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      layout best viewed with Firefox~<br />
      <br />
      When life gives you lemons, cut the lemon into unrecognizable pieces and squirt lemon juice in life's eyes...<br />
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      Hallo all!<br />
      My name is [ Lostt Eviie ] - - -<br />
      Of course, Eviie is fine and no that isn't my real name.<br />
      I'm a teenager currently residing in Tejas.<br />
      I say "Y'ALL." Get over it.<br />
      I am not a redneck.<br />
      I do not wear a cowboy hat and boots.<br />
      And I especially do not ride a horse.<br />
      I'm just and ordinary girl who reads and cares about her grades.<br />
      I care about my grades more than if I have a boyfriend,<br />
      so I guess that makes me a hopeless romantic nerd.<br />
      But watch out!<br />
      Bill Gates says to be nice to nerds.<br />
      You might work for them some day!<br />
      Some of my favorite TV shows are: TORCHWOOD! <--- got to love JackxIanto, curse you RTD!!!<br />
      Doctor Who and House MD<br />
      My favorite movie of all time is: Independence Day<br />
      My favorite color is:
      Electric Blue<br />
      <br />
      I'm an avid photo-grapher.<br />
      I also write, a LOT.<br />
      More than you can imagine.<br />
      I play violin and guitar,<br />
      but no piano.<br />
      I know right?<br />
      What kind of Asian do I call myself?
      <br />
      <br />
      Some places in Europe I want to visit are:<br />
      London, England, UK<br />
      Cardiff, Wales, UK<br />
      Paris, France<br />
      Madrid and Barcelona, Spain<br />
      Venice and Rome, Italy<br />
      Vienna, Austria<br />
      Zurich, Switzerland<br />
      Athens, Greece<br />
      <br />
      NYC, New York<br />
      Sydney, Austrailia
      <br />
      <br />
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      User Image<br />
      Kawaii no? By yLimez. Me on the right!
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