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Snazzy Words
This is all about me and what I think about every day and about my life. Don't care? Don't read.
Favs/About me
You all should copy this into your journal pages and write in your own answers. You may be surprised on what you learn about others heart

Fav Band: A.F.I. (Don't wanna hear anything negative Matthew)
Fav Store: Hot Topic or Barnes n Noble
Fav Colour: Blue
Fav Author: Nicholas Sparks (Though Stephanie Meyer and Darren Shan are pretty awesome too ^^)
Fav Video Game: All of the Kingdom Hearts Games
Fav Game System: Nintendo DS
Fav Manga: Tokyo Mew Mew or Vampire Knight (can't decide!! sweatdrop )
Fav Movie: Lilo and Stitch or Transformers (again.. too hard to pick)
Fav Anime: Inu Yasha (SIT BOY! rofl )
Fav Animal: Either a dog or a panda
Fav Subject:Art/ Graphic Design (anywhere I can be creative)
Fav Food: Most kinds of pasta
Fav Show: Scrubs
Fav Clothing Brand: Tripp and Converse ^^
Are You Still Going To School? (middle, high, ect.) Yes.
Are You Straight? Yes
Do You Drink? No
Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Boyfriend. Not currently, no.
Do You Have Pets? Yes, 3
Do You Draw? Yes
Do You Like Rap Music? Not even a little bit!
Do You Have Any Piercings? Yes, 3 ear and 1 lip piercing
Are You Married? No
Do You Have A Crush On Someone? IDK
Rap or Country? TOTALLY COUNTRY!!!
Night or Day? Night
Winter or Summer? Winter
Older or Younger? (when it comes to dating someone): Older, unless they were just a bit younger than me and I liked them.
California or Somewhere Else? (when it comes to vacations): Cali, maybe. Idk on that one.
Pepsi or Coke? Coke probably.
Drawing or Writing? Drawing, though writing is fun ^^
Cartoons or Sitcoms? Depends on the show.
Hot Topic or Hollister? Hot Topic! (there isn't an OUNCE of competition there AT ALL!)

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