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  • Artist Info: Hello. My name is Aly. I'm an Artist, and Anime Junkie.<br />
    I loved the summer event game Frontier Skies, frustrating as it is, it reminds me of the old PC game The Oregon Trail. I loved that game as a kid and Frontier Skies is no different, just more ridiculous stuff happens. I love Louie Von Helson, but he's a pain in the butt as a guide.<br />
    Favorite animals are pandas and wolves. Pandas are just simply adorable and loveable and wolves are one of the most romantic animals on the planet. I mean come on, they find a mate and that's the mate they stay with for the rest of their lives.... can't get any more romantic than that.<br />
    I'm currently in love with Grell Sutcliff. don't know who he is??? Look around my profile, he's only everywhere.
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