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random crap. basically I'm here to vent~
hey look-product of my depression~
A free verse poem,written by me~ It's crappy,but. whatever. <:

When [I} First met you,
pitiful me:fell in [love].
Understandable,right? [you]
were so very kind to me.

I had you,for [only] a little while
little did I know,I was losing [you]
and you,were losing me as well.

I felt so used by [you]
I felt that you [played] me
for you loved someone else,not [me]

Soon after I found out,I left [you]
I believed you deserved it,since you [hurt] me.
and guess what~ the same day,I had a new lover.

Thing is,[he] loved me,liked her,etcetera.
he [fixed] my wounded heart though.
I'm glad he had only [me],and I had only him.

though,He cheated,occasionally lied. [why]?..
so,why? why [do] I love him still?
Eventually,we had to part ways due to the selfishness of [others].

I really did [try] to get over it,
but I couldn't come [to] do it.
I really does [hurt] me,still.

All through this,there's somehow still ["us"]?
maybe because,it's just too hard to let go now.
still,I cannot forget the [indescribable] pain these events caused my fragile heart.

But still,it's in [fragments],placed deep in my heart.
all [that] there is left of it,
[cannot] disappear,
and will never [go away]

<also! the [] make little crappy sentences->
"I love you" "only you" "you played me" "you hurt me" "he fixed me" "why do others try to hurt us?" "Indescribable fragments that cannot go away" <:

9x - 7i > 3(3x - 7u)
9x - 7i > 9x - 21u
-7i/-7 > -21u/-7 =
i <3u

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