND EAT! BEFORE ATOHI, SHO, AND TARO-TARO SPLIT IT~!!" Her scream was earshattering. But Ishizu's group where the only one's effected.

Soon enough, and i mean about twenty seconds after Tsabi's deafining scream, a boy skidded through the door.He looked like Tsabi, his hair was just a bit darker, and alot shorter.

"TOUCH MY FOOD AND I SWEAR~!!" He pointed to Taro-Taro who had reached over and picked up his bowl. The food was quickly put back down in its rightful place as Tsuchuke sat in his seat and began to wolf it down.Tsabi also sat, but she ate her food in a more civilized manner.

After the meal all the guys sat at the table looking bloated and rubbing their stomaches. Of course they had seconds like five or six times. Ishizu watched her brother and laughed.

"I remember when i could keep up with you nii-san." She said as she smiled at her brother. He then waved it off as 'just watching her weight' before finally cracking a smile for the first time that night.

"I guess that food made ya happy huh atohi?" Said Tsabi. "You where grouchy from being hungry." She finished as she picked the bowls up off the table and took them to a sink like thing.

"Guess your right." He said as he continued to smile and pick his teeth with a toothpick that aparently came out of his pocket.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Alittle later everyone was still at the table. Kankuro had proceeded to fall asleep and snore some in his chair. Ishizu found it funny.

"Ah, so, you guys wanted to know about this tree town? hmm?" Atohi said with a grin on his face as both the girls to the group nodded their heads. Gaara just sat looking blank but somewhat sleepy.

"Well, i didn't build them myself, like the other one's, they were built by the ninja that stay here." He said, his eye's closed with a small nod, content with his answer.

"ooh, and the ninja?" Ecci asked expectantly.

"hm? what about the ninja?" he asked opening an eye and looking at her.

"Do they just follow you, and accept you as their leader??" Ishizu and the others watched the conversation, they were also curiouse.

"Yeah, yeah they do." Atohi answered simply, getting the next question, a 'why'. At this he shrugged. "Respect?"

"Thats all?" She asked confused.

"Well, They view me as a successor, they respect my strenght and my ability to handle situations. I will one day soon enough, be a kage, for the village hidden in the rainbows, of the land of clouds." He said, finally stopping the questions from her.

"Thats right!" Said both Tsabi and Tsuchuke, smileing ear to ear.

"No way! really?? you are!?" Ishizu exclaimed in disbeleif. It was shocking to hear that her brother would soon be the Kage of the village she was born in.

"Yup, Uncle's retireing from the job, im up next, and i gotta build up my power and all that. Its not that hard when they see me fight and just follow me around, following my orders." A loud snore escaped Kankuro's mouth after this, which startled him awake.

"W-WHA!!?" He shouted looking around with wide eye's at first, then half open one's. There was a silence before someone spoke again.

"Oh, and by the way Nee-chan, you've gotta come visit home sometime, its not like we hate you or anything, so you should come around." Atohi said eyeing the clueless Kankuro, then Ishizu who nodded.

"We're gonna be passing there, i think, where going to the land of clouds." She said with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Whats this about visiting 'home' Ishizu-san. You weren't born in Sunagakure? or even the fire country?" Her Kazekage asked narrowing his eyes in question. His sudden inclusion in the conversation startled Ishizu.

"N-no, i wasn't Gaara-sama, i was brought there when i was young." She explained. Her brother nodding in confirmation.

"Yeah, and i forgot to ask, who are you??" He said to Gaara, wondering why his little sister used so much respect with his name.

"He is the Kazekage, the kage of sunagakure, of the land of fire." Ecci answered before Gaara could, with narrowed eye's at Atohi, wondering how he couldn't know.

"I see," he said looking Gaara over for the first time. "The leader of a village huh,I'm not familiar with other lands leaders. Your kinda young, you must be powerful."

Ishizu felt that this conversation might be going somewhere bad as she bit her lip.

"Uh, hey, nii-san, why are you in the fire country?? I mean, where not in Cloud country yet are we??" She said changing the subject. At this her brother sat back and rubbed his chin.

"mm.. good question." he said, with an unsure look on his face. Everyone sweatdropped.

"Jeez, Atohi, you don't remember?" Asked Sho.

"Yeah! you said you wanted to travel, and get stronger, and... do some other stuff, i dunno, you kept rambling on to your uncle, you wanted to travel really bad." Said Taro-taro, looking at his leader.

"Heh, thats right, i just wanted to leave the village for while, meet new people and stuff, no definate reason." Atohi said scratching the back of his head, smiling sheepishly at his sister.

"Same old same old, just want to be everywhere and do everything huh?" Ishizu said in a knowing voice.

"Hey, what about you? Are you still, won't go two feet to get something, lazy as hell??" Atohi asked his sister in defense, who then blushed and frowned.

"....n-no." She said, not sounding the least bit convincing. Her brother chuckled.

"hm, well i guess its time to get some shut-eye." Atohi said. "I'll show you guys to your sleeping quarters." The group nodded and began to raise from the table.

"oh, and my friends and i would be happy to escort ya to the land of clouds, and anywhere inside. I'm pretty sure i know my way around much better than Ishizu, so we'll be joining you. Uncles calling me back for some reason anyway." The last part he said to himself. Taro-taro and Sho didn't object to escorting.

There where a few nods from the group as they followed Atohi out of the hut house. Outside it had gotten almost all the way dark, and dim lights where on the bridges. It was a rather breathtaking scene, Ishizu thought.

Ninja where still out and about and many lights where on in the tree buildings.

"Why are so many people outside??" Asked Ecci, curiouse.

"I don't control them, they do what they want." Atohi answered back, annoyed at the girl and her questions. "But there probably waiting to see the stars, there nice out here."

After crossing all sizes of bridges, the group came to another hut with only one way in. It wasn't that big, but Atohi explained it was just for guests to sleep in, and instructed Ishizu and Ecci to use it.

"alright nii-san, goodnight." She waved as the guys left and Ecci said goodnight aswell.

Inside there where two matresses on either side of the hut. Ishizu noticed the frown on Ecci's face as she plopped down on her mattress and flung her bag onto it.

"Whats wrong??" She asked her commrade, snapping her out of her thoughts. She looked hesitant before she finally answered.

"Well, i don't like being away from Kazekage-sama." She said, making Ishizu realize something.

A fangirl!? ...a fangirl... they chose a fangirl to go on the mission, what the h- Her thoughts where cut off by Ecci's voice.

"You know, because its not safe, how can we keep an eye out if we don't know where he is??" She asked, which made Ishizu re-think about her.

No, she's a fangirl, i heard it in her tone. Thought Ishizu before answering.

"Heh, guess your right, but, he's safe, my brother wouldn't let anyone try anything." She said in a reasurring tone. Ecci nodded but didn't look that convinced as she stretched out on her mat, then sat back up.

"Hey, its not that late, it just got dark, and im not tired." She said to the other girl.

"Same here." Ishizu said sighing, looking out the window. "how bout we go see those stars, i just saw like three ninja go up to the top of the tree's."

At this Ecci hopped off her mattress. "alright, lets go." She said heading out the door, Ishizu close behind.

Jumping onto the roof of the hut as she followed Ecci, Ishizu could see that alot of other shinobi where headed in the same direction, up.

At the top of the tree the girls stood looking out at the sky. It seemed the tree town was built on the tallest tree's in the forest, and the tops where cut off evenly, to get better veiws.

Ishizu looked at the moon and compared it to what it looked like from suna, It was almost as close, but it had a blue tint to it instead of a tan one. Her awe was soon interupted by Ecci.

"Ishizu, look, over there! I see Gaara-sama!" Sure enough, a couple yards to their right, they could see Gaara and Kankuro standing on some flat sand that hovered above the cut tree tops. "Lets go over!"

Ishizu really thought Ecci was a fangirl now, being so excited to see someone she was with just a couple minutes ago. But she didn't say anything.

"sure." She said but was already being dragged. They landed on the sand, finally getting the brother's attention. They where greeted with Kankuro's smile.

"Isn't it nice out here Ecci, Ishizu??" He said not needing an answer, nodding to himself.

"Sure is, Its lovely." Ecci said back, looking out at the sky, not noticing that the person that was beside her was there no longer. However, Gaara immediately noticed Ishizu's panicked face when she landed on the sand, then jumped off, onto a close tree.

"I saw that!" Said a voice right next to Ishizu, startling her some, and making the others look over. She turned to see a grinning Taro-taro. "Ishi-chan afraid of hights??" He asked draping his arm over her shoulders.

"..not really, i just don't like things that are up high and arent attached to the ground." She said explaining herself, and getting a nod from Taro-Taro.

"I see, so how you guys like the veiw, not to bad huh?" He said turning his grin to the group.

"you kidding, its great." Said Kankuro, Ecci nodding.

"Hey, where's Sho??" Ishizu asked Taro-taro, which turned his face from happy to irritated.

"Had to ditch him, he's so annoying sometimes." He said. Ishizu laughed and nodded, they where always like this, saying the other was annoying, she remembered.

"Hey Sho, I see him! he's over there!" Said a voice Ishizu recognized as her brothers. At this Taro-taro's eyes went wide.

"Well, heh, i gotta go now, Ishi-chan, you should stick close to your friends, im sure they wouldn't let anything happen." He said throwing her onto the sand and fleeing.

"Hahaha, works everyime!" He brother's voice said from where ever he was, it seemed he wasn't that close.

Ishizu sat on the sand indian style, trying to control her nervs by ignoring them. She looked out to see very many ninja watching the sky on the tree tops. They chattered and some pointed out to the sky.

Suddenly the sand under her shifted and jerked down a bit. Of course you can guess the reaction.

"holy ********!" Ishizu shouted as she made a mad leap off the sand to cling to a tree. But it didn't happen as sand cought her and sat her back down. She looked wide eye'd at her Kazekage, he had a smirk on his face.

"Gaara, you shouldn't scare people like that" Kankuro said then burst out laughing. "But that was awsome, the look on her face man."

shitshitshitshitshitshit Ishizu thought as the sand held her in place, making escaping impossible. Her nerves where recked now and she wanted so bad to hug a tree.

Bloopers! Or whatever….

-Take 1-

"Good." She said smiling, happiness aparent in her voice, as she came over and kissed Atohi. This made Ishizu's mouth shoot open a she lost her footing and fell into Yuisho's back. She quickly recovered with a blush on her face.

"What the HELL is this!?" Ishizu Yelled angrily before going over to Atohi and backhanding him in the face. "WHO THE HELL TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE ALLOWED TO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!?" She screamed, hitting him again, this time he lay uncounsiouse.

"AND YOU b***h!!!" Ishizu yelled pointing at Tsabi, then proceeded to backhand the girl. "WHO THE HELL ELSE KNEW ABOUT THIS!?" She bellowed after backhanding Taro-Taro and Sho.

Sho pointed to the narrator's chair, which was empty, and had been ever since the yelling began.

The Assistant narrator guy was on the phone with the narrator who was now bording a plane.

"Let me know when the heat dies down man, 'cause i can't afford to get backhanded. Do you have any idea what that would do to my Pimp career!?" Narrator asked frantically.

- Take 2 -

"Hey, what about you? Are you still, won't go two feet to get something, lazy as hell??" Atohi asked his sister in defense, who then laughed.

"Hell yeah!" She said before ripping off her clothes to reveal the ultimate pimp suit. Magically everyone was wearing stripper clothes.

"Now then, your pimp is thursty, Sho, go fetch me the narrators pimp cup." She said smiling evilly at the narrator.

Narrator- "Oh, ********! how did you get my pimp suit!? Ishizu you b***h! give it back!!"

Ishizu giggled. "Silly narrator, never leave something laying around in the safe behind the picture on your wall."

"WTF!?" The narrator yelled, before having to stabe Sho in the arm so that he could not get her cup.

"Hey! what the HELL do you think your doing narrator!? Your costing me hundreds! Stabbing my stripper-prostatute!." Ishizu Yelled "YOUR GONNA PAY FOR THA-"

Ishizu's rant was silenced after she was hit in the face with a rock. She held her bleeding nose before looking at the object that the narrator threw.

"OHMYGOWD NOOO!!! H-HOW!?" She shreiked.

Narrator - "THIS CUP ALLOWS ME TO PIMP THE ROCK! IT IS UNDER MY CONTROL!!!!" She roared, howling with laughter. "EAT HER MINION!" the narrator bellowed.
In a blink of an eye Ishizu was gone. The ultimate pimp suit was all that was left.
"Good job rock, you can keep half the money you make on the corner tonight." The narrator said before picking up the pimp suit. Everyone was wide eyed and to afraid to move.

"Somebody clean that up." Narrator commanded, pointing to the bleeding Sho that was on the ground, before leaving to find a safe place to hide her suit.

Everyone started to leave and Taro-Taro was left to get sho.

"I-I thought that rock thing was a..a joke." Taro-Taro said wimpering, Going over to the half dead Sho.

"Well its not." An ominouse voice said, and Taro almost gave himself whiplash as he turned to the rock.
Moments past before it started laughing a sole shaking laugh, and slowly turning towards Taro-tato. On the rock there was a jackolantern face that was sloppily markered on with perminent marker.

Taro-taro ran away screaming and couldn't sleep for a week.

That was also the last time the origonal Ishizu and Sho cast members where seen...........R.I.P.

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