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  • Artist Info: Hiiii Booooooo <3<br />
    Its your kiddo <3<br />
    I just wanted to let you know I love you so much and you mean everything to me <3 I never want you to forget that. Your amazing in every single way. And your the father of our baby boy. Your such a good daddy its just crazy. Im damn well sure youll be a great husband as well! Lol Im trying to think more to type but theres just so much. Aha I dont want to bore you with all my lovey dovey stories but knowing you I can just hear you say "Know you wont baby" But I just want to let you know every little thing you do for me, I appreaciate so much. You dont even know.I can just think of every little thing we've gone through and its crazy. We've gone through so much shit it isnt even funny. And kinda still are. But I know we will make it through together even if we break down on the road some way along. We will always get right back up the next morning pouring our hearts out to each other and thats what I love about us. People just look at us and can judge us all they want but they'll NEVER understand how much we've been through let alone care about one another. Your my everything. And I'll never let you go. Even when Im asleep I still think of you. Were one of those couples I can see 80 Years old and STILL not sick of each other, lol. Still kissing on me and pulling me close during our rough fights. I love you so much Eric Andrew, and nothing will ever tear us apart...*Forever aint enough*<br />
    -Love always, your forever and only,<br />
    Amanda Elizabeth (Smith) <333<br />
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