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The Unnecessary Guide To Life
Okay, so it's not really a guide. But Random s**t, has already been taken by millions of people already and I wanted to be original so YOU KNOW WHAT! ...nothing I'll probably just put...random...s**t in here...so yeah.
Disappointment In Life.2
Why is it, and I really want to understand this, that every year. Every year. Most kids get really excited about school and new people and making new friends and then they talk to no one? Seriously, I just got back from my first day and no one said a word to anyone they didn't have to, myself included. And it was for
one of two reasons, I guarantee you that. And let me tell you what the reasons are right here.

A. They're too snobby, too shallow, and their heads are too hight to see the point in talking and conversing with anyone they don't see fit in the exact qualifications anyone who wants to be their friend has to make. And they think their life is just too perfect to even want to meet anyone else...DUH!!! Just kidding....no duh their, just plain foolery.

Or, B. They're too shy, too timid to do it on their own. They need a lift, a boost from someone they already know. These people are known to wander in packs, and now that the pack is split up, they don't know what the hell they're doing.

So, if I'm not mistaken, you probably, on some level, fall into one of these two categories. In some way or another. Not everyone who would be put into category A is shallow and snobby maybe just like the friends they have and don't want to branch out. Or you fit slightly into both categories, with some mix of the traits. OR, I'm completely wrong on all levels, in which case you should call me out, giving me some reason or another why you're not either of the two types.

So, anywho, my second big disappointment in life. It's both in myself and in everyone else. That and the ghetto kids at my school....they're just stupid. And NO ONE better PM me saying I'm racist or prejudice, because I can't take anymore of your ain'ts and falling pants, and I don't want to hear it if you, whoever is reading this, is one of those people.

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Tigla Kayta
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Oct 18, 2009 @ 06:41pm
Wow, that sums school up pretty well. And you even have the same kind of people there that I have at my school. I fit into category B. I'm the most mature out of all four of us, and have the best chance of surviving the world on my own.
So what category do you fit into?

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