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Did you not read the title?
Strange Dream Log #4
I lied about dream log #3 being my last entry for the day. I'm just remembering so many of them all at once, I have to write/type them down before I forget.
This dream was in Las Vegas. I was going to a casino with my family, and as usual, since I wasn't 21 yet, I swung by the arcades. After that, everything became a huge blur and I found myself outside of the building, on the rooftop. Then, when I went back down, the whole play area turned red and there zombies running amuck. But people weren't concerned at the last when some zombie bit the person playing next to them and continue to be enthralled by their games. Eventually, I din't mind the zombies because I was faster than them (but for some reason, the arcade had carnies and they were evil and after me, which I guess made me more concerned about them than their zombie lackies). I think my dream ended here, but I'm not so sure since I have multiple dreams where I'm in Vegas. I'll just assume it is part of the same dream and add it in with this one. After escaping the casino with my family (all were unharmed, thankfully), we made our way to a mall. It was a huge a** mall with several levels and occupied more than a few streets. But it was also one of those malls where you get easily lost. I managed to get lost but reunited with my family before I left. I think we returned to our hotel (I took a card key while my parents went to play in the hotel's casino, different casino by the way) but when I began to worry that my parents weren't coming back, I went down to check for them. I forgot the room number, room level, and my cell phone derp. I got lost and found myself at a parking lot structure where I met up with one of my friends. We talked, then I saw my friend's mom and for some reason, tried to leave the parking lot to try and get home. It was weird I have no idea if the dream ended here.
Another dream I vividly remember was yet another Las Vegas dream. I was in Las Vegas, but not in a casino area. It was like a weird downtown area (much like Chinatown back in L.A.) and, for the strangest reasons, my family and I was in a carpet/furniture store. And I discovered my ability to float (I can float in the air, but can only move in my levitated state if I doggy paddle). After floating all the way back to the parking lot, we somehow ended in a desert area that had an amusement park. This dream was not relevant in anyway except for the fact that I was able to fly and it was awesome. There are other dreams where I got that awesome (yet embarrassing) ability to fly by doggy paddling, and when I woke up, my body felt so light that I really though I could fly. I just didn't get out of bed to test if that ability existed. I regret never trying it, but I think I would have probably fell.
Another weird dream was that I was going to a friend's house, but I forgot where her house was (strange, since I go to her house all the time) and became conflicted when I see two driveways that look liked they would lead me to her house. I enter one, see an older girl with a little kid playing with chalk. This wasn't her driveway, so I make way to the other driveway and found my friend. When we went out to get something and walked back to her place, we became confused again (she forgot where she lived this time!) and enter the wrong house. Strangely enough, the wrong house looked exactly like the inside of her house, only with different people residing in it. Oddly enough, it was Yuumei from Deviant Art's house, even though she lives in Northern California while we reside in the South. She drew some awesome drawings with her chalk, we met her dad, but she kind of came off as a jerk at first. But she was really nice in the end.
I had a dream that one of the girls that used to make fun of me apologized to me. Nothing special, but it made me happy for the rest of the day.
I went to an Alice in Wonderland-like place in Chinatown. It was much brighter and livelier than our Chinatown, resembling something more like it was from from Hong Kong than Chinatown. There were bright stands selling all sorts of rares, as well as dimmer stands that sold DVD players, CDs and other machinery. I went to a familiar part of Chinatown that had convinced me that it was part of my Chinatown despite the overwhelming new amount of stores. I went into my familiar store and saw all the old Pokemon plushies as well as action figures and models of various animes and for some reason, and outside extension that sold keychains. Going back to the livelier part of this weird Chinatown, I manage to drag my friend along (same friend from my previous dreams) to a place that required a lot of crawling around. We went underneath stands, through a whole bunch of legs and crossings to reach a small canal. It was a few inches at most, but was still carrying water to a small pond that housed turtles! It was a weird dream that was mostly exploring this new part of an old place I rarely visit anymore. I guess I sort of missed Chinatown, since I spent a good portion of my childhood there.
This dream had a Californian's true fear. A giant earthquake that ripped through the whole interstate area. I was somewhere in downtown LA, but not necessarily so. I was on a class field trip with my sixth grade teacher, Mr. C., and we were near one of the universities when the earthquake happened. I can't recall much, only the fact that we had traversed much through our ruined city before I woke up.
Man, this dream was so freaky I remember being scared for the rest of the night. Basically, it began with me driving in a car with my friend. We were in a really rural area that resembled our park, but was much bigger than it could ever possibly be. We go into an argument halfway through the ride but before I could do anything, a strange feeling awoken inside of me and I felt something dangerous was going to happen. Without another word, I drove my car into a large bush where we were able to hide from whatever I was feeling.This bush seemed to be perfect for hiding, since there was a large gap in it that contained no branches or leaves in the inside, while the outside had enough leaves to conceal us without lowering our visibility. We waited in silence, my friend made some complaints but I shushed her once the feeling of terror had escalated. There was a forest with a rather large path ahead, where we were going to go before I made the decision to go into the bush. A young couple headed into that forest, and once they were out of my visibility range, I heard a large thump as well as screams.A weird giant dog (I mean giant! The head was big enough to fit my car inside if that's any reference) After the screams ceased, both me and my friend were visibly terrified. We held onto each other (the gear shift was conveniently missing) as the giant canine passed by us. It stopped to look at the bushed at which point we saw its snout, but continued on. After the noises had ceased, my friend told me to hightail it out of here, which I was about to do, but I had my suspicions. I knew the canine wasn't an idiot, and it probably noticed our presence, although it couldn't exactly where we were. To confirm my suspicions, I drove slowly (and quietly) to a higher point in the mountain/hill area to see that it was waiting for us at the bottom of the mountain as well as for any other passersby. Unwilling to die by the hand of a giant dog, I took the off road route and, although a bumpy ride with a few close calls (the dog noticed us and began to chase), we managed to escape when we reached an area with a lot of tanks and military men, who then proceeded to attack the dog into submission. After that, I was tired and set the car to auto-pilot (i don't know why a car would have auto pilot), which moved me and my friend's seat to the back of the car while another seat sprouted out of nowhere and a robot took the wheel. We were both pretty exhausted, and when the robot chauffeur came to pick up my brothers from wherever they were at, he then drove us home. My brother was living apart from me, so he dropped him off first. I managed to make the robot laugh with an extremely lame joke/pun, but then I realized that robots can't laugh. I had my suspicions, but somehow a robot laughing confirmed those suspicions. It turns out that the chauffeur wasn't a robot and was in fact, a murderous Gamzee from Homestuck who implanted the fear that he was going to kill us later. I tried to warn my brothers but they didn't care/didn't believe me. I woke up after that.

I'm tired, I'll fill out the other dreams later. After remembering all these dreams, I think I can finally go back to sleep.

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