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    *I'm currently 25<br />
    *I'm engaged to the love of my life, Brian <br />
    *I live in the bay area (in california for those who don't know shit)<br />
    *LOVE metal with a passion (death metal, black metal, pagan/folk metal, thrash..)<br />
    *college student (major in landscape architecture, minor in art)<br />
    *barista (that's a fancy job title for a coffee maker for those who don't know)<br />
    *favorite anime is sailor moon (I have a sailor jupiter tattoo)<br />
    *favorite colors are black, green, brown, and red-orange<br />
    *autumn is the best season<br />
    *I love a good margarita and a bongload of sticky purple buds<br />
    * mythology, spirituality, and philosophy are fascinating subjects for me<br />
    *I consider myself a friendly introvert smile <br />
    *I love Zomg!!<br />
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    <br />
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