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The Unnecessary Guide To Life
Okay, so it's not really a guide. But Random s**t, has already been taken by millions of people already and I wanted to be original so YOU KNOW WHAT! ...nothing I'll probably just put...random...s**t in here...so yeah.
Disappointment In Life.3
I've noticed, in my entire (almost) 15 years on this Earth, that no place, other than Amazon of course, but they sell everything. No place sells American manga. And it pisses me off, because there are some seriously good and unappreciated mangas out there from all over the place. Not just Japan.

Take, for example, Christy Lijewski's series, Re razz lay Always wanted to read it, can't. Why? Because not a single book store, or online reader sells it. It's virtually impossible, from my situation, to get a hold of these types of manga.Well Amazon sells it, but I mean, I don't have a credit card...so, that's a bit problematic.

I'd like you all to know that not all American manga artists are bad, a lot of them have a more, realistic outlook on their storylines...not just 'magical girls' with staffs of power. Which, I know not all manga consists of that...crap, if I might say so myself. And I know that American or European manga artists do that stuff too. I have seen plenty of good manga, stuff with content, not just....fluff. Which I cannot say for this rant, it's pretty much just an angry, bored Jess, so.

But, I want to know, why? Why do people think that just because something originated somewhere, it has to be from there to be good. Take for example, the mass produced car. It started in America, and to tell the truth, and we all know it on the inside, Japan makes them better now. I didn't mean to make that still an American-Japananese relationship, but I couldn't think of anything.

So that's my disappointment for today, that is the creme of the crop of my sucky life. Well, it's not sucky, just at certain centers that create an interest I feel worthy to vent on you wonderful people...who the majority of probably haven't read this far.... >.>

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commentCommented on: Tue Oct 27, 2009 @ 04:22am
You know those little gift cards you can get at Frys for a set amount of money? Not a Frys gift card, but one that says master card or visa on it. Get one of those. They work like a credit card. You'll have to register it online somewhere, but that's simple.

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