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The Book of Chaos: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!
I love to write about ANYTHING! RP 's I may have made, things going on that I want to talk about...just a bunch of wonderful randomness! ^^- Oh, and a whole lot of Hiei stuff too! :heart:
H-Hello ladies and gentlemen! If you have just now turned into our show then allow me to recap! My name is Sora! Uhmm, technically I don't believe I belong here, but a talking cat wearting breeches told me to come here so...Here I am! blaugh OK! That's right, time to recap! Well, on our little show of fun time, our host was interviewing Super Tale's three best friend heroines: Maddie, Tia, and Lee.

Uhm, just before we lost our signal, Maddie jumped from her seat on the couch and scrambled over to our host, while Lee continued to make a loud, "CAW"ing noise. I suppose this must have freaked Maddie out--I wonder why? Isn't she the tough one? I hope she feels better soon....OH! Is that all? Ah, no need to yell...ehhh..ok, ok..I'll tell them.

And now, the show continues! Sora out!


Host: EKK! Maddie, what are you doing!?

Maddie: What do you think?! I'm climbing on her face! *clutching desprately to our beloved host's face; her feet practically shoved down her throat*

Lee: *Prancing about the room, arms stretched out and flapping wildly* CAW! CAW! I'm a bird! I'm gonna eat your eyes out! CAW!

Tia: *Laughs so hard her glasses slide off her nose and into her lap* HAAAHAH! Wh-What's wr-rong Maddie?? Scared of a-a-a B-BIRD!? AAAHHHHHAHHH! rofl

Maddie: *eyes narrowing* Think it's funny do ya? Well, laugh at this! *Leaps from our host and onto Tia, throwing them both over the couch*

Lee: *Giggles one last time before dropping her at her sides* Heh! *Turns to the host smiling* Maddie's afraid of birds! Been so since the 2nd grade! blaugh

Host: R-Really? Why is that? *straightens up, mentally trying to rid her mouth of the tast of Maddie's shoes*

Lee: Hmmmm...that's a good question. Oh yea! Maddie feel asleep outside and a couple of birds came around and started fighting on her face! rofl

Host: O_____O How awful! Astounding! Yet, awful all the same! xp I'm taking it that it scarred her for life, yes?

Lee: Hm, dunno. MADDIE! ARE YOU SCARRED FOR LIFE?? *shouts over the rucus of Tia and Maddie's fighting*

Tia: *Jumps up from behind the couch, her hair a wreckage sitting oddly on her head* ....

Maddie: *Emerges after Tia, her braid undone and googles wedged into her mouth* MMMF?

Lee: Did that day scarre you for life? You know, the birds fighting on your face?

Maddie: evil *Spits out her googles* What do YOU think genius! Of course it didn't! I'm perfectly fine wit-

Lee: CAW!

Host: NO! Not that again! *Leaps from her chair covering Lee's mouth with her hands* Uhmm...I think I got the jist of what I wanted to ask...so...uh...you're free to go now! Great job! sweatdrop

Maddie: About time! *Straightens up, punching Tia on the arm as they walk out the doorless entrace*

Tia: HEY! *Shoves her into a wall*

Lee: OOoooo.....LOOKIE! A hole! 4laugh

~ The wall breaks, and the entire building sponteanously explodes! KABOOOM! BLAM BOOOOOM! But don't worry, everyone was fine. All except for Tony the Tiger who had been attempting to steal from our beloved host's lunch box*

Thanks for listeng/reading! Remember: Rhinos are a cat's best chair of choice! 4laugh

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