• O' how sweet the snowflakes fall,
    Down to Earth;
    All and all, my heart feels gloom.
    For my life is short,
    I approach my doom.
    Please let me stay!
    I will be glad!
    Your sweetest laughter is all I have!
    I see your happiness when you play,
    I dont want you to leave me this way!
    And yet you turn,
    oblivious to my existence.
    I pray to God, you feel my persistence.
    O! Hear me cry out in pain,
    as you turn and look at me again.
    You smile so sweet,
    our eyes meet.
    You ask me to come in,
    and sit down to din.
    As Sire Spring is to kill me,
    Sweetest Queen Summer
    Kills he.
    And we live life away,
    Until you die away...