• Freshman year, we met after a week. We were holding nominations for class president, we were both candidates and 2 others. At first we didn't even notice each other, I had no absolute interest in him. We became friends after a while, we used to pass notes in class. On day, we were going to the library because our teacher was absent. I saw a piece of paper sticking out of his book. I picked it and opened it, there was his name and a girl's name, it was something that checks your compatibility with your crush. It broke my heart seeing that piece of paper because that was the moment I realized I was falling for him. I just smiled at him when he grabbed the paper from my hand.

    We went to the library, we were seating in front of each other. He obviously saw my sad face, he passed a piece of paper asking what's wrong.. My answer: nothing. I lied to him that day, my first time lying to him. Before leaving the library my classmate approached me and said "You look like you're crying". It kinda struck both of us. That was the time he realized my feelings for him.. That broke our friendship, we only talked to each other when my adviser made me sit next to him for 3 quarters.. But before summer break, we kinda had a misunderstanding..We never spoke to each other..That was the month my father died..

    Sophomore year.. We weren't classmates anymore, I was both relieved and sad. It would be better to keep distance for a while.. We talked to each other often. Then, it was the last month of sophomore year. My classmate, a girl that knows my crush really well, texted me.. Once she told me that I was the one she wanted for my crush.. I asked her "What if you're the only one that wants me to be his girlfriend and he doesn't" she replied "Are you blind? He has a crush on you"..

    Junior year.. Classmates again, we're still talking but we kinda feel awkward for each other because of our feelings for each other. Once there was this "pick up line game" He was a contestant and he was supposed to tell me a pick up line. I was blushing while he was in front of me then he said "Do you have a life vest? Because I'm drowning in my love for you" It was corny but still.. I love it..

    I love him so much, he changed my life..
    Even if he hurt me, I still love him..
    But, it's kinda funny when I think about it.. That I'm still in love with the person who hurt me.
    Maybe I'm not perfect, and he isn't too.. But I know someday maybe I'll find the right guy if it isn't him yet..
    And he'll find the right girl that he would love as much or even more like how I loved him