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Gigi Turukashin
Gigi Turukashin

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Wolf Demon (623 years old but looks 15)

Skin - She has a tan complexion
Hair - She has black hair with blond tips and always has it in pig-tails. She has wolf ears and a tail, and they are silver.
Eyes- They are really bright blue
Clothes -

Top: She wears a black tank top like shirt that has a "vest" effect making the top part be white.
Bottom: She alternates from a pair of dark blue jeans to a pink plaid mini skirt.
Feet: She has a pair of red slip on shoes with black socks.
Accessories: Around her neck is a red checker tie along with a choker type necklace that wraps around and has a pink heart in the middle. She wears a black belt that has sliver studs all around the back. She also has a bracelet just like Gin on her left wrist. On her right shoulder is a tattoo. It's a backwards S with a dot on the left side. It a brand for her house she was enslaved to.
Armor: N/A
Weapon: N/A

Personality: Gigi is a very high spirited even though the tragic things she went though in her life. person. She is the complete opposite of her older brother. She loves to walk around their living area with her demon ears and tail out. She is a bit of an air-head but knows when and where she needs to act mature.

Background: Gigi was born into a house that enslaved demons. Her mother was captured while pregnant for her. Gigi is considered an outcast and inbred because her parents are from two different wolf demon tribes. Her mother was a forest wolf while her father was an arctic wolf. It is because of this that Gigi's hair is the way it is. While in human form, each tribe has one hair color, black for forest and blond for arctic. It was a way to tell the two apart in human form. It is strictly against the code of demons, for them to mate with demons from a different tribe. Many of the other demons thought that intermingling would cause hybrids, and those hybrids would become stranger and cause an uprising, but it was only a rumor.

Gigi's slave house was like many of the ones seen, always treating their slaves as dirt and thought they were less then anything but. Because she was unusually pretty for a demon, Gigi's most popular job was to be a whore for the men of the house. The masters eldest son took a liking to her and requested her to join him in his chambers every night. He would call her horrible names and violate her not only with his body, but with house hold objects he would find laying around the room. He left several scars all over her chest and back.

On top of that she was one of the few demons allowed to be maids for the house; this job was usually left to lesser vampires. She had to clean the rooms and do laundry every day. She was forced to wear nothing but a rose red maid outfit and matching flats when ever she would do chores. The master thought it would be appealing to other men when they entered the house, if all of his maids were beautiful. However they were not treated with the respect a beautiful woman should be treated with, Gigi in particular. Since only the master knew she was a demon, it was against the law to allow demons into the slave masters houses in such a matter, she would be tortured if her demon features would emerge. She would have her brand reheated into her skin over and over again.

She would spend all of her free time trying to clean her impure body and spent her nights crying alone. Because of her mixed blood, the other demons, wolf and not wolf, wouldn't allow her to associate with them. They would push her away from the fire and not let her eat anything but the scraps. The master wouldn't allow her to wear her uniform more then in the house, she would walk about naked; none of the demons would allow her to get clothes. She slept alone, in an abandoned shed outside the Main house.

This family had very close ties with the Takora family. For the longest time they were enemies, (was the family Rikonu's father stole a handmaiden.), but after some persuasion by Jakora the families put their problems behind them. Gin, who was under the Takora family, found out about is sister and begged Rikonu to save her. He agreed, and freed Gin from slavery.

It was a normal night for Gigi, she was in the Son's bed chambers as usual. He was forcing her to remove her clothes in front of him; each piece slower then the last. She did it, but with tears down her face. After she was out her dress, all but her shoes, he picked up a fire poker, and struck her in the back, telling her to stop her crying. Gin came in at this moment, smashing through the window. He saw the scene before him and became acted as he saw fit. He grabbed the man before him, taking the poker, and beat him repeatedly until he was nothing but a blood stained floor. He then went on to kill every member of the family, even the children. Gigi didn't know whether to thank her savior or to fear him. Without a word Gin picked up Gigi and took her away, only tell her that from now on no one would ever hurt her again.

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