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Rikonu Takora
Rikonu Takora

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Vampire (227 years old but looks 21)

Skin - Deathly Pale
Hair - He has semi long blackish-blue hair, caused from being dunked in a dying vat as a punishment. His bangs hang down past his nose and cover most of his eyes.
Eyes - Before he was turned they were a bright green. Now they stay blood red and just get brighter when enraged.
Clothes -

Top: He wears a long sleeve white T, that has "fancy" cuffs. He also has a black overcoat that bares the Takora family cross. The coat goes down to his knees in length.
Bottom: He wears a simple pair of dark blue jeans with a black leather belt.
Feet: He has a pair of black Chuck Taylor All Stars that were giving to him back when the shoes were created. He's manged to keep them in perfect condition over the decades.
Accessories: Rikonu only has one accessory. He wears his family's pendent, it being the family crest.
Armor: N/A
Weapon: Coming Soon

Personality: Rikonu is what you would see from a typical vampire, as in he really only cares about his needs and what he wants. He is an eccentric and a bit of a nut. Best why to put his personality would to call him "Bipolar". One minute he'll be fine and dandy, next he'll be ripping your head off. He treats Serika differently then most. For the most part he treats women with respect; growing up with only his mother teaching him provided him with this point of view. Serika, however, gets treated like a child. Rikonu always punishes her when she doesn't do anything right, anything considered "vampire" right. He teases her and treats her as if he was a teacher and she was the unruly student who never did what she was told.

However, after their first real night out together, Rikonu begins to see something in Serika he's never seen in another woman. He remembers a dream he had, and how a woman came to him in his dying wake, how this girl before him reminded him of that woman. He has passion for Serika, and even a bit of love. He doesn't want it at first, remembering his first love, but gives in to it later on.

Background: Rikonu was born in Japan back in 1784. His mother, named Rose, was English while his father, named Katsurou was Japanese. Their marriage was look down upon, because during this era it was normal for royal families (Rikonu's father) to marry other royal families in the surrounding area. His mother was neither. She was just a hand maiden of the family his father was visiting. Katsurou, stole her from the family, causing a never ending feud between them. Both of his parents were vampires.

Rikonu's family was not only royal by vampire standards, but were well known in the human world. His father had a team of sorcerers create a pendent, allowing the vampire wearer to walk in the sun. It looks like the Takora family crest. However this pendent only allows the wearer to walk in the light for a couple hours a day, and it becomes a burden. The wearer must also consume 3times the normal amount of blood within a day.

Strangely, even though both of his parents were full blooded vampires, Rikonu was born human. His father died in a war, before Rikonu was a year old. He was then raised by his mother, who he holds high in his heart. She became the head of the family and was given the family pendent. Most of the other royal heads didn't recognize her as such, since she was not only a woman, but not from a nobal background.

Rikonu had an older brother Jakoru. He was born of another mother, who was killed by Katsurou for having sex with another vampire. Jakora is ruthless and basically a "blood thirsty vampire". Most of the royal heads welcome him to leadership before his father is even gone. When Rikonu was 21 his mother was murdered and Jakoru became the official head. He also took this opportunity to turn his brother into the walking dead. Rikonu welcome his new gift, he drank most of the human slaves dry within one night. Jakoru was impressed and granted Rikonu the second in command.

Rikonu was the first known to be born with the experimented drug within his blood, allowing him to walk in the sun. It was created by the same sorcerers who worked on the pendent. They thought that vampires should deserve not only the night, but the day too. So without Roses permission, or even knowledge, Katsurou allowed his wife to undergo tests while she was pregnant. To her, they were just making sure everything was okay with her unborn child, but to him it was an advancement for a new future. Since the experiment was still in the beginning phase, Rikonu was born with some bad side effects; ie mood swings.

In the mid 1800s Rikonu left his family. Events leading up to this departure, including the killing of his first love and the discovery of his mothers death, caused Rikonu and his brother to become enemies.

The Takora family secretly owned the island of Honshu, which was the island Hiroshima was on. In 1945 Jakoru created a mass army of vampires, demons and human slaves to try and take over the remaining human world. He was tired of being a "myth" and wanted to show the world that vampires were real. Rikonu, with his own army, in golfed the island in what was thought to be a never ending war. The American government, well aware of the activity on the island, dropped the Atomic bomb. Almost every non-human was killed, other then Rikonu and his brother. Before leaving, Jakoru took with him something of vaule to his brother; Rikonu's left wing. It was ripped from his body while in mid air, leaving him to fall to what he thought was his death. Surprisingly, he survived and relocated to America, hoping his brother would never find out about how he had failed to kill him.

Years later, Rikonu found out about Serika's birth and the drug and made it his mission to turn her. He didn't understand why he had such and urge to turn a helpless, unknowing girl into the creature he is, but something inside him just wanted that thrill. Once did he, at first, regretted it. Serika was whiny, and hated every inch of Rikonu. He had thoughts about killing her at first. He couldn't believe that a girl could act such a way. He just wanted to end it and leave her in a ditch to fend for herself. However, after a night on for "dinner" he learns something about her that shocks him. It was is she had jumped into his head and took over his dream. He creates a respect for her that he's never done for any other person.

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