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Me, My Life, And Other Horrible Things This Jornal is about me and my many issues with myself and other people!

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Le RP Samples

Sample 1

Manami slipped out of her small apartment, leaving her blacked out, alcoholic father laying in the living room floor. She was glad that he was at least out of it this morning. She really didn't want to get the hangover taken out on her, like he always seemed to do when he caught her in the morning. Because she had skipped out on getting a beating so far, Manami felt pretty good in her clothes. Yes she was too poor to actually get a school uniform, but she was saving for one, and she tried to wear something that matched the uniform pretty closely. Quite frankly she didn't mind not following the dress code it just made people look at her more and she didn't really like that.

While walking up to the school Manami sighed and smoothed out her dress. She looked at her reflection in the pond and made sure no scars or bruises were showing. She tugged her sleeves down and shook her head. Another day closer to graduation. Thats what she was working so hard for, so she could leave this school and her father behind. She really didn't know what she was going to do with her life, most jobs had to do with people and social interaction and she wasn't that good at that.

Manami walked into the school and went upstairs. She went to the hallway that was usually the most empty. The one outside the music room that was never used. She sat on the window sill and looked longingly out to the outside world. Oh, how she wished her twin brother could see this sunset. She fully believed that if the accident didnt happen that her brother would be here with her, Her brother was the one who always talked about Ouran academy when they were little, as his friends talked about it, this school was a legend and it was his dream to come here.

Sample 2

Manami blinked, watching everyone in there own little world. "The beach" she said softly to herself when Ishimaru mentioned it. She bit her lip holding in a little smile. Although her name was different than sea, she really loved the beach. She hadn't gone in since she was a little girl. She shook the thought out of her head. She couldn't wear a swimsuit in public, she couldn't let anyone see her body, the bruises, the scars. She frowned, her eyes having the faraway look they had when she was thinking.

Snapping out of it didn't happen until she heard Umeko's voice talking to her about how it wasn't that bad. She feigned a smile to the girl "Thank you" she said softly. She looked up when the new girl walked in, she frowned watching Ishimaru fawn over her now. She guessed he just acted that way with every cute girl. Somehow it made her sad, and she had no idea why.

Looking down at her hands she wondered if this was a good idea. Manami wasn't that good at social interaction, nor did she particularly like it. Maybe she shouldn't be here. She would leave that would be for the best. These people wouldn't care if she just left, they didn't even know her. They would forget about her in a few minutes. She heard Ishimaru turn his attention back to her, telling her they should be friends and that she would fit in. "I-I don't think so..." she said

Manami had just stood up to leave when Aimi busted through the doors like a bullet. She had no idea what happened until she was being pulled over to sit with the girl and Umeko as well. She also heard Ishimaru in the back who was acting distressed from Aimi pulling her away, he was calling her Marilyn again and she sighed. She wouldn't be getting out of here anytime soon.



Julia walked into the mall and looked around "Food court.. food court..Food court!" she said scanning the mall and finally finding her area of interest. She smirked. This was dangerous yes, but she had a good excuse for being so far into the city. She was on a food run after all and everyone wanted something different. Plus she needed a new outfit for tonight's show, and her usual just wouldn't cut it here. She giggled and walked up to the counter of Charlie's Grilled Subs and ordered herself a large Chicken Teriaki sub and her brother a Philly cheese steak sub both a combo with the gormet fries, hers with fruit punch, his with Dr. Pepper. Once she got that she made sure she got all the rest of the food and stuff for her carnies, at least thats what she called them, she put all the food in her back pack.

She smiled and walked into Forever21 and smiled. She loved shopping and this was one of her favorite stores. She knew her brother probably was worrying about her by now and if she didnt hurry the food would get cold, but honestly she was way more worried about him being found out. If they did a raid today he would be screwed because how would he explain setting up for an illegal concert? She sighed, Oh well there wasnt much she could do so she walked around the store, picking out clothes to try on. She mostly grabbed some cue clubbing clothes but she also grabbed some bras, panties, and casual wear. She even grabbed some stuff for her brother.

She went in the dressing room to try her stuff on. She had grabbed about 12 different possible tonight outfits and luckily for her after the 4th one she found the keeper. A Metalic Sweetheart dress in just the right size for her skinny but super curvy frame. Her fat went to all the right places except her thighs were a little big but the hell did she care. She thought she was ******** sexy and was happy so nothing else mattered.

Once finished with that she checked out and paid with the money she kept saved up for each town to by things she needed, or in this case wanted. She smirked again and managed to make her way back to the opening of the mall. Huffing she pushed her way through a crowd. It had begun to fill up with teenagers, her age or younger, mostly girls. They were chatting about God knows what, nothing she cared about. She just had to get back.


"Hurry back Julia!" Jude called to his sister as she ran towards the city. He sighed. He hated when she went on food runs. Although they had ID's that could get past the system, thanks to some people on the inside everyone in there camp had one, he was always worried his sister would get found out. He shook his head. There was no time to worry right now, and even if he had all the time in the world it wouldn't help at all. He picked himself up off the ground and dusted the dirt off his jeans and went to help set up.

There was to be a concert tonight and hopefully inspire some new recruits to fight, it always roused at least a few of them. He smiled. Perhaps he could find someone tonight. Again he shook his head. He remembered last concert. That girl. He imediatly loved her when he saw her in the crowd. He met her after the fact, he thought they hit it off, after a few days in that place he loved her, she said she loved him too. He told her about everything, tried to convince her to come to the wilds with him, and at the last second she changed her mind. She loved her material goods too much to leave them. She didn't care about her losing everything. To him, she might as well already been cured.

He bit his bottom lip and kept going, checking all the sound equipment, telling other people orders. It wasn't a hard job. He eventually started worrying about his sister again. He hoped she stayed safe and hurry back, I mean really. She was all he had, the only person he loved. He smiled though and sighed again. Shes tough, she'll be ok.

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