• 1. See God rise up in shouts of jubilant praise
    He appears with robes of light
    Oh exalt Him, acclaim the Ancient of days
    Celebrate with all your might

    Build Your throne in our assembly
    for we prepare Your habitation,
    pitch Your tent in our praise and glory
    build Your throne oh Lord

    2. Our enemies attack with iron and steel
    We advance with harps and lyre
    They do battle in vain using their skill
    for we fight with holy fire (Refrain)

    3. Admire the towers, the walls, the fortress of God
    We are hid beneath His wings
    Lord and warrior is armed with scepter and rod
    and triumph we see Him bring (Refrain)

    4. Oh Jerusalem declare, who is your King?
    Elohim dreaded and strong
    All dominion, the powers, spirits of the air
    shall receive the full wrath of God (Refrain)

    Build Your throne, build Your throne,
    Build Your throne, Oh Lord