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Me, My Life, And Other Horrible Things This Jornal is about me and my many issues with myself and other people!

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The last few days had been a bumpy ride for the older woman.

Once the rebels retreated Madeleine found herself struggling to get better. Ratano, of course went back to his duty before he was even perfectly well. Madeleine knew better than trying to reason with him, and instead lived her life trying to go back to normal, doing her job as well. 'Advising' the king though was hard to do when he was one, injured; and two, bombarded with too many decisions too quickly. She actually felt bad for him for a few days. The Mylan noblemen were relentless towards him, calling him many names, and trying to spark a civil war, which now seems to be working.

Though, maybe three days ago he got around to ordering some punishment where "punishment was due." He ordered that Ratano be publicly whipped for insubordination, and failing to protect the princess. Madeleine was shocked and rushed to try to convince the prince that it was not Ratano's fault at all, but hers. She told him everything she could, that she was distracting him and that she had a vision and didn't tell anyone about it, causing the incident to happen, that Ratano saved the princess. The king ended up ordering both of them the same punishment, infuriating Madeleine to no end.

The king set off to find his betrothed, as the father of the young lady was adamant that he find her. Madeleine didn't blame the father but hoped that Alex leaving would be the last thing she heard about the punishment. To no avail Alex simply laid the burden upon his younger brother to carry out. Madeleine was going to try to talk to him about it, but Marcus simply wouldn't see her, at all. He probably was too freaked out about the prospect of the civil war that he couldn't deal with trying to fix anything so low as a simple punishment.

The morning came, the public had already started wandering towards the capitol when Madeleine had awoken. The woman got out of bed, still sore from what happened last week. How could Alex think that such a punishment was okay for the two of them? They both almost lost their life saving his sister. It wasn't Ratano's fault that the girl ran off with some strange man when they were having a large party. A party that was strictly for everyone in the castle to celebrate. Madeleine shook her head slowly, to avoid a more painful headache and pulled on a green and gold frock that was in her chest, It fit loosely on her body, now much tinier due to her not eating as much from being injured.

The woman fixed her hair and face, refusing to not look at least a bit decent, even if she was going to her own whipping. Once she opened her door to walk out, two guards were waiting for her. They escorted her down, out of the castle walls to the capitol. Her lover already there, bound and ready. Madeleine glared at the men as they handled her so roughly, and pulling her dress down in the back, almost causing an inappropriate show of skin. "There is only one man aloud to handle me that way" she hissed at the men. One of them told her to shut up, and pushed her, causing her to loose her balance and get on her knees. She cringed, her wrists being jerked hard by the fall. "Do not act so uppity you son of a b***h" she snapped "you could easily be in my spot in a heartbeat, I am still the adviser, I can have you hanged."

As the town started to gather she heard Ano mention that it would be a good punishment for inhuman crimes. She sighed and resisted rolling her eyes at the situation. "Ah, but what 'inhuman' crime did we commit?" she asked, her voice heavy "Treason? No, All we did was save the princess from certain death." she added a little more quiet, seeing that Marcus had finally arrived. She glared at the prince. She considered him to be the good son, the one that deserved the crown more than Alex did, and here he was, giving them the punishment.

Madeleine cringed when she heard the order, before the whip even touched her skin.

Pain rattled every nerve ending in her body. Physical and mental, watching the whip that came across her lovers skin right before it came across her own. Fire. She felt like she was on fire. Her rage boiled inside her and she felt hot. The blood from the godawful welts appearing on her back felt like lava pouring down her back. Her eyes shifted to Marcus, a deep glare. Not just for him, but the whole damned Mylan family. If it wasn't for ANY of them, she would have had a perfect happy life. Everything was their fault. Her father wouldn't have died protecting that worthless king. There wouldn't have been a war. She would still be at home with her husband and daughters enjoying a peaceful existence.

She cried out, her eyes shut. Her mind faded into flames, fire was all around her. Marcus and Alex were there. What was this? It hurt, worse than anything.The scent of burning flesh strong against her nose, She screamed out, her body rattled, bringing her back to the real world.

Opening her eyes she gasped for breath. The whip hit her as soon as her mind returned from her vision, knocking the breath out of her. Soft tears flowed from her eyes.

Madeleine was shocked when Ratano started giving out orders. "Please stay safe" She whispered as she scurried off, terrified as to what was going on in the castle. Her eyes filled with tears. Ana was missing. This was her fault. It was just like her father. She should have seen this coming. She should have had a vision. Now the girl she viewed as a daughter was missing, maybe dead. Her frail body couldn't handle much stress.

As she made it into a room she shut and locked the door, before falling to her knees, sobbing into her hands. If only Ratano hadn't have spent time with her, he could have been with Ana and none of this would have happened. Everything was always her fault. Why couldn't she control her power and just stay by herself? She only caused trouble. Why did the gods give her this power if she couldn't prevent things from happening? Her makeup ran down her cheeks as she sniffled in the darkened room.

After a few minutes she could finally see and breathe again. That's when she realized she was in Ratano's room, not her's. She must have took a wrong turn when she rushed off. She rubbed her eyes and sighed, looking around she realized it was pretty nice, well kept. She glanced under the bed and a shiny journal caught her eyes. She wondered if she should look at it. Madeleine was curious about him. He always acted so strange around her. It was only her she noted because she had watched him with other people around the castle.

Against her better judgement she pulled the journal out from under the bed. That's when she noticed a framed portrait right underneath it, thinly layered with dust other than where it looked like a hand had recently rubbed part of the glass off. She picked it up to the candle light to have a better view. It was a wedding portrait of a young Ratano, in fine clothes, his hair neatly tied back; and his bride, a raven haired girl that had Madeleine's eyes. She blinked a few times, confused. The girl in the portrait looked exactly like her. "It couldn't be" she said softly her fingers gently touching the glass.

Madeleine set the portrait back down and quickly flipped open the journal. The very first entry was dated thirteen years ago. April Twenty-Third. 'Tis was the happiest day of my life, My dearest Maddie and I finally were married. Such a wonderful celebration, my beautiful rose, she was the most beautiful thing I have ever beheld' She frowned. Maddie? Her head hurt. She kept flipping through to about the middle. It was dated back to her accident. 'My dearest Rose has took the death of her father very hard.' he wrote 'She blames herself, and I fear is driving herself mad. I take care of the children while she mourns. Hopefully I can help her to heal during this hard time.' She closed her eyes. The date was the same as her fathers death. She could feel memories coming back to her. Tears fell on the pages, smudging the ink.

"June Fifth" she read out loud. "I found her near death in the back room, Dagger in her chest. She had left a note that she was terribly sorry but that she had to leave me that she had cause enough pain. Does she not realize this has only caused me more pain?! I rushed her to the doctors and they were barely able to save her. She had no recollection of me, or our daughters. I did not press her. Perhaps I wasn't good enough to get her out of her grief and this is a blessing in disguise for her. No matter, I will not hurt her further. I will keep our daughters and raise them. Madeleine, my sweet rose, will heal. If you love something... sometimes I guess its true, you must set them free"

Towards the end of the entry she was sobbing. She continued to flip through his journal, skimming through the pages. Every entry was about her. He was so miserable being so close to her yet not allowed to be with her. She remembered everything now. She was sad, sad that she had forgotten, sad for him. She was also angry that he had just given up on her, and worried. What was to happen now.

On the most recent page he had sketched a small picture of a rose inside the page. She ran her fingers over the ink. She needed to find him. To tell him she remembered, that she loved him...

Madeleine ripped out the page with the rose and folded it, placing it in her pocket. She needed to move. They needed all the help they could get out there, she wasn't going to cower in this room and feel sorry for herself. She had done enough of that for a lifetime. She stood up. Silently wondering, that if this was where Ratano lived. Where were their daughters? It worried her. She had read that one of their girls had ran off with the rebels. That only terrified her further. Shaking her head she looked out his window to see a horse with a mysterious man and a girl who looked like "Ana!" she gasped. They were almost to the village. She could only imagine what the man was going to do with her.

Madeleine ran. Ran down the halls, her dagger out, ready to slash anyone in her way. It seemed the guards had already killed all the rebels in this wing of the castle allowing Madeleine to slip into her room. She pulled the heels off that were given to her by the princess and quickly pulled her riding boots on, and grabbed her green cloak, pulling it around her, the hood hiding her face from any passerby's. Her dagger was easily hidden under her cloak as she walked quickly through the castle, only refraining from running just in case any rebels were near.

Almost out of the castle walls a rebel spotted her and ran up. She ducked when he tried to grab her and stabbed him right in the abdomen, then ripping the blade out, dripping with scarlet blood. She ran, leaving the bleeding rebel trying to scream over coughing up blood.

She finally reached the stables unscathed so far. She grabbed the reigns of the first horse she saw and hopped upon it. The king wouldn't be needing his filly right now. She hit the horses flanks with her heels, riding until the horse was going at full gallop. "Eh Good girl" she said to the animal who was obviously distressed by all the commotion going on. She gritted her teeth and held on as she stomped through rebels, getting her leg cut by a rebel with a sword. "Damn" she hissed as she raced toward the gate.

Her stomach lurched as she saw Ratano. He was on foot, ON FOOT, against these rebels, with nary a weapon on him. She slowed down just enough to get beside him "Get On!!" She yelled at him over the sounds of battle "I saw a horse heading for the Village with Ana!" she told him slashing a rebel's throat, who was trying to get the horse.

Roman was ******** late. Both literally and figuratively. Her last night on land, she spent at a dance club, drinking and flirting far too much. She had ended up at some guys house, exactly on the other side of town. Roman was going to be in deep s**t with the parliament if she didn't get home soon.

Hungover as she was, Roman slipped out of the strangers sheets, her bare feet quietly walking along the floor. She slipped her clothes back on and grabbed her things. The only thing showing she had been there was a little note she left the man. 'Sorry I had to go, Had a great night <3 xoxo, Roman~'.

Roman hurried out into the city streets, finally flagging down a cab. Soon enough she was home, and of course the car was already there. "Where have you been, Miss DeLange?" the disgruntled driver asked her as she ran up her apartment's stoop. "I'm sorry" she said hurriedly as she ran inside and grabbed her bags. Fortunately, she had packed them the day before. "Pip Pip, old place" The woman said slipping back out of the house and to the car.

Throughout the ride to the docks Roman got an earful from the driver about being late, and once at the entrance, she was more than happy to get out of that damned car. "Bloody Hell" she muttered to herself as she walked up to the dock, the driver gave her bags to some other man, who put them in the submarine. Roman took a last look at the city of London and sighed. It was bitter-sweet. She would definitely miss the city, but she was also excited about this dome. She was chosen from thousands, millions of people to be kept safe in this city. Might as well make the most of it.

Roman was ushered into the sub and soon was moving. The woman sat down, not very comfortable yet with being underwater. She glanced out the small window watching the city come into view. It was lovely. Something out of a dream.

Soon, Roman was docked and helped out of the sub, and escorted into the center of the city. She smirked, glancing around at the people she would be living with in this underwater utopia. The escort nudged her and handed her her belongings before walking away. "Ah, This place is pretty Posh" Roman said to herself, wondering whether to join in the conversation with the ladies or just try to find her room. There weren't many instructions given to them on what to do.

A six year old girl ran about the house, her feet thumping on the wooden floors of the small home. Hyung opened his eyes, awakened by the amount of noise his little sister was making. "Min-ju?" the man called, pulling himself out of his bed. Soon the small girl appeared in front of him, her wide smile greeting him. "I made you breakfast, Hy-u" Hyung smiled back at his little sister picking her up and hugging her. "Thank you Min-ju" he said carrying her downstairs to the dining room.

His sister had already set out their breakfast, a vegetable omelet, seasoned tofu, beans and rice, and their mother's special Korean coleslaw. He was in awe, he knew his little sister was a good cook for her age but he wasn't expecting her to prepare so much food. "Min-ju, you made all of this yourself?" The little girl nodded as she was sat down. "I made your favorites" the girl said.

After eating all the delicious food his sister had made, Hyung excused himself to get dressed. He had already packed up everything. Literally since his sister would be moving as well today. Into a strangers home. Hyung felt a heavy sadness hit him. He was very worried about how everything was going to end up for his little sister. At least the family taking in Min-ju wasn't complete strangers, they were his fathers friends, and that fact soothed Hyung's mind, just a bit.

Hyung got dressed and carried his bags downstairs then went to find Min-ju. "It's almost time to go!" he called out, walking through the house. He easily found the girl, cleaning up from breakfast. Her happy demeanor had changed and she ran into her brother's arms. "Hy-u" the little girl said her eyes now filling with tears "Please don't really go. I don't want to live with someone else, I want Hy-u!" Hyung hugged his sister tightly "I wish I could take you with me right now" he said softly "But soon we will be together again, I'm sure of it" he smoothed the girls black hair and kissed her forehead.

The car that would be bring him down to the dock was now honking. Signalling it was time for him to go. "No, Don't go!" the girl cried. Hyung hugged her tightly once more "I will write you every day, and call whenever I can okay? Please be good for me." he said softly, trying to hold in his tears. He didn't want his baby sister to see him cry. Min-ju was the only family he had.

His sister clung to him the whole time he walked to the door. Two cars awaited them. One for Hyung and one for Min-ju. The drivers took the bags to the respective cars. Hyung pressed his lips against his sisters forehead one last time. "I love you, Min-ju. I will see you again soon, I promise." he said, sitting his sister in her seat and buckling her in. She was still crying as she said she loved him too. Hyung finally sat down in the seat of the car and allowed himself to be taken away from everything he ever knew.

Once at the docks, Hyung moved silently, allowing himself to be ushered however he was meant to go. The trip was a long one and Hyung was grateful that the he was traveling alone. His tears could flow freely. He cried almost until he reached the city. The boy cleaned himself up as the submarine docked. He didnt want to be seen blubbering like a baby when he was with all these strangers. Time to put on his South Korean Pride.

He was escorted from the docks over to the center of the city where other people his age were standing around, some talking, some looking annoyed, some intimidated. The man popped his collar and walked into the crowd, trying to hold his head up high. His entrance was cut short by him tripping on his own feet and landing face first on the ground. His cheeks heated up, he just knew it was blood red. He hurried to get up and dust himself off and looked away from the people who were probably staring at him. Damn. Could he not even walk correctly down here?

Semi.-Lit. Samples


Candy awoke to her iPhone 5 buzzing on her face. She had fell asleep watching videos on YouTube again. She frowned as she stretched out and looked at the number that was calling her phone. It was her manager again. "Hello?" she said, her light voice obviously tired. "Where are you Candy?" came her managers voice Your late for a shoot, the one for your album cover. Did you sleep late again? he asked. She completely woke up "Omg I'm so sorry" she sat up, running around trying to get ready. "Its ok, theres a car waiting outside your apartment to pick you up" He assured her "They will get you ready at the studio." She sighed and pulled on a dress and stockings and shoes. Running downstairs Candy tossed some mints in her mouth, pulled her long hair up in a messy bun and hurried out the door and to the waiting car.

When Candy got there the make up and hair artists got started on her. They curled her hair and made a simple waterfall braid in the back and pined it up with a big bow. "Your Beautiful." said her manager. Candy smiled at him, he was more like a father to her than her own father. "Oh yes, very beautiful sweetie, the camera will definitely love you today especially" agreed the photographer Candy sighed as she put on her accessories while the make up artist slathered her face with red lipstick, and a dramatic eye look. She had nice enough skin that they didn't have to do much to make her look model gorgeous. It was one plus to being a Sohma, but they didn't know that. 'CandyÔŁĄGirl' was her stage name and everyone just new her as Candy in the professional world.

"Beautiful" the photographer said as he snapped picture after picture of Candy. She smiled, frowned, pouted and batted her eyes at the camera, moving her body into various positions. After a while of taking photos, the photographer finally had enough shots. She sighed smiling as she stretched "Thanks Fabio" she said to the photographer and kissed him on each cheek. "No problem, cutie, just let me take a photo of you again" he said. She smiled and nodded.

Her manager walked her outside to the car "I know you had something planned for today but let me take you out for a drink" he said. Candy shook her head "Later, I promise, this will take me a while, Plus I'm technically underage" she said teasing him. She knew that he could get her alcohol, he had before, but he never let her drink too much. Her manager just sighed "Alright, just let me know when your back in town. Enjoy your family visit" he said letting her step into her car. He waved goodbye as he closed the door behind her.

As she rode to the Sohma estate, she frowned, her ear-buds in her ear as she listened to some music. She was nervous about going to see the family. She didn't even come for the new years banquet this year, and that could get some retribution from Yuuko. Although from what she remembered, Yuuko was quite fond of the zodiac. Her father sometimes got punished because of his treatment of her from Yuuko, so hopefully she wouldn't be too upset with her for disappearing for a couple years... Maybe.

Once she got to the estate she awkwardly got out of the car. "I'll call you later." she said to the driver. He just grunted and went on, not wanting to stay anyway. She watched as he left, awkwardly standing in front of the large estate with her bags, not knowing where to go. She walked into the grounds of the estate and looked around. "Hello?" she called, it was strange, she figured some of the hired help would be running to escort her or carry her things, not that she was stuck up its just how the Sohma house worked.'

Julia walked into the mall and looked around "Food court.. food court..Food court!" she said scanning the mall and finally finding her area of interest. She smirked. This was dangerous yes, but she had a good excuse for being so far into the city. She was on a food run after all and everyone wanted something different. Plus she needed a new outfit for tonight's show, and her usual just wouldn't cut it here. She giggled and walked up to the counter of Charlie's Grilled Subs and ordered herself a large Chicken Teriaki sub and her brother a Philly cheese steak sub both a combo with the gormet fries, hers with fruit punch, his with Dr. Pepper. Once she got that she made sure she got all the rest of the food and stuff for her carnies, at least thats what she called them, she put all the food in her back pack.

She smiled and walked into Forever21 and smiled. She loved shopping and this was one of her favorite stores. She knew her brother probably was worrying about her by now and if she didnt hurry the food would get cold, but honestly she was way more worried about him being found out. If they did a raid today he would be screwed because how would he explain setting up for an illegal concert? She sighed, Oh well there wasnt much she could do so she walked around the store, picking out clothes to try on. She mostly grabbed some cue clubbing clothes but she also grabbed some bras, panties, and casual wear. She even grabbed some stuff for her brother.

She went in the dressing room to try her stuff on. She had grabbed about 12 different possible tonight outfits and luckily for her after the 4th one she found the keeper. A Metalic Sweetheart dress in just the right size for her skinny but super curvy frame. Her fat went to all the right places except her thighs were a little big but the hell did she care. She thought she was ******** sexy and was happy so nothing else mattered.

Once finished with that she checked out and paid with the money she kept saved up for each town to by things she needed, or in this case wanted. She smirked again and managed to make her way back to the opening of the mall. Huffing she pushed her way through a crowd. It had begun to fill up with teenagers, her age or younger, mostly girls. They were chatting about God knows what, nothing she cared about. She just had to get back.

Manami blinked, watching everyone in there own little world. "The beach" she said softly to herself when Ishimaru mentioned it. She bit her lip holding in a little smile. Although her name was different than sea, she really loved the beach. She hadn't gone in since she was a little girl. She shook the thought out of her head. She couldn't wear a swimsuit in public, she couldn't let anyone see her body, the bruises, the scars. She frowned, her eyes having the faraway look they had when she was thinking.

Snapping out of it didn't happen until she heard Umeko's voice talking to her about how it wasn't that bad. She feigned a smile to the girl "Thank you" she said softly. She looked up when the new girl walked in, she frowned watching Ishimaru fawn over her now. She guessed he just acted that way with every cute girl. Somehow it made her sad, and she had no idea why.

Looking down at her hands she wondered if this was a good idea. Manami wasn't that good at social interaction, nor did she particularly like it. Maybe she shouldn't be here. She would leave that would be for the best. These people wouldn't care if she just left, they didn't even know her. They would forget about her in a few minutes. She heard Ishimaru turn his attention back to her, telling her they should be friends and that she would fit in. "I-I don't think so..." she said

Manami had just stood up to leave when Aimi busted through the doors like a bullet. She had no idea what happened until she was being pulled over to sit with the girl and Umeko as well. She also heard Ishimaru in the back who was acting distressed from Aimi pulling her away, he was calling her Marilyn again and she sighed. She wouldn't be getting out of here anytime soon.

Lazy-Semi. Samples

Manami slipped out of her small apartment, leaving her blacked out, alcoholic father laying in the living room floor. She was glad that he was at least out of it this morning. She really didn't want to get the hangover taken out on her, like he always seemed to do when he caught her in the morning. Because she had skipped out on getting a beating so far, Manami felt pretty good in her clothes. Yes she was too poor to actually get a school uniform, but she was saving for one, and she tried to wear something that matched the uniform pretty closely. Quite frankly she didn't mind not following the dress code it just made people look at her more and she didn't really like that.

While walking up to the school Manami sighed and smoothed out her dress. She looked at her reflection in the pond and made sure no scars or bruises were showing. She tugged her sleeves down and shook her head. Another day closer to graduation. Thats what she was working so hard for, so she could leave this school and her father behind. She really didn't know what she was going to do with her life, most jobs had to do with people and social interaction and she wasn't that good at that.

Manami walked into the school and went upstairs. She went to the hallway that was usually the most empty. The one outside the music room that was never used. She sat on the window sill and looked longingly out to the outside world. Oh, how she wished her twin brother could see this sunset. She fully believed that if the accident didnt happen that her brother would be here with her, Her brother was the one who always talked about Ouran academy when they were little, as his friends talked about it, this school was a legend and it was his dream to come here.

"Hurry back Julia!" Jude called to his sister as she ran towards the city. He sighed. He hated when she went on food runs. Although they had ID's that could get past the system, thanks to some people on the inside everyone in there camp had one, he was always worried his sister would get found out. He shook his head. There was no time to worry right now, and even if he had all the time in the world it wouldn't help at all. He picked himself up off the ground and dusted the dirt off his jeans and went to help set up.

There was to be a concert tonight and hopefully inspire some new recruits to fight, it always roused at least a few of them. He smiled. Perhaps he could find someone tonight. Again he shook his head. He remembered last concert. That girl. He imediatly loved her when he saw her in the crowd. He met her after the fact, he thought they hit it off, after a few days in that place he loved her, she said she loved him too. He told her about everything, tried to convince her to come to the wilds with him, and at the last second she changed her mind. She loved her material goods too much to leave them. She didn't care about her losing everything. To him, she might as well already been cured.

He bit his bottom lip and kept going, checking all the sound equipment, telling other people orders. It wasn't a hard job. He eventually started worrying about his sister again. He hoped she stayed safe and hurry back, I mean really. She was all he had, the only person he loved. He smiled though and sighed again. Shes tough, she'll be ok.

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