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Did you not read the title?
Strange Dream Log
I've been dreaming up some crazy s**t lately, so in order to one day conquer these dreams, I purposed to myself on keeping a dream log of all my craziest dreams.

Here's the one I had today around from 10:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. :

I can't remember a whole lot from this dream, but from what I can remember, I was playing an old zelda game that was, for some reason, reminiscent to the Pokemon graphic sprite but had a hot spring that heals you similar to the Mother series. But as soon as my dad called me, I switched from playing an old-school styled game to something akin to Majora's Mask. Majora's Mask. That should be more than enough to tell you that this dream was going to make me s**t bricks. Anyway, I think the time of the day was at either sunset or sunrise, but the sun never came out. We were stuck in perpetual darkness all while the sun's red rays shone across the horizon, giving the world a near or post-apocalyptic feel to it. I don't know why, but I was scared as ******** because I thought the world was going to end (this epiphany was made after I woke up) but didn't do anything and kept playing my game. I then, somehow, transported myself into my game when I had to use my bathroom (which looked an awful lot like my real world counterpart, as did the halls leading to it) and for some odd reason, Al from FMA was there, apparently explaining to a group of people (I have no idea what a group of people where doing in my bathroom, but w/e) and that you can tell yourself that a dream's not real (and by some extension, wake up) by washing your hands in absurdly cold water. He said that if you don't feel anything despite the coldness of the water, then it's a dream. But before I got to try that (I instead, just rubbed my hands together, and therefore EXTENDING THE LENGTH OF MY DREAM) and got transported back to my house in my doomed world or something. I remember heading out to my living room (again, very similar to my real living room except for a few subtle differences) and seeing my mom and dad? This part becomes fuzzy because I think they were in both the living room and their room at the same time, but my mom and dad nagged at me for staying so late on a Sunday and that I had to go to school tomorrow (but I somehow remembered I was a college kid and had no school on Mondays) and said that they were going to San Francisco, and wouldn't be home on Monday. My dad gave me around $120? I mean, I couldn't see the numbers but I somehow recognized the design of the bill. I originally had $130, but my dad took away $10 because he though he gave me too much. I don't think they were going to come back. Strangely enough, my brother, who was dorming in a college far away from home, was here, while my other older brother, who lives with us, was nowhere to be seen. It was strange, because my dorm-brother was seen trying to be nice to me, which was so out of character because he generally didn't give jack squat about me. I think he was trying to comfort me about the oncoming doom, something my dreamself had fail to recognized.

I want to conclude that the dream had ended with my dreamself in blissful ignorance while my elder brother comforted me during this apocalypse. I can assume from the last point where I was still somewhat aware of my dream that we had both died. My subconscious is scary as ********.

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