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Hybird's rants, stories, homemade mythology, and other stuff.
This is my little journal that holds all of my thoughts, rants, anger, etc... If you don't like what I say, tough s**t assclowns. Oh and... Yeah... Please leave a comment. Please?
MMO Games I Played 1
Looking back, there has been way, waaaaay too many MMO games I've played in my lifetime. Some may be thinking "you act as if that's a bad thing," which it isn't, just ironic because at first, I wanted nothing to do with online gaming, being an Anti-Social person n' all (word of the day boys and girls: Hikikomori.)

Anyways, the first actual MMO game I played was introduced to me by a friend, called Gunbound. This was not the Ijji version of Gunbound, but Gunbound International.

Gameplay wise, it was actually very interesting, and pretty fun. You had a nice, broad access to plenty of bots, without having to pay for them (AWESOME idea GB) with various maps. Getting a good hit depended on your skills with the bot you used, and your calculations of wind speed, terrain, opposing bot, and any other obstacle. It was awesome to play... Er... Depending on the other players... I'll get to that later...

Graphics, it was cool, not my particular favorite, but for the game, the character & setting design was perfect. Sound wasn't bad either, well, aside from the music, that, much like most music on MMO games, I didn't care for. But the explosion sounds were good. The customization of the game was its left leg's Achilles heel. It cost way, way too much to buy clothes and any other item, and later on, all would have a time frame on them. Buying a permanent piece of clothing an arm, leg, and soul, and quite honestly, not worth it.

Community wise... Well... Let's say I'd call it Gunbounds right leg's Achilles heel... If it hadn't already RIPPED the game's leg right out of its socket, and beat it upside the skull of the game with said leg! These people had the intelligence and patience of rabid goldfish! You miss by just a little, you're were cursed out by your teammates, if you used a certain bot, you were a noob, if you didn't like the little blue ant bot (I think it was called "Aduka" or something) about 75% of the games were off limits to you. And this was BEFORE that blasted International tournament was set up, hoo boy, when that little tournament was set up, a digital race war ensued! This is were I should've learned that a bad community will ruin a good game, because after a while, I left International for Ijji, and when Ijji players became just as bad as the International players, I was done with the game. I've yet to return, regardless how much I liked the game, but I just can't deal with the players.

Well, that's it for this M.M.O.G.I.P. Until next time.

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