• “Stay here while I go get the last of our list.” Miyuki ordered, not bothering to look up from the paper on her hand. She started walking away before Rose could answer, leaving the redhead alone.

    “…okay.” She muttered with an eye roll, swaying from one foot to the other, groceries slightly swinging with the motion. Rose looked around the small shopping center at all the stores lined up the street, people watching most of the time.

    They’ve been shopping for items and person things for a week now. A ******** week. The personal items where easier to obtain due to how frequently they sold it, as for the list Akumu gave them, it was much more difficult even starting on an area to find the item. So many traps, and gangs and just society hating their guts in general.

    After a few minutes Rose started to get bored of waiting. She knew the last item would take a while, and only one person at a time was allowed inside the black market, she was just not used to being by Miyuki’s side. Partners till the death and all that.

    She wondered off, telling herself she wont be gone that long. As she turned she spotted a small shop with jewlery covering the front. She wasnt really big on that but the smaller item in the back caught her attention. She walked up to it, looking through the window at it.

    It was a cute little bracelet, with a small orange cat pendent hanging off of it. She honeslty only liked it because it reminded her of Kiyoshi. After he moved with Syoaran its been pretty lonely.

    Miyuki walked back to their spot, and really not that surprised Rose wasnt their waiting like she asked. WIth a sigh she scanned the area, spotting her a few feet away, gazing into a small shop. Miyuki followed her sight at the small bracelet. With a huff, she yelled out, “Rose lets go!”

    Rose snapped out of her daze and stared at the direction where her name came from. Almost like a bark, she couldnt help but think. Another yell, making Rose wince. “Alright, alright, jeez. Im going!” Rose stalked back towards Miyuki, giving the bracelet one last look before going.

    Miyuki shoved the extra items onto Rose’s arms. Rose stumbled from the extra weight and frowned. “Dude, Im not your maid.”

    Miyuki leveled her with a cool stare. “Wasn’t that one of your fetishes?” She turned her head to the side. “I couldve sworn you wanted to be a maid, during one of our times together. Something about me being a dominatrix, whatever that is..”

    “Jeez alright! Shuddup!” Rose shouted, hating that her cheeks were flushed, probably as red as her hair right now. How could Miyuki just say things like that? “I’ll put your stupid stuff away, jerk.” She muttered, embarrassed to catch a few pedetrians watching them. She stalked off carrying their groceries to the parking lot, where Miyuki’s babe was parked.

    Miyuki watched Rose go, waiting until she was out of sight before turned back to that small shop.


    Rose sat up on her seat, “Its about time! What took you so long?” She was tired from all of this shopping and just wanted to go home and shower then sleep. Maybe sleep first…

    Miyuki opened her door, and sat on the driver’s side, since no one is allowed to drive her car. What a kill joy. Though having a Bugatti Rose could understand the over protectiveness.

    When Miyuki stayed quiet, Rose peered at her. “Hey..Are you…Blushing?” Rose’s eyes widened. “Oh my god! You are!” She stared at the blunette in awe. Miyuki turned to look at her, her cheeks on fire. It was precious, and Rose wished she had a camera. Its not often Miyuki’s shows her emotions.

    Miyuki reached her hand out, “Give me your hand.” Rose blinked at the hand in front of her and back up to Miyuki’s face. She reached out placing her hand on top of Miyuki’s. Rose watched her reach into this small bag, and pull out the exact same item she was eyeing earlier.

    With a small gasp, she watched Miyuki tie it around her wrist, the orange cat pendant shining. She looked back up to Miyuki’s face, she couldnt help a grateful look to cross her features. “Miyuki, I…”

    “I saw you staring at it. And I know you wont stopping pestering me until you get it so, i bought it for you.” Miyuki mumbled, frowning, with a deep flush on her face.

    Rose reached out and hugged her. Miyuki stiffened up for a few seconds not expecting the contact before relaxing in Rose’s hold amd wrapping her arms around the redhead.

    “Thank you! I love it!”