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My own little Lullaby.
Thoughts, poems, songs and stories. Come on in and listen, read, and enjoy.
I explained to you day after day how I never wanted to be forgotten by the world. By you. But I see that was too much to get through.
I see how you abandoned me, just simply left me free.
I see how you never opened your heart and you never even thought about giving me the key.
I want to scream at you, I really really do. But in the end I will just cry myself to sleep then awake without another peep.
I know how much you told me you just loved me so much. I know how much you just couldn’t live without me babe, but look now. Can you see? Without me, you are so free. This may not be my best, don’t even bother putting it to the test. I just wanted to explain how much I really don’t care. And how much this wasn’t fair.
You really have to believe me when you see me. I have been crying night after night and sometimes day too, and Hun, it’s all been over you.
So yeah, when you said we were through and I thought I could have handled it all, I really just let myself fall. I kept going deeper into that whole, letting the darkness and depression consume my very soul.
When I say I never cared, well that was truly a lie. But when you said you did care and that you still do, I know you have found yourself a new. My heart was not broken, no babe you did that a while ago.
All you did was be mean and make a giant scene. Please, oh babe please doesn’t forget me. And in a way I know you never will. But still…I loved you for quite a while, all when I was in denial. I know you just pass me day after day, and you won’t ever have to say you’re sorry. Because you are a rich spoiled brat, not to mention you’re pretty fat. You will never learn about the heart. I’m sure you will even fail that part in science dear. But one day I can see it now, you’ll marry a very ugly cow. I suppose I am better off without you. I suppose I am better off with a new.
But darling know this. You will always be in my heart, because you were the first to break it.
Yes, you were the very first to come in and make yourself at home. Then you just packed your bags and left. I suppose I am just giving up on even rhyming now. So go ahead, take a long bow. Bend over, so I can kick you in the a** with great mass. Hun I loved you so much, But now you have a new b***h of such. So now babe, I want to say to you, when all your relationships fail and are through, I will be the girl with that shoulder for you to cry on. Because really I don’t hate you, no. I love you with all my heart. Even when you are an old fart.

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commentCommented on: Mon Sep 29, 2008 @ 07:34am
*claps* 3nodding

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