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    If ya haven't noticed I'm a bit of a fashion geek and I'm really into Kei, Harijuku, and Lolita Fashion. My bestest friendzez in the whole world are Mel, Reina, Ari, Amber and Misa. I have other friends too and they are soooo kick ath!. I am a very passionate and very understanding person. You'll notice that my playlist songs are very mixed but so am I. I am in love love love with milky pink but I also love love love black. I am very very mixed. I am recently learning Japanese and I am preparing for my adventure to Japan in a year from now. Long yes. But time flies.Anyway I hope you like my profile which I only update every so often and I also hope you like my choice of songs in my playlist! AND if you need anyone to talk to or if you need someone to have listen to you I'm here. =^--^=
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