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Me, My Life, And Other Horrible Things This Jornal is about me and my many issues with myself and other people!

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❤ Candy awoke to her iPhone 5 buzzing on her face. She had fell asleep watching videos on YouTube again. She frowned as she stretched out and looked at the number that was calling her phone. It was her manager again. "Hello?" she said, her light voice obviously tired. "Where are you Candy?" came her managers voice Your late for a shoot, the one for your album cover. Did you sleep late again? he asked. She completely woke up "Omg I'm so sorry" she sat up, running around trying to get ready. "Its ok, theres a car waiting outside your apartment to pick you up" He assured her "They will get you ready at the studio." She sighed and pulled on a dress and stockings and shoes. Running downstairs Candy tossed some mints in her mouth, pulled her long hair up in a messy bun and hurried out the door and to the waiting car.

When Candy got there the make up and hair artists got started on her. They curled her hair and made a simple waterfall braid in the back and pined it up with a big bow. "Your Beautiful." said her manager. Candy smiled at him, he was more like a father to her than her own father. "Oh yes, very beautiful sweetie, the camera will definitely love you today especially" agreed the photographer Candy sighed as she put on her accessories while the make up artist slathered her face with red lipstick, and a dramatic eye look. She had nice enough skin that they didn't have to do much to make her look model gorgeous. It was one plus to being a Sohma, but they didn't know that. 'Candy❤Girl' was her stage name and everyone just new her as Candy in the professional world.

"Beautiful" the photographer said as he snapped picture after picture of Candy. She smiled, frowned, pouted and batted her eyes at the camera, moving her body into various positions. After a while of taking photos, the photographer finally had enough shots. She sighed smiling as she stretched "Thanks Fabio" she said to the photographer and kissed him on each cheek. "No problem, cutie, just let me take a photo of you again" he said. She smiled and nodded.

Her manager walked her outside to the car "I know you had something planned for today but let me take you out for a drink" he said. Candy shook her head "Later, I promise, this will take me a while, Plus I'm technically underage" she said teasing him. She knew that he could get her alcohol, he had before, but he never let her drink too much. Her manager just sighed "Alright, just let me know when your back in town. Enjoy your family visit" he said letting her step into her car. He waved goodbye as he closed the door behind her.

As she rode to the Sohma estate, she frowned, her ear-buds in her ear as she listened to some music. She was nervous about going to see the family. She didn't even come for the new years banquet this year, and that could get some retribution from Yuuko. Although from what she remembered, Yuuko was quite fond of the zodiac. Her father sometimes got punished because of his treatment of her from Yuuko, so hopefully she wouldn't be too upset with her for disappearing for a couple years... Maybe.

Once she got to the estate she awkwardly got out of the car. "I'll call you later." she said to the driver. He just grunted and went on, not wanting to stay anyway. She watched as he left, awkwardly standing in front of the large estate with her bags, not knowing where to go. She walked into the grounds of the estate and looked around. "Hello?" she called, it was strange, she figured some of the hired help would be running to escort her or carry her things, not that she was stuck up its just how the Sohma house worked.'

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