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Random Stories This journal will soon be filled with all of my random stories that pop into my head while I'm working online. Most of these will be dreams, because I can't come up with stories randomly. I hope you enjoy reading them, they're all very strange.

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Dream 4/8/09
I was outside, dark night as it was with the clouds obscuring the moon, I could still see faintly the outline of someone in the distance. It was female, according to the way her hair flew behind her in the wind, and the way she stood. She was running, towards me. I knew who she was, Serena, the one person I love. I started toward her, but something out of the corner of my eye stopped me, just a faint glimmer of movement on the side of my peripheral vision. Turning toward it, I saw another girl, this one seemed to shine in a radiance that was only attainable to angels, or so I thought. Her beauty shamed any mortal woman, and her white clothes, made of some kind of silk, were of royal make. I looked back at Serena, who was trying to get there, fear in her eyes every time she passed under a streetlight. Suddenly my head was jerked around to face the magnificent woman. Something about her seemed to draw me in, to envelope my consciousness with a zeal and lust that I did not understand. Serena was still out of earshot, so I was unable to hear the warning as the woman's lips pressed against my own. Life seemed to drain out of me through my mouth, I fought for breath, for control of my energy, but it was fruitless. My mind reeled, and I did not struggle when she pulled away and began another kiss. My body crumpled under the onslaught of drain, I lost consciousness, only to realize, too late, that it had been a succubus. When I awoke Serena was kneeling next to me, tears stained her face, and her hands caressed my face lovingly. My body was unwilling to listen to me as I urged it to move, to do something. My eyes opened, and I saw her face in front of my own. Her look gave me the strength I needed to talk, first I apologized for being stupid and not seeing what the creature was. She told me it was okay, in a strange way, almost venomous. I looked at her, confused at her aggression, Serena was never like that. As if reading my mind, her form shifted into something grotesque and horrid. Horns covered its head, and black wings unfurled from its back. The demon had fooled me, I had fallen right into it. She lifted me into her arms, I had not the strength to resist, and took to the air. My mind thought frantically of how to escape, how to stop this monster from devouring my soul. Just before I had a plan, the monster changed back into its lovely form, hypnotizing me momentarily, just long enough to plant another kiss on my lips. Again my mind died, and I could not form a single thought. I found my body craving it, wanting another. Fighting back the urge, I forced my mind to work. Landing suddenly in the middle of a forested area, the succubus kissed me again, more aggressively than before. My body started to defy my command, acting on lust and greed rather than whim. I felt a horrible tear inside of me as the creature stole the only thing I could never live without, my soul.
I awoke with a loud scream of pain, and tears clinging to my eyes, afraid to drop. My stomach felt like I had just eaten something poisoned, and I felt empty, lifeless. Throughout that day I was nothing more than a shell, a soulless wretch.
Then I really woke up, this time from the sweat covering my body and the scream tearing from my lips even as I tried to suppress it. I still felt horrible, and school made it worse. But when I heard Serena's sweet voice again, my body gained renewed vigor, and I felt whole yet again.

[b:6ae245bac7]Words to live by[/b:6ae245bac7]
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
[b:6ae245bac7]-Benjamin Franklin][/b:6ae245bac7]

"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first."

"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."
-[b:6ae245bac7]Mark Twain[/b:6ae245bac7]

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