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random crap. basically I'm here to vent~
s**t no one cares about~
Well. Been having a shitty time. again. <aren't I always?> I can't really remember so far back though. I remember that I figured out I'm nearly failing. <I've got like a 2.4 GPA now instead of my old 3.9-4.0> lol. Doesn't bother me much. what bothered me was my ex telling me he lied about his real name because he was "Ashamed" of his original. I mean come on! How pathetic can he be!? He's fourteen for gods sake and he's afraid of the dark,sleeps with a teddy bear,and lies to me ALL the time. what a child,I swear. and THEN he goes on about how he thinks my best friend will freak out and never talk to him again and how much he likes her. I was how close to telling him to shut up. But rather the same day,or the day after,I was talking to a friend about it. And so I asked my ex "Would It really even matter to you If I hated you,even to the slightest degree?" He said yes,and that he'd probably worry about me <taking up about 40%> I asked what the other sixty was,and He said rest. I said that was bs. He probably thinks about my best friend for that time. <and he went on about how he liked her when I still liked him too> So I just went up and told him I hated him and stopped talking. so. that's off of me. as for the other person. He got hacked on mabi,i knew by who,and apparently I helped <according to him> and so. He just went on saying how I care about no one but myself <which is untrue> And then deleted me. haven't spoken to him since,don't want to either. I just don't give a s**t about much anymore. Oh well. whatever. --out--

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