• Each little flake is so unique,
    It gives the land a certain mystique,
    It falls on your face cold soft and wet,
    Maybe there is hope for Christmas yet,
    You stand there shivering in the cold,
    Next to your snowman standing so bold,
    Wrapped up in jackets and small leather gloves,
    Your heart beating and fluttering as fast as a dove's,
    Your laughing rings across the field,
    That beautiful sound makes my heart yield,
    You run back and forth with the wind,
    As the stitches in my worn out heart mend,
    We walk back to the bustling abode,
    Where your feelings for me you first showed,
    And we walk to the living room hand in hand,
    Where families have gathered from across the land,
    We laugh and we sing carols all night,
    Then we all have dinner by candle light,
    Spending time with you made me so glad,
    And then I woke up and it made me so sad.
    I walked drearily down the stairs,
    Then opened my presents from those who care.