• Snow white in the darkness shining brightly in the light
    Glistening perfectly and dying away
    Bright lights on a decorated scene and candles glow for days
    Meticulously wrapped and carefully signed
    Under a tree glowing in a bright red stocking
    And hoof prints sound and disappear in the night
    As jingle bells ring and white ice falls
    Accumulating on the ground creating a fantasy of white for all the boys and girls
    Brining in cheer and showing off joy
    When the morning comes and children awake
    Gleeful faces appear and race to their gifts
    Race to their happiness
    But not such is the meaning
    For the meaning is joy and happiness from the love of others
    For the friends that protect us and help us
    For the birth of our savior instead of these toys
    And the greatest gift to give now is not the gift of a possession
    But the gift of a friend
    And the gift of love