• I am Winter

    I am the breath of the wind
    That on the coldest frosty morn,
    Kisses you on the cheek

    Feel the cool crisp air
    On your ungloved hands
    Feel my hands, hold my hands

    I am Winter

    I am she who leaves her tears
    Frozen, on the ground,
    A blanket of virgin white

    Shape my icy tears
    Make them into angels of glory
    Turn my sorrow into your joy

    I am Winter

    My breath lies on your window pane
    The frost I leave behind
    When I look into your homes

    Let me gaze upon the soft lights
    Of your glorious Christmas tree
    And see your warm, happy family

    I am Winter

    I am the lonley, wandering soul
    I am the one who sees your happiness
    But can never be a part of it