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Serika Huroshima
Serika Hiroshima

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Vampire (16 years)

Skin - She's very pale, even before she's turned into a vampire.
Hair - She has dark brown hair but one lock of her bangs has been dyed red. It is shoulder length that curls around her neck a bit.
Eyes- They are soft eyes, with a kind touch in them. They were brown before she was turned but Now they stay a dull red.
Clothes - 3 Outfits

Outfit I (Most Commonly Worn/Armor) That outfit ➜
Top: She wears a long sleeve black shirt, with exposed shoulders. It's lined by a red seam around the collar and bottom. The bottom makes a V shape, exposing her lower back and lower stomach. The top of the V is just above the belly button.
Bottom: She wears a really short black skirt. It comes down to about half way down her thighs and it's skin tight. There's a red diagonal stripe that goes down one corner to the next.
Feet: She has black, goth like boots that go up half way to her knees. She also wears black thigh high stockings.
Accessories: Around her neck is a red collar that was given to her as a birthday present. She also wears a blue belt, even though it's not needed to hold up her skirt, but to hold up her seethe for her katana
Armor: She has on a sliver shoulder pad on her right shoulder. On both hands she has sliver bracers.
Weapon: Coming Soon

Outfit II (Semi-commonly worn/Normal) Example // Example
Top: Switches between a pink long sleeve shirt during colder months (Even as a vampire she gets cold) and a white short sleeve collared shirt with either a red shirt or black shirt over that during the warmer months.
Bottom: Blue Jeans, with either shirt; Jean shorts if the weather is really warm
Feet: Low top black chucks. In the colder weather she wears black leg warmers
Accessories: With the colder weather she'll wear a scarf around her neck. She always has her blue belt around her pants.

Outfit III (Uncommonly worn/School uniform)
Comming soon

Personality: Serika is a very caring person. She's always looking out for her friends and family in anyway she can. She'll take time out of day just to help someone that needs it, whether it be her dearest friend or someone she's never met.

She does have a bit of a temper. The smallest thing will cause her to get upset, say like a failing grade or getting wet on a rainy day. Once turned into a vampire her temper increase due to the new hormones now within her system. She can't control her temper as she use to and snaps more easily. She becomes very emotional if someone she knows is in trouble or needs help. She likes to act before she thinks, and rushes into battle. At times it saves many people's life, but there are other times it becomes her downfall.

Background: Spoiler Alert: I can't tell to much about Serika since she basically the main character for my novel. What I can tell is this:

Serika was born in American. While her mother was pregnant for her, they moved from Japan because her parents were having some financial issues and thought America would provide for a better start. For the first two years of her life, Serika's parents were illegal aliens, living off an expired Visa. Right before she was old enough for school her family finally had enough money to buy their green cards, an were allowed to stay in the country legally. They moved to the East Coast, in a city right on the oceans shore.

She grew up going to private schools. Her father didn't approve of many of the public schools and because of a business he went into he had enough money to put her though. It was in those school she met her two best friends, Brooke and Reno. She met Brooke in the third grade, after having to be sent to the principals office for punching a boy in the face. Serika was picked on most of her childhood because she was different from everyone else, and most of the time she would fight back. Brooke was a new student who was meeting the principal for the first time. The looked at each other and knew they would be friends. Brooke looked almost exactly like Serika, other then she wasn't Asian. After that, Brooke took care of Serika when she was bullied. They both met Reno going into the 7th grade. Junior high was a lot different then they thought, there wasn't an recess and break time was only 5 minutes and could only be taken between classes. During their home room class, which Serika and Brooke had together, the teacher asked all the kids something about themselves. Reno, who was a very flamboyant looking boy,stud up and told the entire class that he was Gay. Everyone but Serika and Brooke laughed. Brooke instead stood up and told everyone to "Go to hell you judgmental bastards." The three of them were given detention. They've been the best of friends ever since.

She has an older brother, of two years, named Kyon. He likes to play pick on her, caller her a "mouse" because she shorter then him, exactly twelve inches shorter then him. He's also slightly smarter, grade wise anyway. He's a straight A student while Serika barely makes B's. Serika isn't stupid, she just has trouble staying focused in class. She likes to day dream. Kyon is very protective of his sister. Throughout high school, since it's the first school they went to together, he watches out for her and makes sure no on messes with her. So he's not exactly happy when Rikonu starts to bring his nose into her life.

She meets her soon to be master, Rikonu, when he interrupts their history lesson, claiming that he is a new student. She doesn't really like him at first. During their class he always interrupts and cause them to gain extra homework. Then when Serika is turned she hates him for making her the way she is. She never wanted her vampire life, and consistently complains about it. She liked being human, she liked eating real food, and she liked living. She regrets all the things she will never get to do.

Rikonu finally tells Serika that the only reason he turn her is that she is special; himself and Elizabeth are the only other vampires like her. When her mother was pregnant she took what she that was an experimental prenatal drug that was suppose allow the pregnancy to be easier on the mother. But it was the same drug that the vampires have been trying to create to allow vampires to walk in the sun. The human side effect was that Serika was born with a unusual blood type. Serika's case was an accident, and wouldn't have happened if her parents had never left Japan.

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