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  • Artist Info: Things I LUV:<br />
    :&gt; Yaoi/slash *blush*<br />
    :&gt; Manga =3<br />
    :&gt; Junhyung from HIGHLIGHT<br />
    :&gt; Shizaya! and DRRR..<br />
    :&gt; Onew from SHINee<br />
    :&gt; Anime (sometimes..)<br />
    :&gt; Music &lt;33 (Youtube..)<br />
    :&gt; Kittykats *fluffy kitties!*<br />
    :&gt; Myungsoo and grandpa Sunggyu from Infinite<br />
    :&gt; Online games <br />
    :&gt; Vampires &lt;3<br />
    :&gt; All of CNBLUE!!<br />
    :&gt; Fanfiction or just fiction, I guess *lol*<br />
    :&gt; Chocolateeee (can't resist it!)<br />
    :&gt; Lee Joon~~ <br />
    :&gt; Candyyyy~!<br />
    :&gt; EunHae from Super Junior &lt;33<br />
    :&gt; NaruSasu!!.. and Sasusauce... <br />
    :&gt; Kingdom hearts *RIKU*<br />
    :&gt; Winner's leadah Seungyoon the dork! ☆<br />
    :&gt; HiJack shipping... and now JackSandman I guess.. haha<br />
    :&gt; KPop!! Everything to do with KPOP!!!!!!!!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Things I Don't Like:<br />
    :&gt; Annoying people.. especially the ones that really need a spellchecker. ._.<br />
    :&gt; Attention seekers. &gt;.&gt;<br />
    :&gt; People that criticize my yaoi-luv and my kpop fangirling :3<br />
    :&gt; Everyone else?... jk<br />
    <br />
    If you have some things in common with me.. PM ME so we can talk~~~! <br />
    <br />
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