• The sea that glows with the love that the sunrise will reflexs and the colorful sky that painted by the angels.
    Let the rain fall on top of my grave and let your tears fall on top of my heart and the sky show you the way.
    Let the sea glow with all it might and let the wave quite with the song that the wind sing and let the song put us to sleep.
    Let the war end with peace and let it rain to wash the blood away from the land.
    Let creat the good and the worst times and let also make a memory from it and laugh at them so they can't never fade away.
    Let wind blow acrosse the grass and through the trees and let it carry our words acrosse the world.
    Let our love keep liveing and let our soul be one and the words that we say"No matter what happen I will always love no matter what!"and let our love fly acrosse the sea and through the clouds..
    Love Wins ^.^