• Well she is a girl whom was raised in China, but i can't think of what part it would be so leave me alone about it.. Okay here is the story okay sheesh.
    It is New Years, and Fakima was not enjoying too well because, she had to serve tea in her family's tea shop, while everyone else was having a hell of a good time..
    So, Fakima decided to sneak out while everyone was well you know drunk out of their blasted minds.. anyway, as She walked along the streets seeing everyone so happy, Fakima came across this man whom had this strange door sitting in his cart.
    She went up to this man and asked, "Why do you have a door in your cart?"
    The man replied, "Well young miss, I will show you." He took the door out of the cart with great strength.
    As of that he opened the door. "Go on miss see for yourself why I have this."
    So Fakima walked threw the door with flashes of light she was somewhere else.
    A different land so beautiful she asked herself, "Where am I?"
    She decided to explore this strange land, then came across 'a village?' Fakima thought to herself, so she entered this village..
    What she did not expect was to be greet by this man in armor who said or rather asked, "M'lady what are you doing here?"
    Fakima was somewhat shocked to be called by this. 'M'lady?' she thought. as she watched people kneel down as she walked behind this man.
    When they stopped she saw this large castle, she could not believe her eyes.
    As she entered this place, Fakima was greeted by servants that she did not know was her's.
    Then was hugged by this beautiful woman. "My daughter where have you been?" She asked Fakima.
    "Out in the village?" Fakima answered with question.
    "Don't ever do that again without any guards!" the woman told her.
    Fakima thought to herself for a bit, 'Could this be that I am a princess? Maybe, I could enjoy this for a while?', "Mother?" Fakima muttered.
    The woman whom greeted her as daughter replied, "Yes Fakima?"
    "I- I would like to go back into the village.." Fakima said with caution.
    "No!" She answered Fakima.
    "Take the princess to her room!" She told the guard.
    Fakima felt a slight tingle, 'Princess? Me a PRINCESS?' She thought to herself.
    After being put in this room, she saw how beautiful this was, it was just what she dreamed of, but.. not that fact she was going to be put in her room just for not going without guards.Fakima thought princess got to do what they wish.
    Right there and then she knew that Fakima herself had to get back to her home her true place of living.
    So, Fakima peaked out the door seeing two guard standing on each side of the door, 'Oh shoot she thought to herself, I can't get past these men, and as of that Fakima quietly well best she could anyway, climbed out the window down the rocky castle, and ran across the lawn I guess you can call it that..
    aso anyway she climbed up the wall down the other side, seeing the same door she walked threw Fakima opened it slammed it shut.
    The man asked her, "How was it?"
    In reply Fakima said, "Terrible!"
    "Wasn't what you expected am I correct?" The man asked.
    "You should destroy that door." Fakima said.
    He chuckled. "I am sorry miss, but that can not be done."
    "Why not?!" She demanded.
    "Because, this door teaches the lesson on not wishing their life to be different." He told her.
    "I see." Fakima said.
    "Well I think your folks must be worried." The man chuckled.
    Fakima jumped slightly. "Oh yeah!"
    She rushed back to the tea shop. "Sorry I was gone." Fakima said in a voice worried that she may be in trouble.
    Fakima's actual mother greeted her. "Fakima you can have a break now, go enjoy the New Year."
    She was surprised at what her mother said. "Really?" Fakima asked with excitement.
    "Yes." Answering Fakima.
    So, Fakima did as told went out and enjoyed the rest of the New Years night.