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Random Stories This journal will soon be filled with all of my random stories that pop into my head while I'm working online. Most of these will be dreams, because I can't come up with stories randomly. I hope you enjoy reading them, they're all very strange.

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Dream 4/20/09
I was swimming in a lake of some kind of green liquid, it was difficult to swim in but also strangely relaxing to do so. As I was swimming, I saw that the sky wasn't it's normal blackish-blue of the night, more so of a purple tint. Stars glistened in the heavens above me, seeming to shine brighter than usual. The lake was warm, and smelled of sulfur. I floated on my back watching the stars glitter, wishing that this dream was more fun. Stupid me. Whenever I wish for something in a dream, I always get what I want, but not in a way that I want. The lake turned black and cold, seeming to drain the energy from my bones even as I struggled to stay up. Flailing in the water, I looked around desperately for a way to escape drowning. As I went under, a hand grabbed hold of mine. It was warm, seeming to give me the energy I needed to continue the struggle. It hefted me onto a boat, where I lay, cold and exhausted from the previous near-death-experience. There was a figure in the boat that was rowing toward shore, though I couldn't tell who it was. When I built up enough energy to look around more, I saw that I wasn't the only one to have been picked up by this mysterious stranger. Serena was there, Chase, my sister, and all of my friends. We exchanged greetings and glanced at the rower, hoping for a glimpse of what he looked like. Nothing. Discouraged, we turned back and began to whisper among ourselves. Serena and I sat apart from the others, staring out into the dark water that had once been so welcoming. A wave came crashing into our little craft, as storm clouds built up along the sky. Thunder crashed, leaving our ears ringing, lightning blinded us, yet still the boat slowly glided along, jarred and thrown by the waves and wind. Chase flew out first, lost under a huge wave. Serena held onto me, I held onto her, we both whispered to each other in fear, saying that we'll never let go no matter what. Another of my friends was lost, screaming as he fell into the depths of the endless sea. The rower rowed on, uncaring. Serena nearly lost her grip, falling halfway out of the boat. I grabbed for her arm, nearly falling out myself as the boat rocked more. Finally, drenched and half-drowned, I pulled her back into the boat, suffering a large cut on my arm as a sharp object slashed me. The rower looked at me disdainfully, muttering under his breath. Serena held me tighter as my energy began to ebb from the wound. Another large wave battered us, sending me flying out of the boat, held only by Serena's never-ceasing love and strength. I held fast to her, reaching for the side of the boat. The rower hit my hand with an oar, screaming something unintelligible as another crash of thunder erupted above us. Serena finally heaved me back into the boat. She fell into me, exhausted. I held her close, keeping myself between her and the wind. Several of the rest of my friends fell out of the boat, sinking beneath the depths of water. When would this torture end? The rower was uncaring, just keeping us afloat and moving at all times. The storm did not let up, it continued even harder than before. My strength was at it's limit when Serena regained hers. She now stood between me and falling into the water. Her hands in mine left me knowing that there was still a reason yet to live. I kissed her, energy flooding my systems for the struggle ahead. We continued to hold onto each other, saving one another time and again from the viscous waves. For days we rode out the storm, fighting against the winds with all we had. When at last, the skies cleared and the sun poked through. A beautiful beach lay only miles ahead. The rower continued, still unable to be seen even in the daylight. Finally we reached the beach, Serena and I walked out of the boat, the only ones left, arm in arm. The rower looked up at us revealing himself to be the Grim Reaper. He smiled at us, and allowed us to live on the island together as long as we lived.

[b:6ae245bac7]Words to live by[/b:6ae245bac7]
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
[b:6ae245bac7]-Benjamin Franklin][/b:6ae245bac7]

"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first."

"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."
-[b:6ae245bac7]Mark Twain[/b:6ae245bac7]

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