• Kitten was running through the forest as fast as she could. She never looked back to see what was chasing her. She heard laughter all around her. After a while she felt surrounded. She stopped looking all around her. “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” All she heard was an evil laugh coming from behind her. She turned around slowly and saw a very odd creepy guy. He had this strange tongue that was extremely long. He just stood there, staring at her with an evil smirk on his face. All of a sudden he jolted towards her. Kitten Had nothing to defend herself, so she put her arms out in front of her. He got in front of her and BAM.....
    Kitten woke up and quickly shot up. Her face was sweating like crazy. She looked around and she was in the tree she had fallen asleep in. She calmed down a bit. She sighed and said the herself “It was just a dream...” She stood up and stretched her arms behind her head. She looked around then jump out of the tree. “What am I going to do today?” Kitten started walking through the forest. She didn't really know what to do, so for a while she just walked around to figure out what she wanted to do.
    Meanwhile, three kids were also walking through the forest. There was two boys, and one girl. One of the boys had blonde hair and was wearing an orange jumpsuit. The other boy had raven colored hair, and he was wearing a dark blue shirt and white shorts. The girl had pink hair, and was wearing a pink dress. The blonde seemed like a very hyperactive person. The boy with raven hair always looked pissed off, and the girl kept staring at the boy with raven hair.
    “Come on guys, I know I heard someone screaming somewhere out here!” the blonde said as he dragged his friends through the forest.
    “Are you sure it wasn't your weird imagination!” The girl said, looking really annoyed. “Naruto, we've been walking for hours, let's take a break!!”
    “Oh come on, just a little farther. We're close, I can feel it!!” Naruto exclaimed.
    The raven haired boy couldn't take it anymore. He got an even more pissed off look on his face as he closed his eyes. “ Naruto!!!” He yelled.
    “What!!!” Naruto yelled back
    “Theres no one out here!!” Let's go back!!” he said as he opened his eyes and glared at Naruto.
    “NO!! Look guys, I'm telling you theres someone out here!! I just kn...” Naruto talking got screwed up as he tripped over a stick. Naruto slowly opened his eyes, thinking he landed on the ground, but he landed on something soft and squishy. He lifted his head and found himself on top of a girl. It was Kitten. He laughed nervously. “Ah...sorry about falling on you...” He blushed in embarrassment.
    “Oh, thats okay,” Kitten said as she smiled sweetly. “Just one thing...”
    Naruto blinked and said “Yeah, what is it?”
    “GET OFF ME!!!!!!!!” She screamed as she gave him a death glare. Her left eye twitching a bit.
    Naruto quickly got up. He rubbed the back of his head. “Ah, again sorry about that!!” He looked over at the pink hair girl and the raven hair boy as a smirk came across his face. “See! See! See! I told you someone was out here!! Ha!! In your face!!!”
    Kitten stood up and crossed her arms and looked at Naruto. “ what the hell are you talking about?!”
    Naruto looked at her and blinked. “Oh, sorry about that! This morning I woke up hearing screaming in the forest. So I got my friends and went into the forest to find out who it was screaming!”
    “Dragged us in her is more like it!” The pink hair girl said as she crossed her arms. “Anyways how do you know it was her!”
    Naruto looked around, then looked at her and said “ Do you see anyone else in the forest?!?! No, I don't think so!!”
    “Umm, excuse me!” Kitten said as looked at them like they were crazy. “Who the hell are you people?!?!”
    “Huh? Oh, Sorry! I'm Naruto Uzimaki, I'm going to be the next hokage, Believe It!!” he said as he gave here thumbs up. “This is Sakura Haruno!” he said as he blushes hen whispered to Kitten “She secretly has a crush on me!”
    Sakura hit him over the head and yelled “ Not ever in your dreams, you idiot!!!”
    “Ow, What was that for?!” he said as he held his head. “Anyways, the a*****e over there is Sasuke Uchiha.” Naruto said as he glared and pointed at the raven haired boy.
    Sasuke looked at kitten. “Hey...” He looked away and blushed.
    Sakura noticed he blushed, and she gave Kitten a death glare. Her inner Sakura said “Oh no! That b***h better stay away from my Sasuke! If she even thinks about my Sasuke, I'll kick her a**! Cha!!” Sakura then put on a fake smile and said “So what are you doing out here?”
    Kitten blinked then said “I don't know...I just woke up and I was in the forest...I can't really remember anything that happened the last few days.” She looked down a bit, then back at the three of them. “The only thing I really remember is falling asleep in a tree.”
    Sasuke looked back at Kitten and asked “Well do you remember what village your from or your name?”
    Kitten shook her head and said “No, not at all. I do remember my first name of course. It's Kitten, but I don't remember my last name sadly...” She looked down a bit.
    “You mean you don't remember where you live?!” Naruto asked, looking shocked.
    “No, not at all....” Kitten said as she sighed. “The last thing I remember is falling asleep in a tree, like a said before.” She looked up at the sky with sadness in her eyes.
    “Well you can't just live in the woods! I mean what if it rains! You can come back to the village with us!” Naruto said. Without another word he grabbed Kitten's wrist and started dragging her towards the village.
    “Hey! Naruto that hurts!” Kitten said as Sasuke and Sakura followed along.

    ~Fast Forward to the Village~

    Kitten looked around as they walked through the village. “So...what village is this?” she asked as she looked around.
    “This is the Leaf Village! You'll probably need a house to live in, so we'll have to stop by the Hokage's office.” Naruto exclaimed.
    When they got the the Hokage's office, all four of then stood there waiting for the hokage to talk. The chair was facing the window. It slowly turned the other way to reveal Tsunade. “Yes? May I help you?”
    “Grandma Tsunade! We found this girl, Kitten, in the forest. She doesn't remember the last few days, her village, or her last name! So we thought she could live here in the village, until we help her remember!” Naruto quickly said.
    “Naruto, I'd appreciate it if you didn't call me grandma Tsunade!!” she said as she slammed her hands on he desk. She got up and walked over to Kitten. “So, you need a house huh?!” She said with her hand on her hip.
    Kitten looked at the hokage and blinked. She thought to herself “She's the hokage?” She shook her head then answered “Yes...I need a place to live.”
    Tsunade looked through a cabinet and found a set of keys and tossed them to Kitten. “Here are the keys to the house you can live in.” She looked at Sasuke. “Sasuke! Show her where her new house is!”
    “Why?!” Sasuke said wondering why him and not someone else.
    “Because!” Tsunade smirked. “She's your new neighbor!”
    “What?!” Sasuke said as a small blush came across his face. Sakura's jaw dropped and her inner Sakura sail “WAHT!? The b***h better not touch my Sasuke!” Naruto just blinked and laughed a bit.
    They all left Tsunade's office, and before anyone could say anything , Naruto said “Hey! Guys, I'm starving lets go get some ramen!”
    They all left for the ramen bar. When they got there they sat in this order: Sakura, Sasuke, Kitten, Naruto. After they sat down three kids came up to the ramen bar. Two boys, and a girl. One of the boys was wearing a jacket with a fuzzy hood. He had a cute little dog, who's head was peeking out of his jacket. The other boy wore a jacket that covered part of his face, and had black, round sunglasses on. The girl was pretty shy, and her eyes seemed to have no pupil. “Hey Naruto!” the boy with the dog said.
    “Oh hey Kiba! This is Kitten, she's going to be living in the village for a while!” Naruto answered
    Kiba looked at Kitten and smirked. “Hey your kinda cute.” His little dog barked.
    Kitten started blushing and looked away. Sasuke noticed she blushed and glared at Kiba, looking jealous, but pissed at the same time.
    Kiba didn't noticed the glare from Sasuke and kept talking. “Oh and this is Akumaru!” He took the dog out of his jacket and put it near Kitten's face. Akumaru licked her face.
    Kitten giggled a bit. “aww, so cute!” she smiled sweetly.
    “And that's Hinata.” Kiba pointed th the shy girl. Hinata waved, but said noting. “And that's Shino.”
    Shino just blinked, then held out one of his fingers and a bug landed on it. “Want to see my bug collection?!” Shino asked hopefully.
    Kitten's eye twitched and she waved her hands back and forth. “N-No that's okay, I'd rather not!” she said, then hid behind Sasuke.
    Sasuke looked at her and blinked. “What;s the matter, you afraid of bugs or something?!” Sasuke asked questionably.
    Kitten whispered to Sasuke. “I-I HATE bugs!” They're evil and creepy, and I hate spiders even more!” Kitten said as a shiver went down her back.
    Sasuke looked at Kitten and laughed a bit, but not loud enough for anyone to hear. Sakura burst out laughing and said. “Your so pathetic! I'm not afraid of anything!” Her inner Sakura sad “Hell Yeah! Sasuke will so be impressed! Then he'll ask me out, and to be his girlfriend! CHA!”
    Naruto laughed a bit thinking. “Yeah right Sakura!” He then said “Hey Sakura there's a bug on your head!” lying of course.
    “Huh?! What!?! WHERE!?!?” Sakura said as she freaked out, trying to get the bug, that wasn't really on her head.
    Kiba looked at Sakura, and laughed a bit, and said, “So Kitten, I was wondering if you wanted to-”
    “Kitten! Don't you think it's about time I showed you your new house!” Sasuke said, cutting Kiba off from asking Kitten. He grabbed her wrist.
    “Ah, sure Sasuke.” Kitten said as she was being pulled away by Sasuke. “Bye guys.” She waved by to everyone. As soon as Sasuke was sure they were far enough that no one could see them he let go of her wrist. Kitten looked at him and blinked. “Sasuke, are you okay?!” she asked.
    “I'm fine!” he said forcefully while putting his hands in his pocket. “Come on, we're almost there...” he said trying to avoid looking at her. They continued walking, not saying a word to each other. Sasuke stopped in front of a house that was light blue colored. “Well, here we are.” he said. He started walking towards the house right next to Kitten's. He opened the door to his house and looked at Kitten, and said “Well I'll see you later.” then went inside.
    Kitten waved bye to Sasuke then went inside. She opened the door and found a very big empty house, since she didn't have any stuff of her-own. She looked around the house. There was two bedrooms downstairs, one bathroom, a hallway closet, a kitchen, and a living room. Upstairs there were two master bedrooms with their own bathroom, and two smaller bedrooms. Kitten looked out the window and it was getting pretty dark out so she decided to go to bed. Since she didn't have a bed, she fell asleep on the couch in the living room. At first she couldn't sleep at all, but After an hour or so she finally feel asleep. That night Kitten had another nightmare.
    Kitten was running down the streets of the Neko village yelling, “MOM!! DAD!!! SENKIRO!!” She kept running faster and faster. Kitten ran to her house and slammed the front door open to see her parents lying on the living room floor, dead. Her face was streaming with tears. She ran out of her house and ran towards the ramen bar, hopefully to find her best friend Senkiro, from the Lunar village, alive. As she ran, she saw dead bodies everywhere. As Kitten got to the ramen bar, she saw her confused friend alive. “Senkiro!!” As she yelled her friends name, Senkiro was stabbed in the heart. Blood was spewing everywhere, but she could not see who the killer was. Kitten fell to her knees crying. She heard an evil laugh from behind her. She slowly turned around, but no one was there. All of a sudden some one grabbed her shoulder. She felt a slimy long tongue along the side of her neck. Kitten quickly kitten jerked away and started running as fast as she could. She ran out of the village, and into a forest. She kept running for hours and hours. Kitten looked behind her for a second to see if the killer was still following her, and BAM!!! Kitten ran into a tree and fell to the ground unconscious.
    Kitten quickly woke up to find herself on the floor. She rubbed her eyes and slowly got up. She was pretty tired so she went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Nothing was in it. She had no food. Kitten pouted as her stomach growled. As she shut the refrigerator door, she heard a knock on the front door. She walked over to the door mopping. She opened the door to find Sasuke. She looked at him with a sad look on her face.
    “Kitten, are you ok?” Sasuke asked with a worried look on his face.
    Kitten looked at him and sniffled a bit and held her stomach. “I don't have any food!!” She practically broke down crying. “I...I don't have anything!!”
    “What?! You don't have anything at all?!” Sasuke hugged Kitten then grabbed her wrist and started walking towards the ramen bar to get Kitten some food. “Don't worry! I'll get you some food!! Then after that I'll help you get everything you need!! Ok!!”
    Kitten Sniffled a bit and smiled sweetly. “Ok, thank you Sasuke.”
    Sasuke looked at her, then looked away blushing. “Your....Your welcome.”
    Kitten and Sasuke got to the ramen bar. Sasuke ordered kitten a bowl of ramen. Kitten just played with her food, thinking of the dream she had last night, with a sad look on her face. She kept thinking over and over in her head ~It's all my fault. Everyones gone. Mom, Dad, Senkiro, everyone.....gone......and it's all my fault.~ Kitten sighed a bit.
    Sasuke looked at Kitten a little worried. “Kitten, are you ok? I thought you said you were starving?!? Your not eating anything.”
    “Huh?” Kitten said a little confused. “Oh, umm yeah I'm fine. It's just I don't really like ramen.” She said rubbing the back of her head laughing a bit.
    “YOU DON'T LIKE RAMEN!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?!?!” Naruto yelled popping out of nowhere. Sasuke freaked out, and kept looking around wondering where the hell Naruto came from.
    “What?! I just don't like ramen.” Kitten said as she crossed her arms.
    “Naruto's right. You are crazy.” A really fat kid said as he snarfed down a bag of chips. He grabbed another bag and continued eating.
    Kitten blinked and looked at him. “Who the hell are you?!?” She looked at him like he was some kind of freak.
    “Oh fatso over here is Choji!” Naruto said pointing at the fat kid. Choji glared at him and continued eating.
    “You eat a lot you know that.?!” She said as she laughed a bit.
    Choji ate a few chips and said. “Well you don't eat enough. Your like a toothpick! What are you anorexic or something?” He ate a few more chips.
    Kitten and Sasuke glared at him as a guy with pineapple style brown hair cut walked in. He sighed and said, “how troublesome.” He sat down and looked over at Kitten. “So, who are you?!”
    Kitten blinked a few times and said, “Ah, I'm Kitten. Who are you?!” She looked at him with a sorta blank face.
    “Oh, the lazy a*****e her is Shikamaru!” Naruto said pointing at Shikamaru, as he laughed a bit.
    Shikamaru glared at Naruto then signed a bit. “So what are you doing in the leaf village?!”
    “Ah, it's sorta a long story.” Kitten said as she rubbed the back of her head. Remembering the dreams she's been having the last few nights.
    “She's going to be living here is the village for a while. She has no place to stay and doesn't remember were she lives!” Naruto yelled out.
    Shikamaru looked at Kitten and blinked a few times. “I see...”
    “Oh Sasuke! There you are~!” A girl with blond hair came in and sat very close to Sasuke. She kept staring at him and wouldn't stop. After about ten minutes, she finally noticed Kitten sitting on the other side of Sasuke. She glared at Kitten. “So, Sasuke~! Who's your little friend?”
    Sasuke was totally ignoring the girl and didn't hear her question.
    “Huh? Oh this is Kitten. My new neighbor.” He said in a in your face kind of way.
    “Hmph! Well Kitten, stay away from Sasuke! He's mine!!” She said, smirking at Kitten.
    “Ino! I'm not yours!” Sasuke yelled as he glared at Ino.
    “I think I'll leave now...” Kitten said as she got up and started walking home.
    “No Kitten don't leave!” Naruto said, grabbing her shoulder.
    Kitten quickly pulled away, then turned around and throw two throwing stars at Naruto, pinning him to a tree. Kitten gasped, realizing what she did. “I'm so sorry Naruto! It was a reflex!!”
    “REFLEX!?!??!?REFLEX MY a**!! YOU WERE TRYING TO KILL ME, YOU MOTHER ********-” Naruto continued on yelling and swearing.
    “Naruto!! Be quiet!” Sasuke said forcefully to Naruto. Sasuke turned and looked at Kitten. “Kitten, you didn't tell us you were a ninja.”
    Kitten blinked. “I didn't?!” She said confused. “I thought I did. Sorry about that I thought it was obvious.”
    “But your not wearing a headband!” Naruto screamed, still a little pissed off. “How the hell is the obvious!?!”
    Kitten thought for a moment. “Oh yeah, I lost my headband.” Kitten said laughing at herself for forgetting.
    “YOU LOST YOUR HEADBAND!!!” Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs. He quickly broke free and ran to the Hokage's office. He came back like two seconds later and handed Kitten a leaf village headband.
    Kitten blinked then took the headband and tied it on her arm. “Thanks...I think.”
    “Your welcome, but your a ninja?!?!” Naruto questioned.
    “Yeah. What'd you think?! That I was some pathetic girl lost in the woods, and can't protect herself?! No way! I may have memory problems, but I can take care of myself, thank you very much!!” Kitten got pissed and started to walk home.
    “Kitten, wait!!” Sasuke yelled running after Kitten.
    As Kitten was storming off, she bumped into someone, about a block away from her house. “Watch were your going, you idiot!!”Kitten yelled.
    “”Oh, I'm sorry!” A boy said.
    Kitten looked up and she almost barfed. She put her hands over her mouth.
    “Hi! I'm Rock Lee. Will you go out with me?! I'll protect you with my life!!” He said, winking are Kitten.
    Kitten eye twitched, totally freaked out. “Hell no! Never in history of life will I go out with you!!” Kitten yelled, making her statement clear.
    Rock Lee frowned as a boy with a long black ponytail, and eyes like Hinata walked up to Kitten. The boy stared at Kitten and said nothing.
    Kitten noticed he was staring at her and didn't like it one bit. “Hey you! Chick with the ponytail! Stop staring at me!!” She yelled.
    The boy glared at her. “First of all, I'm a boy not a girl! And second I have a name you know! I'm Neji, and you are?!”
    “That's none of your business!” Kitten said still a little pissed off.
    “Kitten!! Kitten!!” Naruto practically screamed as he and Sasuke ran up to them. “Are you ok!?! I didn't mean to make you mad before!!”
    “So your name is Kitten!” Neji said with an attitude. “That's a pretty stupid name!!”
    Sasuke glared at Neji.
    Kitten crossed her arms and said. “Well at least I don't look like the opposite sex!” She smirked.
    Neji just stood there and was speechless.
    A girl with two buns in her hair comes running to them and says. “Lee, Neji!! There you are! Guys we have training remember!” She looked at Kitten and smiled. “Hi, I'm Tenten!”
    “I'm Kitten.” Kitten replied.
    “Hi Kitten, well me and the guys have to go. Bye!” Tenten said.
    Kitten stood there and blinked then continued walking. “Ok well I'm going home.” She said.
    “Kitten wait!! Weren't we going to go get you stuff for you house?!” Sasuke said as her ran after her.
    Kitten stopped and looked back at him. “Oh yeah, that's right. Ok let's go.”
    Later that day Kitten and Sasuke arrived at Kitten's house with all he new stuff. Kitten sat down on her new couch and sighed. “You ok?!” Sasuke asked.
    “Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. It's just...I WANT TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THAT STUPID HYUUGA!!!”
    Sasuke just laughed and said “Don't worry. I'll take care of that for you.”
    Kitten stood up and hugged Sasuke “Thank you Sasuke.” She smiled.
    Sasuke blushed and said. “Ah..er....your welcome.” Suddenly a guy with gray hair and his headband covering one of his eyes appeared in the room. Catching Kitten and Sasuke. Kitten and Sasuke tripped and landed on the ground with Sasuke on top of Kitten.
    The guy laughed a bit “ Wow you two get busy fast. Didn't you just walk in the door?!”
    Sasuke and Kitten quickly stood up, blushing like crazy. “What do you want Kakashi-Sensai!?!” Sasuke said as he gave him a death glare.
    “Huh? Oh yes, Lady Hokage wanted me to tell Kitten that she's going to be on team 7 while she stays in town. Naruto told her that she's a ninja, and she said the village could use another ninja to go on missions.” Kakashi said with a smile as he watched the two of them. “hehe, well bye!”
    Sasuke blinked then smiled at Kitten. “That's great. You're on team 7 like me!”
    Kitten blinked. “You are? Cool!” Kitten smile a bit. “So who else is on out team?”
    “Oh Naruto and Sakura.” Sasuke answered.
    “Oh I see. Want some tea?” Kitten asked.
    “Ah no, I should get home. I'll see you later.” Sasuke said as he headed towards the door.
    “Oh ok. Have fun walking a whole two feet home!” Kitten smiled as she laughed a but.
    Sasuke laughed a bit. “bye!”
    Kitten smiled as waved good-bye. She headed into the kitchen to get a snack. She got an apple and sat down on the couch. She looked around he house, at all her new furniture. She finished her apple and laid down on the couch. She stared at the ceiling for a while. She grabbed a blanket and fell asleep.
    The next morning, Kitten woke up to the sound of birds chirping. Kitten slowly got up and got dressed. She went into the kitchen to eat breakfast.

    (To Be Continued)