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My own little Lullaby.
Thoughts, poems, songs and stories. Come on in and listen, read, and enjoy.
This was a nightmare I had...So I wrote about it. (4 1/2 pgs)

It was dark, and him and I were alone. We stared at the balnk screen in silence till the mobs of people started to crowd in. As the theature became louder, I ignored most of the people that came in; none seemed interesting. Then, there were two females that caught my attention. A mother and her daughter. Who, I would guess would be no more older then twently-five and nine. The mother did not hold my attention unlike the child though. She was beyond beautiful. Later into the show I learned the young girls name was Meyu. Beautiful Little Meyu I thought to myself. With her long goldish-red hair, her pale as the coldest snow skin, and her bluer then the bluest sky eyes. And how could I forget her adorible dimples that connected that light up the room kinda smile. Little Meyu, as I called her, seemed like a goddess in my eyes, and I couldn't help but smile back when she looked at me.
Towards the end of the movie, the darkness became clouded; smoke. It became harder to breathe as they started to evacuate us. (After realizing there was a fire) People were screaming and panicing, but all I could stay focused on was the goddess. Though I had no right to, I looked for her. I could not find Little Meyu at first, then out of the corner of my eye I spotted her goldish-red hair blowing from the wind from the fire. She was heading the wrong way. Into the fire; Why? I didn't take to much time to think about it till I was off, running after this little girl who I had only met once and had only known for a period of about fifty minutes. I just couldn't let her die. I chased her hallway after hallway, till the the flames and smoke had completely vanished. It seemed as though we weren't even in a theature anymore. Finally I reached the end of the last hallway; a door. She had to of gone in I thought to myself. I opened the door and to my surprise the room was very bright. As my eyes adjusted I spotted Meyu on the other side of the room. She was staring, wide eyed at something though I could not see what that something was. As I turned the corner though I knew exactly what she was gawing at; AIDA. My mouth fell open and my mind raced as I ran for the Little Goddess infront of me. Alass, I was too late, for when I had reached her and was about to grab her she got sucked into the black nothingness in which was AIDA; and so did I.
I awoke to find my surroundings much different then they had been before; much darker and colder. "Meyu..?" Was all I could mumble as I stumbled aimlessly through the darkness. Soon enough though I spotted a light in the distance. As I walked closer I recognized my surroundings. My neighborhood, and this light was coming from one of my neighbors houses in which they had merely left the light on in their little home. Usually I would never go stumbling into a persons home, but from what I had remembered this home had been abandoned some time ago, besides it was the only light in which seemed to be a dark abyss. Even as I looked up at the sky I saw no stars, nor no moon; blackness. As I approched the door, it slid silently open. I walked into the brightness of the house, almost as bright as the previous room I had been in before the darkness that surrounded me outside. When I looked around I saw her. My Little goddess Meyu. At first I didn't focus on anything but her and her beauty, but then as I got a better glance at the place I noticed that we were not alone. A man, that I knew from somewhere (not sure where exactly though) stood next to Meyu and as my mind came back to reality, escaping her beauty, I realized also that he was holding her tightly around the neck with his right hand. I also saw that Meyu was crying. He was hurting her. Another, older woman also stepped a little from the darkness in the corner of the room, not to far from where the man and Meyu were. Like my goddess though, this woman was also extremely beautiful, even in the darkness her body seemed to glow. Her long silky black hair fell over her perfect bare shoulders gently. Her lips redder then bloos as they pulled back over her glistening white teeth. The man on the other hand however was not so beautiful. He had messy aqua hair, to match his aqua-red eyes. (Though only one eye really showed under his hair) He has a sharp toothy smile, and his clothes looked beaten up for they were all stiched up. His skin was a greyish color, like that of someone who had died, and he had symbols and tattoos all over his clothes and body. The man also weirded two blades. Though he only help one in his right hanf with Meyu firmly in the other. Meyu cried more as the man spotted me and his smile widened across his grey face. He was enjoying the fear in my eyes. I realized then that I was crying too as I screamed Meyu's name and stupidly ran up to her, thinking I could save her. Prepared for this, the man swung his left arm so fast, I could barely see it, but when it hit me I felt the jolt of pain go though my body, sending me onto my back and rolling on the ground, then flat on my stomach. Everything became blurry as I tried to keep focus on Meyu. Then as fast as he had hit me he swung the blade straight into Meyu's chest. "Meyu...N...No..." Was all I could get out before my voice cracked and faded. It was too late though as he took the blade out then threw her body so it lie next to mine. She wasn't yet dead and her blood spilled everywhere. She stared at me with her bluer then the bluest sky eyes, and at that moment everything that she was feeling, or had ever felt in her life rushed through me like poisen. All of her sadness, pain, hatred, and even a few bits of happiness here and there hit me at full blast knocking the wind out of me. I tried to look away, to let go of her gaze, but her pain held me. It was as if someone was burning me alive, then right before I was about to die they took me off the stake and threw me into the coldest of ice. The burning of saddess was so hot, and at the same time, the freezing of betrayal was so cold. And yet I couldn't look away. The worst part of it all though was watching those blue eyes fade to grey. Watching the life being taken away from my Little Meyu. My goddess. And I couldn't do anything about it. There she lie, the young beauty, with the life sucked out of her. I couldn't help but cry.
When I finally could look away from her painfull gaze I realized that the man had left. The killer of this child, gone, dissappeared into the darkness. But the woman still remain to watch us in our pain. And as my eyes met hers, her smile faded ever so slightly. I tried to say something, to move, something, but I was paralized and the woman noticed this too. She raised her arm up, and with a flick of her hand, she spread the darkness upon us; AIDA. I found a little bit of strength then as I reached for Meyu and grabbed as tightly as I possibly could onto her dress sleeve. The darkness surrounded us then over took us, pulling our bodies deep into the nothingness of the world. I could feel it going through me, infecting me slowly but surely. And the more I tried to fight it, the more it fought back. As I began to change into what Shugo (Kite) had become, I realized something. I realized that I was not even strong enough to save the little girl, nor was I strong enough to save myself. Then I looked back at that dark haired beauty and I realized yet another thing at the same moment. I was her. I had become that, a monster in the darkness that fed off others pain, blood, mistakes...Everything that brought a person down. And as the last bit of me got swallowed by the nothingness that was AIDA...I opened my eyes the afternoon light and yawned. I rubbed my eyes gancing at the clock. Noon. I thought to myself. Another restless night of nightmares. And another girl that seemed so familiar, yet so distant; a stranger. I got up from the bed and wiped my tears from my eyes as I went to the closet and changed into my clothes. Little Meyu... I though to myself. Her eyes were now burned into my head along with her name, and I don't think they will ever leave...


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