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    sherry: http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d22/1156/2896469.png
    the things: http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d22/1212/8922288.png

    bob woke up in a gigantic room with lights everywhere. it took him a second to realize what was going on. HE WAS IN A HOSPITAL! bob looked around. it didnt look like a regular hospital room. it was brighter. but when he looked outside, it was pitch black. hmmmmmmmmmm. where am i? bob thought to himself. "your in the box." a voice said from a corner of the room. "whos there?!" he asked. "its me sherry. dont worry. if you behave your self, they wont kill you." sherry said. "what do you mean, behave myself. and, box? and, how did you know what i was thinking?" bob said all confused. "in the box we can read minds. also, when you touch the box you get sucked into this room where the things are watching you. so, if you try to excape, they'll kill you." sherry replied. bob said nothing. he looked at the big window and back at sherry. sherry nodeded. "you know on NCIS how they have an inerragation room? thats EXACTLY what this is." bob turned over on his side. "can we ever excape?" he asked sherry. "no."

    2 days later bob woke up. "am i supposed to sleep that long?" he asked in between yawns. "yea, i did too. they make you take some sort of medicne so you sleep." said sherry. "but i dont remember taking any medicene." replied bob. "thats what you think. this room is full of vents. you could be breathing in sleeping meds right now." sherry answered. bob started to hold his nose. "no! if you do that, your going to be disobeying them! i might as well be killed for telling you all that!" yelled sherry. "how do you know all this?" asked bob. "thats not important right now, shh!" someone was in the doorway. "sherry, the doctor will like to see you now."

    as they walked out the door, bob held his breath. no. no. no. no. there gonna kill her. there gonna kill her!!! he tought. he got out of bed and slammed up aganst the window. "NO, NO! PLEASE DONT KILL HER! TAKE ME INSTEAD! TAKE ME INSTEAD!!!!!!!" bob screamed. behind the window sherry watched in horror as the nurse took her into the sugery room.