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Random Stories This journal will soon be filled with all of my random stories that pop into my head while I'm working online. Most of these will be dreams, because I can't come up with stories randomly. I hope you enjoy reading them, they're all very strange.

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Dream, 3/22/09
I was inside of my room, reading from the newest novel that I had found interesting over the course of the week. Something about it seemed to pull me into the book, making it reality. The scene changed, I was inside of a secluded forest with seven other people. A girl was forced against me, and the others, with glowing red eyes and glistening fangs, told me to bite her, to transform her into one of them. My teeth were the same as them, sharp, tipped with some kind of point that could pierce a metal sheet two inches thick. They were telling me to bite her, they kept prodding me. I didn't want to bite the girl, she was so scared, pleadingly, she looked up at me. With my weak will, I couldn't force myself to bite the little girl, she was too young for the fate of living well past her relatives and loved ones. No, that was what I told the others, and they took her from me, toward another one. He was poised to bite her, to end her human life. I couldn't stand by and watch an innocent life be snuffed by sadistic vampires, intent on using her for diabolical purposes of fighting the war with werewolves. Something told me to protect this girl, who had short brown hair that cropped at the bottom, making a natural curl, her eyes were a vibrant green that shone emerald in the moonlight. Her face was pale from the fear that drained the blood from her skin. Her lips, probably usually bright pink, were almost bone white with fear. I ran forward, snatching her away from the other vampire, his fangs closed on my arm, sending a large jolt of pain through me as his saliva entered my system. Some type of scream came out of my mouth, but it wasn't from the pain, it was from the venom in the saliva, even other vampires feel it like they were only human themselves. Prying him off of my arm, I bit him back, releasing an instant afterward. The others were after me by that time, and I continued running through the trees. We all had had our place in the coven, and I was the fastest runner. Though weighed down by the girls weight, I managed to avoid any traps they may set for me. The girl was holding onto me for dear life, and I refused to slow down for her to adjust her grip to a more comfortable one for either of us. When I broke through the trees, I found myself in a quiet neighborhood. Setting the girl down, I told her she was safe, and that no vampires would go after her as long as I lived, I turned and strode back into....my room? I had been sleepwalking.

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