• Naruto: The Fury of the Kyuubi; the Power of the Kings!
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    ‘normal’ person thinking
    “bold” Tailed Beast, Transformed Jinchuriki, and Inner Sakura talking
    ‘bold’ Tailed Beast, Transformed Jinchuriki, and Inner Sakura thinking
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    This will be split into two different openings, as two different chapters. The one with the most votes will be the story line: the first one takes place when Naruto is eight.
    Summary: During another mob beating, an 8-year-old Naruto meets the Kyuubi and who reveals himself to be Lelouch Vi Britannia. Lelouch give Naruto his Geass as a bloodline, watch as Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Britannia uses his Geass to rise to the top: “Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Britannia commands you…Read this fic.”

    That was everything Naruto Uzumaki heard as a mob began to beat him, hitting him with everything from broken sake bottle to metal bats and from nun chucks to swords. Too jonin, ANBU (except for Douche’s I mean, Danzo’s Root ANBU), and the Hokage, Naruto was a normal child living a hard life. To the chunin, genin and most civilians, other than the Ichirakus, He was a demon and they tried to kill him. Poor Naruto didn’t know why he was hated, just that he was; and to think, this started all because he was going to eat some ramen and saved an innocent gir. When he saved the girl, she called him a monster and the mob thought that he was the one that tried to hurt her.

    ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ was the thought of the blond.
    He was knocked down and beaten but he refused to scream, he only grunted especially when a metal bat slammed into his fore head, knocking the blond unconscious. Even though he was out, the villagers still continued to beat the poor boy.
    (Scene Change)
    *Drip, Drip, Drip*
    The young blond woke up to find himself in a sewer, wrinkling his nose in disgust he was preparing to find a way out, only to hear a voice call out to him.
    “Kit, come here kit."
    A gut feeling told Naruto not to go, but he chose to ignore his gut, it’s gotten him into trouble many times before. Following the voice, Naruto noticed the walls of the sewer were quite unique. The stone of the walls didn’t look eroded like most sewer stone walls would. The pipes that flowed through it were two different colors; the large pipes were a blue color. Smaller, malleable pipes were around the large pipes and the smaller pipes were red in color. Walking around, following the voice, Naruto tripped and saw a third pipe under the water. This pipe had a dull purple color to it and looked like it hadn’t been used in years. Naruto was curious as to why that pipe was unused but continued. At last Naruto reached the voice; he looked and saw a large golden cage with a slip of paper on it, the kanji seal (封) on it. Naruto suddenly heard chuckling from behind to seal, the moment he got close “AH!”

    Naruto screamed and jumped back as three huge, razor sharp claws slammed through the bars. The being inside the cage laughed and spoke “YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE!”
    “W-w-w-w—w-w-who are y-y-y-y-y-you?” questioned the blond, scared shitless at the being’s “joke.”

    “I have been called many things young one: demon, warlock, demon king, king, emperor, prince and many others. You, however, may call me by my real name Lelouch Vi Britannia, you also know me as: Kyuubi no Kitsune/Youko, the Nine Tailed Demon Fox.”

    For the first time in Naruto’s life he was speechless, the very fox that they were told was sealed inside of him, he had just one question: “What, how, we were told the Forth killed you, what the ******** is going on?”
    “Hold on, let me get more comfortable.”

    Lelouch began to transform from his fox form to his human form. A bright light illuminated the sewer that was Naruto’s mind. When the transformation died down, Naruto was staring face to face with the human form of Kyuubi or Lelouch. He looks like an average 18 year old boy with jet black hair and purple eyes. He wore a skin tight, purple shirt with yellow outline and tight purple pants. A long black cape with red on the inside finished the outfit. (1)
    “I’m guessing you want an explanation, but that will be later. If you don’t stop those people from beating on you, you’ll die.”

    “How?” asked the blond.

    “With this,” Lelouch closed his eyes and opened them to reveal that they changed to a light shade of purple with a red bird in the middle, “This Naruto is called Geass or The Power of the Kings. I’m going to give you my Geass so that you can defend yourself. But all Geass has restrictions which I’ll inform you of later on. With this, I also give you my last name of Britannia; show these fools your might.”
    “Yes, thank you, Lelouch nii-san.”

    Lelouch smiled, having not been called brother since his baby sister Nunnally or his adopted baby brother Rolo. Naruto disappeared, Lelouch let out a small cry. “I’m sorry for ruining your life Naruto. I’ll make up for it.”

    Naruto awoke to the crowd that was attacking him, covering his right eye.
    “So demon,” spoke an idiotic civilian man, “You’re still alive, that just means more fun for us.”

    “Quite the contrary, you fools, your fun ends here. But answer me this, what does one do when one hates the villagers of his hometown.”

    “Are you a radical demon?”

    Naruto, with a smirk, removed his hand from his eye and chanted: “No, Naruto Uzumaki Britannia commands you, all of you, DIE!”

    With that, a red bird shot from Naruto’s eye and took control of the mob, the man at the front, whose eyes, like everyone else eyes, had a red ring around it spoke: “As you wish, master,” he and everyone took out a sharp object that they had and held to a vital part of their bodies, “Ready everyone, now!” With that, everyone killed themselves in a shower of blood.

    “Well what do ya know.” Naruto said with an evil smirk before passing out.
    At that point, Hiruzen Sarutobi and a bunch of ANBU arrived at the scene and say what happened, everyone wondering the same thing, “WHAT THE ******** HAPPENED?!”

    “Kakashi, take him to my personal doctor for treatment. The rest of you, burn the bodies and clean away the blood, these fools obviously got what they deserved.”
    “Yes, Lord Hokage.” Was the shout of the ANBU Black Ops.
    ‘Naruto,’ thought Hiruzen, ‘Did you do this?”

    End, I’m hoping this will work, I have another opening at the end of the Wave Arc. Naruto is going to act a little more like Lelouch, and his Geass will have different powers and more next chapter. I know it’s short, this is no more than a test fic.
    1: I used Lelouch’s Zero outfit because I thought it was cool and I like it.

    Everything is going to be revealed in the next chapter, this may or may not be a crossover with Code Geass but I’m not sure, so again sorry it’s very short.