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random crap. basically I'm here to vent~
more s**t,yay~
Hmm well. where to start. I already stated what happened last year. besides new years. Well,passed out that night. Had a school cancellation last Monday due to a pipe breaking and flooding a bunch of the classrooms. So that day,I went to Wienerschnitzil -fail spell...owo- then Target,Micheals,and borders. then I went to Mc donalds and got a happy meal. (>owo)> also went to costco and library,then some place to get red velvet cuppycakes~~ umm. so was a good enough start to the week. No band practice that week,but it starts tomorrow x.x; Had a crap time the rest of the week I guess,today being absolute hell. I guess It mostly started Friday night. husband and I got into ANOTHER arguement. <We argue too much and don't mean to...> Was about like relationships or whatever on how he was stupid about being with his now ex for so long. and he kept telling me to leave him so I could be a "first" for someone for anything or everything. course I said no >.> Was settled before midnight,and was alright. Saturday,No problems at all. just with the start of my sore throat. Today. Now today was going through hell in one day for me. <emotionally at least.> Well guess what? we started agrueing AGAIN. this time,It was mostly about me and my issues with people. He says I have no right to hate his friends <Well I hate three of them,that's not too bad right?> Which I think I have every right to. and after awhile,He tells me that he's already cheated on me three times. bullshit I say. I had to bug him for quite awhile just for him to barely tell me when and why it happened,since he refused to say who. =.= ******** bullshit. "It's not their fault,it's mine. They have boyfriend issues and I have to cheer them up and It gets all cuddly then It gets sexual" What the ********. really? THAT is why I hate those three. Because It's their fault. They have their issues and go to him,and they wont take NO as an answer because they're a bunch of whiney bitches! It's so stupid. Yeah,oddly enough,I ended up having an emotional breakdown. got a headache and a worse sore throat from it. It's okay now,but of course I still feel like s**t. Hell,I ALWAYS will because now I have to live with THAT thought. three ******** people. I swear...=.= --out--

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commentCommented on: Thu Jan 13, 2011 @ 10:06pm
U have all the right to hate them, u are in the right, alright 3nodding

but, WOW, just wow, AiiChan stay strong, k sad

commentCommented on: Fri Jan 14, 2011 @ 12:22am
Oh i do. no worries x3
tis all fine

ii_K u r o H i k a r i_ii
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