• I see the face
    The face sees me
    The Face Looks away
    I can't stand this,

    One that i can't have
    Am i just lusting for her
    Or am i trying to gain her love
    She's not like me,

    Nicer clothes
    Nicer Family
    Nicer Friends
    People that make fun of me,

    All i can do is sit and hope

    All day she is in my head
    It's almost like torture
    I see her with another guy
    She should be mine
    I dare not try to ask
    What would she say?

    How would I ask?

    Im not too worried about opinions or rumors
    Just the dream of having her in my arms
    Holding her tight
    As all my cares melt away
    Feeling the joy of being in love,

    The girl i want so bad
    Doesn't know i exist
    Doesn't speak to me
    Looks right on past me,

    Like torture
    The Face looks away
    And im stuck alone.