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My own little Lullaby.
Thoughts, poems, songs and stories. Come on in and listen, read, and enjoy.
Her name is Elara. She is but merely 15 years old but you could mistaken her for a college student. She lives within the darkest part of the world; herself. Her mortal vessel lives within a town called Sawa in the middle of a darkening wasting away forest. ( The Sawa forest ). Elara lives on the outerskirts of this town, though it is already small ( Only around 200 people live in it ) she likes to be sucluded within her own privacy and home. She has lived alone all of her life though she secretly longs for a companion. Elara is a mixture of a vampire and a demon. She is a half-breed puppet. Or at least that is what she has been called. Her soul is always empty as are her eyes and she goes where people tell her too. Does what people say, and rumor has it she has never really had a soul at all, just an empty vessel. But though rumors have come and gone about this mysterious girl, truth be told, she is just a quiet little girl who seeks someone who can truely accept her. People also speak of her beautiful eyes and voice. They say that if you do spot this girl that your heart will be crushed in an instant, knowing she is not yours to keep. Like a fragile doll, with her bluest of blue eyes, her pale milky white skin, and her oh so fake smile. Her voice is as calming as the sound of a million angels singing. Her step is as graceful as a bird in flight. Some believe she secretly has wings when she walks, never touching the ground. People sometimes mistaken her for a ghost when she silently drifts through the forest, alone. When she is not spending her life within the forest trees, she sits alone at her little home, waiting for something, though no one seems to know what. Elara though, as sad as it seems, does not ever age. Once she had hit 15 her life was to stay the same forever. For when her mother was younger and pregnant with Elara, she had a curse placed upon her. It was that once she had her daughter, not only would she die but her daughter was never to age, never to experience that feeling a wisdom. And if you know Elara very well, you will know she is not the teen she seems to be. Elara is actually over 100 years old in mind, though her body is young and beautiful. And though this girl wants a close partner, she is afraid to open up for she is afraid of letting people to close because when you do that it just makes the fall that much greater when they push you off the edge. The crack that much bigger when they break your heart. Even though she does believe this though, she still secretly looks for a companion. While everyone thinks she is dead because of her silence, she is merely just listening and thinking.

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