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Did you not read the title?
Strange Dream Log #2
Here, I'll post all the other strange dreams I had written (albeit poorly) in my real life journal. Here, they will be just a bit more detailed instead of containing a few key words that were present in my dreams.

From two nights ago:

It was a creepy dream where the whole world was apparently flooded. I can't remember much, but there were a whole bunch of tropical, jungle-like islands surrounding us. For some reason, a group of kids resembling the cul-de-sac kids from Ed, Edd, and Eddy were here, personality wise anyway (I distinctly remember somebody having the attitude of Kevin and Sarah) Anyway, we built a ship to explore the island, but needless to say, since we were a bunch of kid (I found the fountain of youth apparently) and the boat was so crappy it began to fall apart as soon as we left the dock. But for some odd reason, the water was insanely shallow (it seemed like something out of a kid's show, where most of the boat had sunken, but not enough so that the highest point of the ship, as well as everybody else latching onto that part of the ship, floated/stay above water) and we just sort of paddle ourselves the rest of the way to a nearby island. In this island, it was more of a giant dark cave than anything. There was so flora or fauna, just a giant amass of rocks leading into tunnel. Out of curiosity, we went in only to be chased out. I have no idea what had happened, as that part of the dream was still fuzzy, but it left me and the remaining kids traumatized. Yes. Some of the other people in the group did not make it out. When we went to another island, it was more jungle like, sort of like how I would imagine Vietnam to be? Like, a mountainous terrain, but flooded with all sorts of plant life. Yeah, there were natives in that island and they were not happy to see us. I would like to think it is because of Resident Evil 5 that gave me that impression of the island natives being control by a parasite that wanted us dead. One of the other kids get stricken by a deadly illness and was in need of an antidote. The only place that had the antidote (I have no idea where I got this information) was back at that creepy island cave that left everybody traumatized. Although we were all terrified, we went anyway because we couldn't sit by and watch somebody die like that. We left for the island and that's when I woke up. I have no idea how it ended, but I would like to say it ended in a rather bitter note.

Okay, other dreams coming up!

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