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Hybird's rants, stories, homemade mythology, and other stuff.
This is my little journal that holds all of my thoughts, rants, anger, etc... If you don't like what I say, tough s**t assclowns. Oh and... Yeah... Please leave a comment. Please?
"Modern Ninja" Shade's Story.
Okay, by popular demand, Shade Tsunami, probably my most popular Modern Ninja Character, is getting a short story in honor that he'll be a two part aVa entry. (Rejoice Shade Tsunami fans.) I'll start with his first entries Description.

"Y'know what, I'm getting sick of people taking one look at me, screaming, and calling me a demon.


I'm just some arrogant Ninja, that pissed off a few demon summoners, that turned me into this! Do you know how hard it is to get missions looking like this?! I can't even get a "take the cat out of the tree" job! I gotta take all the high risk s**t!

If I ever find those wannabe summoners again, I'll shows those assclowns a REAL demon!"


Shade leaned into the old dusty couch and gave a long sigh. Once again, he went through a near suicidal mission. It was getting tiring, he knew that his body wouldn't take so much abuse much longer, but he didn't have much of a choice. Probably what damaged him more was that his girlfriend of four year, friend of all of his life and most of hers, just dumped him because she couldn't be with somebody who has disregard for his own well being.

'... 'least she didn't dump me because I look like... this... But still what other job can I do looking like some B Movie Japanese Horror Movie Monster?!"

Shade shifted his head over to the constantly ringing phone. He knew who was calling, and he wanted nothing to do with another suicidal ninja mission.

How did poor Shade get into this mess?

Before he turned into a demon like beast, he was a arrogant little sin of a b***h that made one mistake by letting a guard watching over the target he was to steal see his face. That guard was a part of a Dark Summoner cult, who in turn changed him into what he is today.

It's no surprise Shade was acting arrogant during a mission, his teacher constantly beaten him to a pulp because he refused to follow orders, and those he worked with hated his guts. He was arrogant, true, but he was extremely accurate with his jobs, and preferred to work alone, because that's basically how he lived his life, alone and busting his tail to get the obstacle in his way done as best as he could.

Shade groaned at the phone, still ringing after five minutes. "Sin of a butt pirate!" Shade sat up and took off the purple mask and red goggles that covered his coal black eyes, black scars marks that went from the lower part of his jaw line to his cheeks on each side, and his wolf-like fangs. As he picked up the phone, he too a short sigh and answered. "I'm not doing another job, I'm tired."

"Listen, I know you just got off of a class A but-"

"Then why are you calling me? ask some other puppet to do this sh-"

"It pays 2 mil Shade! TWO MIL!"

"Forget it."

"look, that's not only why I cam to you for this. The people you gotta take out, it's 'them' man."

Shade stood from the couch, his already dangerously sharp eyes narrowed even more. "Where... And when."


The summoning cult laid within deep into the mountain on a cold snow covered island. The base was here because nobody could try and harm them, without returning home in several pieces. New member were led on a small boat, with their heads covered in a black sack.

Today, only one new hopeful came to the island His hands chained, and head covered, as the two men row him to shore.


The newbie was aggressively dragged into a large abandoned castle, into the main room where a circle of high ranking, hooded mages chanted something that the newbie could not understand. The chanting stopped as he was led into the middle of the circle, still masked.

"Fresh meat!"

The other mages in the circle laughed, as they all took off their hoods. Their leader circled the newbie, not saying a word, but aggressively bumping into him, to mock him, and to see if he would flinch out of fear.

"This clown wants to be in our group? Does he even have magic powers? He looks like a chump!"

The hooded newbie lowered his head and laughed. "I'm not here to join you wannabe clowns..." The leader took a huge gasp, as the chained hands of the newbie ripped right through his sternum. "I'm simply here to teach you little shits a lesson... If you plan to mess with a ninja... You have a better chance of calling' yo' dead mama to bake you a pot pie!


It may have felt like hours, but it was only minutes that Shade had raise all levels of hell, within seconds after killing their leader, hundreds of Mages jumped for his head. "Like flies to a piece of dung!" Shade took out almost all the mages, aside from what seemed to best the strongest three.

Shade rolled from one pillar to another to keep distance from the mass of fireballs. "Hey! Give me a chance to shoot back you cheaters!"

Shade stood up and rolled again, this time towards the nearest mage, and with one fatal back-flip kick, snapped his neck in two. "Piss ant, pay back's a-" Shade suddenly ducked two fire balls and ran for another pillar and hid behind it. "Geez! Let me gloat assholes!"

The second the firing stopped, Shade shifted his head to look out and see what he was up against. He saw only one mage, who seemed to be recharging. his tail slowly swished back and forth in anxiety, unsure where the next mage would strike.

He got his answer when his eyes caught a shade hovering over the tip of his tail. Shade jumped to his feet and pulled out his sword, slicing the throat of the mage with one fatal strike. "NOT EVEN CLOSE!"

Shade ducked again, the last Mage firing magic shots at full force. Shade tried to eliminate the last one with one sword swing, but was denied the chance when one magic shot broke his sword in half.

"a**!" Shade turned and ran. Dodging each energy shot he could, looking for something to aid him in the fight. One energy shot nailed Shade in his lower back, sending him rolling to the ground. As he rolled on the ground, Shade dug up some dust and slung it into the mages eyes, temporarily blinding him, giving Shade the chance to escape and recover.

Shade made his way into the hall, as he did so, he picked up a old bat leaning against the wall. The mage recovered his sight and chased Shade down the hall, shooting energy shots at the Ninja as he did so. Shade twisted his body and hit the flying orbs with the bat, repelling every shot.

Shade rolled behind the statue and leaned behind the stone and he sat down to look over his wounds. He gripped the bat he found laying on the wall in his hand, as if it was a replacement for his broken sword.

At last he neared his revenge, for nearly 3 years he was cursed to look like this, to cover his face with a mask. But now... Now he was one on one with the remaining Mage that has cursed him, the one that could cure him.

Shade's eyes narrowed as he suddenly twisted and emerged from the pillar, kicking the unsuspecting mage in the face at full force, sending him to the ground flat on his back.

Shade stood over the dizzy man, his bat touching the tip of his nose. "Either y' tell me how to break the curse... or I'm going to behead you the old fashion way!"

"I- it can't be cured! It's a permanent curse! All I can do is make so that you can change your appearance to your normal form for a period of time. You'll have to change back every once in a while!"

Shade yanked the mage up by his throat and ripped off his mask, growling, his fangs gleaming through the nearby broken window. "Then DO IT! Anything's better than looking like this 24/7! AND STOP PISSING YOURSELF! I have heightened smell, as if you didn't reek enough!"

"O- Okay! I'll d-do it!" The mage shakily lifted his hand, and began to chant a foreign language, causing Shade to glow. But Shade didn't feel any different. "It's done, you can change whenever you want to!"

"You better be tellin'' the truth assclown..." Shade shoved the Mage back to the ground.

"You'll let me go now, right?"

"Who said I'd let you go? I'm still pissed off!" Without warning, nor mercy, Shade lifted his sword and swung, the bat hitting with so much force, it snapped the mage's neck without him feeling it, much to the Vengeful Ninja's dismay.

Shade lifted his head and looked at the castle room's ceiling before closing his eyes and taking in what has occurred. He finally got what he wanted for so long, a chance for a normal life again, inner peace, vengeance, humiliating those who made his life painful for the past few years.

To any other person, this would be nirvana, but one thing ruined his short peace at mind as he sniffed the suddenly foul air.

"Ew... Either Dark Summoning mages rot fast, or he dumped his trousers...


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